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  1. We'll see. Dad and I keep leaning back and forth between legos and steel wheels. Legos are about 30 a piece at the local jyard when they have them.
  2. Just bumping this to the top. Has anyone actually tried to recalibrate for larger tires since this was posted?
  3. That make me chuckle when we first looked at it. Next month we're think five lego wheels with off road tires.
  4. My dad's already on board for it! Now to find that money tree....
  5. James, The tires it came with were old and cracked, but in the back were four new Achilles street tires. Not the greatest tires, but hey, they're new! Next month we're hoping to get some off road tires.
  6. I like those old Sunbeam toasters.
  7. At least with my Hi-lift brand jack, I had to play with it to figure it out. IIRC at least one pin needs to be locked in. Pull the jack handle all the way down, then engage the lever that allows the jack to lower very carefully. I'd try this without a load. It's been a while since I used my jack and I don't remember 100%. I just know there's a way to lower it without dropping it.
  8. 1993 SE auto with 173k. New engine and trans at 120k.
  9. It may have been. We bought it from somebody else at Motoiq. Essentially unchanged. Idles like a muscle car, drives like an ordinary pathy till you step on it. It's not super fast, but significantly faster than stock. From what I was told (and experience driving it) the engine was built to be torquie for towing. It certainly climbs hills better than stock and the Nismo swaybars along with the Rancho shocks make turns real easy. Pics tomorrow. It has some options I haven't encountered very often on a '93 WD21 SE such as: Maplights at the rear view mirror Auto A/C (last one had it too) Lighting at the feet Factory three CD changer (and a factory cassette deck) Four wheel disk with ABS Then the usual Tire rack Power windows, doors, steering, brakes Tilt column Cruise etc.
  10. For the record, they eventually sold this rig. My dad (boothill2008) bought this rig today. Top notch.
  11. Came from a state where you can't pump your own and gas and never paid any attention?
  12. That's when it's the best! I used to cruise on the freeway topless and doorless. But I did drop a coke on the freeway when I tried to rest my arm on the non existent door once...
  13. I never go mudding, and I rarely put my doors on. I do it for looks, the open air feeling, and visibility. If I don't take them off, I can't see my rocker panels. I made the mistake of going with doors in Johnson Valley, and ended up beating my rocket panel on the driver side to a pulp.
  14. That's nice, but I get the feeling it would have some trouble moving.
  15. That's a course? That's the kinda crap I drive through on my way to the trails, and I've seen minivans on roads like that!
  16. Good choice. Mazda's are nice. Especially the Speed3, fun to drive. Too bad they're front wheel drive.
  17. Have you tried searching at all? I've seen a few threads about how to do this before.
  18. Watch the video Bushnut posted. A 4 wheel drive has power sent to the front and rear wheels. Each axle has a differential which splits power, typically to the wheel with less resistance. I'm assuming you had one or two wheels free spin in the mud, with the other wheels sit still. This is what happens normally. As Bushnut said, there is more to wheeling that shifting it into gear and gassing it. To solve the issue you have, you will need to add locking differentials, spools, or limited slip differentials. Search here or elsewhere for the rundown on what's what. With differential modification, everyone has an opinion of what's better. The fact is, it's a matter of what works for you.
  19. Good point! On my next rig I might try to relocate the cooler so I can use a fan. I overheated my last one too many times. The cooler I could fit with the bigger radiator wasn't enough to keep it cool on steep mountain roads. I'm sure you'll have way better luck, you know way more than I did then.
  20. Just a thought on the transmission cooler, maybe go with a better cooler, and add an electric fan on a switch to help keep it cool? I've seen small fans for trans coolers before.
  21. Mine wasn't much, but I condensed most everything that I carried into milk style crates and used the factory tie downs in the rear cargo area to tie it down. I found milk crates to be simple, and wheeling is a lot more fun when nothing flies around at all.

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