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  1. What you probably need is a mirror mount like this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RoadPro-CB-Antenna-Aluminum-Mirror-Mount-for-Freightliner-Mac-Trucks-NEW-RP535-/181230153387?pt=US_Radio_Comm_Antennas&hash=item2a3228aeab
  2. I wonder if you could mount/ have welded a bracket onto an exhaust clamp? Maybe not the prettiest, but just an idea I had while trying to find a solution for you.
  3. Oh my. I dont think there's any one upping that.
  4. Poor thing. Looks nice. I like Scouts but they're too big for my trails.
  5. Friend of mine's friend was hit in the leg and will recover.
  6. Check all your fluids including diffs. Don't want water in there.
  7. It's easy enough to stick that on.
  8. You'll hate it if you don't regear. Your engine will be incredibly strained.
  9. This isn't gonna be like those pink stretched Jeeps in Vegas right?
  10. IIRC they have some electrical gremlins. JP magazine just did a little article on them. Not a fan of the ZJ, but whatever works for you. Lots of people aren't fans of wheeling stock Early CJ5s and here I am.
  11. That sounds very very expensive for them!
  12. Properly set leaf springs can flex just as well as coils, but I agree with Kingman here. Why leaf spring the rear when coils are already there?
  13. I always use a torque wrench. My JEEP's steel wheels are very sensitive to over tightening. The first set of wheels got wallowed out by a tire shop over tightening them. But then in 20 years on my last Pathfinder, I don't think any used a torque wrench on the lego wheels. In the end I vote torque wrench.
  14. They worked decent when new, but that was a long time ago. Many either don't work by now, or are so worn out that it really doesn't make a difference. I'd check that all the connections are tight, at the switch and the shocks first if you want to get it working.
  15. Sweet! Love your Terrano and so glad that you were able to bring it with you! I'm impressed at your milage. I thought I was hot stuff getting 24 highway!
  16. I love my Geolandars. They'll pretty old (10 years), but they do great off road, and the road noise isn't too bad. I think Yokohoma has a more street friendly version of them and a slightly more off road friendly version. If they still made the exact set I run right now I'd buy them again in a heartbeat.
  17. Yes. I see LHD cars out in LA and at car shows. Gov't doesn't care AFAIK (shockingly).
  18. "Off road" is open to interpretation. If I used 4lo on a lot of the trails I like it would take me days....
  19. Why would they convert to LHD? Thats a lot of effort to get rid of half the coolness of an imported diesel Terrano.
  20. Not a fan of Borla exhaust. Had a lot of drone issues with it. PO on my dad's Pathfinder even had the Borla muffler replaced with Magnaflow due to drone.
  21. I hate dents but I'm not worried about paint. The way I see it, unless you take the paint off, dont repaint unless it will no longer be an off roading vehicle. My Jeep's paint is absolute crap rattle can grey from the PO, but I never repainted it because it can get scratched up like crazy and I wont worry. I'll repaint it when I restore it to stock.

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