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  1. Not the brakes I can have the truck at the light with no brakes applied still the same thing. So I just changed the distributor cap because the it was recommended to me because my truck would not start when it was below freezing but soon at the temp outside got to around 40 degrees it would start up with no problem. But now the idle is worse it will actually drop and try to shut off at idle once the truck is warmed up but it accelerates perfectly.
  2. When I pull up to a stop light It drops below 500 almost to the point of shutting off and bounces. Put when I accelerate it runs perfect. Truck has new NGK spark plugs and thermostat and the cooling system was flushed last week.
  3. So embarrassing I see now Thanks. Now I have a new problem erratic idle at stop lights. Drops to 500 rpm then bounces all over the place almost shuts off But when you accelerate its fine
  4. I need to change the front turn signal at the bottom of the bumper. Is that a sealed light? when I removed it from the truck it did not look there is a way to change it.
  5. I could try starting fluid but I have no idea where to spray it into
  6. So I put some Heet into it last night and tried to start it this morning and no dice. I thought the plugs came pre gapped I guess I'm wrong I have only changed plugs in newer cars and once in my old 1988 BMW I might have to check that in a couple of days when it warms up. It's has been below freezing here for like 4 days straight. On the top of the air cleaner it says electronic controlled so I guess it has a TBI It's a 1988 SE v6 automatic. The previous owner replaced almost the entire exhaust and the owner before him put lots of new parts almost everywhere under the hood so I know it was well taken care of but I guess it wasn't driven much the mileage hasn't even broke 110k yet. A older couple owned it and only drove it when it snowed. I never had a problem with it until it gets below freezing.
  7. It cranks but won't start. The battery and the alternator are only 6 months old. Would the starter not work when it's freezing temps? The belts look good. I tried to jump start it in the cold but no dice. Soon as the sun comes up and it gets around 40 degrees it starts right up. But still has the idling problem
  8. So I thought I need a need a battery. Had the battery tested and the battery fine. Next day it's above 40 degrees and the truck starts right up so I decided to change the spark plugs first put in some Bosch +4 plugs truck would start but would die on idle. So changed the spark plugs to some cheap NGk truck starts up and runs fine when you give it gas but it tries to turn off at idle. And I still have the same not starting issue when below freezing no start. I'm lost I really need this truck to work before it's starts snowing. Not sure where to even start.
  9. Pulled up to a stoplight all the sudden heard what sounded like a water fall and a about a cup of water came down from behind the glovebox all over the passenger side. What could the be? the AC?
  10. Where are you guys getting the nerf bars from? Everywhere i look they only sell those little step thingys
  11. If you have a 2 Door Pathfinder could you post a pic. I'm trying to get some ideas what to do with mine so I dont lose intrest Not alot of pics or vids online of the 2 doors.
  12. Sooo I replaced the Alternator a couple of weeks ago because when I would accelerate all the lights would get bright and the Volt meter would go up to 18v .... so the past couple of weeks the truck was running good. Until we just had the cold spell yesterday morning No start. So later that afternoon the truck started right up. Drove it about 30 miles and tried turning it on and off a couple of times it starts up. just stepped outside and it started right back up again. Could it be the battery? the battery in there now looks new but has no date on it.
  13. I have the original OEM ones they do say NISSAN on them
  14. AAA Nissan Parts sent me this msg: I'm Sorry those are no longer available through Nissan we will be removing it from our site.

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