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  3. The plug wells are supposed to drain into the area under the lower manifold, but the drain is usually blocked with casting flash that they couldn't be bothered to clean out. I cleaned mine up a bit when I had my intake out In hopes that it would make life easier if/when I was in there again. You want real fun, try getting a compression tester with a bent hose to thread into #6, with the intake on.
  4. Well.. yes it took me that long to find the time to change the bleeder screw..lol... I confirm M7x1 are the good numbers... just too bad for me that the bleeder was rusted stuck, which I eventually snap in two while the other part stayed in the wheel cylinder.... so had to change the wheel cylinder and of course the brake line snapped also trying to unscrew it... which led to a new brake line all together... real nice example of a 5 minute project that turns into a half a day... welcome to rust country ! Thanks again @hawairish
  5. I was recently given a 1995 Pathfinder XE. Sat for 11 years, has 210K on a broken odometer. The free Pathfinder has cost me $1500.00 in parts, and at least 40 hours labor already. It drives good, but needs a ton of maintenance. I was replacing the timing belt ( on principal), came to find out it didnt need it. The L shaped water hose behind it I replaced on principle. The aluminum housing it connects to had a hole corroded in it where hose attaches. I sprayed water into the wrong orifice when cleaning the cooling system.!! Big mistake. Filled a cylinder with water through an open valve which I discovered when trying to turn the engine over by hand. ( By hand thank god. ) I removed the intake housing to access the three spark plugs from hell on the driver side of the engine. I dont see how anyone could change these plugs without getting grit in the spark plug holes and or cross threading the plugs. A hellish design when it comes to maintenance. I chose to remove this intake, which was the most difficult job I have ever performed on any vehicle. More hoses and sensors than you can believe, and some of the hoses are damn near impossible to access. Putting it back together is not going to be any easier. After removal, I vaacumed around the plugs, blew dirt, vaacumed, blew, removed plugs, and blew the water out of all plug holes. I then put about 3 ounces of oil in each, and rotated the engine 2 x 360 degrees. I then blew out the oil of all 6 cylinders, rotated 90 degrees, blew out all 6, etc., until I had rotated 360 degrees. I then re inserted spark plugs. I then took a shower to get the oil out of my hair and face and entire body. The plugs were more worn than any I have ever seen. Car ran fine though! I may replace with irridium plugs because I will never touch another 95 V-6 spark plug again after I finish this job. I will eventually finish repair on this SOB, but I made a lot of mistakes, and learned a lot on this job. A word of advice, if you replace the plugs on one of these, set aside LOT of time to clean around the plugs, and to get the new ones in without cross threading. The "funnel" shape of the plug holes and the fact they are horizontal guarantees they are full of sand and dirt. What a nightmare.
  6. Any similar tool will do...tons of options on Amazon still varying from $30 and up. Seeing a Beetro 14" unit that's at the low price range and has the essential metric sizes. Most kits come with both SAE and metric sizes, which is a plus if you have other uses. Mine still sees occasional use so I'm keeping it around.
  7. Hey all, the rivnut tool that is commonly recommended in these threads has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Anyone have one still lying around that they'd be willing to sell? Or is there another tool that has been used successfully?
  8. Vq35 timing chain guides are typically pretty long lasting, but to answer your original post, yeah the guides can be replaced inside the engine bay. Ive done it myself and it took forever so I'd expect over 1k in cost to have a shop do it.
  9. Has anyone seen this? Flyer States a higher articulation plunging CV axle. Ok increasing from ~28 degrees to ~40degrees. They have a part number for the WD21, D21, Frontier, Xterra etc. I would think this would be a great upgrade and allow for some better long travel options? Click download flyer to see the part numbers/ vehicle compatibility. The flyer is too large to attach. https://napacvaxles.com/extended-cv-axles/
  10. Actually scratch this. My wife just told me she would not want to go camping until we had the replacement vehicle. She feels like the Pathfinder is loud and uncomfortable. So if I can verify it still runs good enough to move then I'll see if anyone here wants it. If it won't start anymore , I now have 7 days to get it towed off probably to one of those nonprofit car auction places near me.
  11. Has anyone had their timing chain guides replaced on a VQ? Was it possible to do with the engine in the vehicle, and do you know approx how many shop hours , or the cost you were charged? I still have my Pathfinder that I think needs the guides replaced. I've been driving an Acura MDX which I don't really like. I'd like to sell it now while the market's hot. But to do so I have to get the Pathfinder running good enough to get me through about 6 months until my father in law might be selling his F-150 I could buy. I looked at buying a junkyard engine for the Pathfinder ~$700 and was quoted about $1,800 in installation cost. But that's really more than I want to spend for 6 months. At that rate I'd just call a wrecker to tow the Pathfinder off, and drive the Acura 6 more months, hoping that the used car market is still good. Thanks.
  12. I tried it. It worked but there was always some bull@!*% to fiddle with. Not as reliable as a factory efan car for sure. The mechanical fan moves more air than a electric will anyways. I went back to the mechanical one after a few months.
  13. Not sure if sfd kits are made anymore but this guy is a member here and makes a lot of parts https://sfcreation.com/
  14. Yup. Mine worked when I bought it but I had to redo it after something hit the condenser. I bought a vacuum pump and set of gauges. It gets down to the low 40s or high 30s. Coldest air of any car I own lol.
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  16. Go ahead and buy new valve covers and save yourself the trouble of leaking spark plug tube seals. The stock seals are not really replaceable. I used some red aluminum valve covers from a 350z off Amazon and modified the valve covers to fit. These valve covers have east to replace tube seals. I started by plugging the breather tube on the left valve cover with quick steel, then drill and tap for a fitting on the top for the breather line. For the right side I cut the middle harness brace off the right side and used a generic Dorman 3/8” 90* rubber pcv elbow for the pcv. Here is the link for the valve covers MITZONE Upgrade Aluminum Valve Covers Left and Right Compatible with 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z Infiniti FX35 G35 M35 VQ35DE 3.5L Part # 13264AM600 13264AM610 https://a.co/d/4ErRHj5
  17. Yes. I've since gotten an electronics education (trade level), so that actually makes sense to me. Good job, and good timing. B
  18. Black with cloth is bad enough!
  19. Hi, I have a 2" spacer lift on my 2004 R50, just seeing if I would need to extend my bump stops or would have any other trouble with these measurements, cheers. Extended = 26.142" Collapsed = 15.787" *Hit me up if you want part numbers, there an Australian manufacturer.
  20. This weekend I fired up the 95 for the first time in a while. Noticed an exhaust leak at the header. Turns out I stripped one of the studs in the head during last years install. Luckily one of the "easy" ones so I pulled it and ordered a heli coil kit just in case. Cleaned it out, found a lot of memories from past relationships and road trips. Hopefully I'll have time in the coming weeks to install: New drivers front fender The other 3 speakers Exhaust stud Spare tire carrier bushing set.
  21. Aftermarket parts are SUCH @!*%E these days. It's so hard replacing things on my '95 because you end up returning it 3 times before you get one that fits. My original starter died last summer and they went through 3 units on the tester before I got a good one... Kept the oem one and had it rebuilt at a shop as a spare. Those o2s are a little past their prime lol. I had a 5mpg increase on my 2002 xterra after changing the primaries. Couldn't believe it. Can easily get almost 20mpg on the freeway now driving nicely. Before the thing couldn't go past 15mpg no matter how slow or gingerly you drove it.
  22. That looks like the same one I have. It fit my 1995 just fine. You have to remove one of the plugs to screw in the pressure switch. Idk about you guys but I can't live without the aircon in mine. Black truck with leather seats....
  23. I have a 96 R50 Terrano R3mR with Td27T. From what I can tell it has an electronically controlled injection pump. Is there an aftermarket cruise or a factory module an wiring that can be added to get cruise on this vehicle for long trips? I want ti add this, a remote start and turbo timer eventually.
  24. Just found one this morning at my local yard!
  25. I haven't tried to install it yet, but I bought a GPD drier for mine, PN 1411457, via Rockauto IIRC. It has bolts going into both sides at the top, one of which I assume I can just remove to install the pressure switch, possibly using a fitting from the old drier. One of these days I'll get around to fixing my aircon, but this is not that day.
  26. READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES! NOMINATIONS AND POSTS NOT CONFORMING TO THE RULES LINED OUT BELOW WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. 1. You can nominate only Pathfinder/Terrano/QX4 trucks belonging to Registered NPORA Forum Members. New members will have to wait 3 months and have a post count of 100 before they can be nominated. Members who are banned, currently on suspension or for 1 month after their return from suspension will also be disallowed. (If you are banned you won't be able to be nominated for 2 months). 1a. Include the name of the NPORA Member who's truck it is that you're nominating (even if it is yours) 2. NO FAKE OR JOKE ENTRIES. 2b. Only original, unaltered photos with out graphics, advertisement or watermarks will be accepted for nomination. (Actual permanent stickers are allowable.) 2c. Final acceptance of TotM Nominations pics and winner submissions is at the sole discretion of the NPORA Moderation Team. 3. First 20 nominees are up for consideration and the nomination thread will be closed after the 20th submission or the 20th of the month, which ever comes 1st. Voting will be from 21st-31th. 4. One pic per nomination post, pics must have at least 640x480 of usable image space for use in the in the official boarder in the event that it wins the popular vote.All nominations are subject to the approval of the Mod Team and all decisions are final. Try to make it a good one or nobody will vote for your nominee! A recent pic is preferred but if the Pathy is still in the same shape as your last pic, go ahead and use that. An offroad setting or action pic is also preferred, but not necessary. 5. Only one truck nomination per member per month. 5a. If multiple people want to nominate the same truck, it is up to the nominee to decide on which pic to run with. In the absence of the nominee, the decision will be made by NPORA Moderating Team 6. Winner gets 3 pics of their choice of their Pathfinder pinned in the TOTM forum (PM me the links please) and is ineligible for the remainder of the calendar year. 6a. A Member can only win once a year - multiple pathfinders does not mean multiple wins. 7. No post whoring. 8. Not reading these rules may result in a zombie attack. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TOTM: THEMED MONTHS The idea was put forward by packie88 with then intention of getting people out in their pathys to get themed shots. It is only each alternate month that is themed, so you can post up whatever pic you want in the in between month (Some people will never see snow). It is a kind of rule, but a loose one. For example, water crossing nominations may be considered if there is a mud crossing, the truck is in water, or crossing the road in a torrential rainpour. If you post up a pic with no water in sight, then that will be removed. Below are the monthly themes: January Anything goes February Snow pic March Anything goes April Water crossing pic May Anything goes June Sand pic July Anything goes August Flex pic August Flex pic September Anything goes October Sunset pic November Anything goes December Mud pic This nomination thread is open through August 20 or until 20 submissions are reached (whichever comes first).
  27. Just ran across this forum. Hoping i can learn a few things. I am kind of new to owning a Pathfinder/Teranno. I've had many Nissans over the years, 520, 620, 720, D21, Sentra, A60 first Gen Titan, currently own a 2nd gen Titan XD and now I found a JDM Nissan Teranno R50 R3mR 4x4 with the Td27Ti engine. This is my first small diesel. I was a Nissan dealer tech for 17 years and for the next 18 I have worked at Nissan North America factiry as an engineering technologist. My only real experience with a pathfinder was on the USA version from what the customers brought in. I have a lot of things I would like to do to mine as time and money allows, and that was a long time ago. Hopefully I can get get back up to speed.
  28. Not sure it's your cup of tea, but I built something, I call a "deer guard" that incorporates a front receiver and will be the start of what I build skid plates off (my thinking is once it's all tied back & integrated to the missing link, it will add strength and rigidity as a system). I did not want to cut or remove my bumper so my plan was to use a removable winch carrier (may come in handy to pull to the rear??) I'm ready to paint, but haven't run across what I want (big can of commercial Rustoleum satin black, over spray bed liner), supply issues?? I'll add pics after I paint it.
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