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  2. Long story short, I broke one of the retaining clips for interior trim on the liftgate door. I've found the Nissan PN 76932-01E01, but nothing seems to be available anywhere. A quick search on the Doorman (Massive supplier of random fasteners) website found nothing. I got a hit on Amayama, but I would rather get something here in the US. Does anyone have a source for these? I'm sure I could find one at a Junk Yard a lot cheaper than one with shipping from Japan... I used to think these things were common... Guess again....
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  4. I'm pretty sure they are the same for the VG30 and 33. You can also check nissan part numbers at courtesyparts.com.
  5. Pulled mine into the garage for the winter. I've committed myself to a DIY restore of the thing. So that will start with replacing the crunched in drivers rear quarter behind the tire. Had another member here slice the part off of their parts rig so hopefully that goes okay. I will post pictures of course.
  6. Since you're in Ontario, I have a spare glove box from my parts truck that you can have, if you end up breaking yours. From my 94 round dash.
  7. It is the door lock timer box itself. Mine did it as well. Only in the cold weather, it was due to the solder joints cracking on the board. I re flowed the solder on them and never had another problem. IIRC it is behind the panel in the drivers side cargo area. Just have someone actuate the locks and you'll hear it.
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  9. Will I or can I fit a set of 245/75 R17s?
  10. Will I or can I fit a set of 245/75 R17s?
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  12. No, I think you would have to break off a corner of the glovebox itself to get a screwdriver in there. Maybe you could get a pair of pliers around behind and back the screw out from the pointy end, but I doubt it.
  13. Ya, Dumb. Literally, with all of the 30yo plastic in this thing that is cracking/breaking, in many instances, I'm not going to take it apart if I don't have to It seems, based on my reading of other things, the California models do have the light and label.... probably causes cancer too...
  14. I know some of them didn't come with the bulb for the engine light or the label for it, but apparently if you take the cluster out and fill in any missing bulbs, one of them is actually the engine light. Dumb, I know.
  15. has anyone verified if the fuel regulators on the 3.0 are different psi than the 3.3? i am looking up some parts on rockauto and they say the regulator is good from 1990-2000 for the pathfinder, which would cover both engines?
  16. Yes, on page 2-34 it states not to load the luggage rack with more than 100 lbs. I'm sure some of our fellow R50 owners have more than that on their luggage racks, as to how much weight you can get away with putting up there I'm not quite sure. I have seen others mount a rooftop tent and awning without having an issue. Just try to be mindful of how much weight you're adding up there that's all.
  17. Add MIL, "Malfunction Indicator Lamp" to the verbiage. CEL = SES = MIL. Nissan uses MIL to describe their SES bulb.
  18. Is the part that breaks a detachable part at least?
  19. How's the build going? I just picked up my own 2-door at auction here in the US annnnnd it's finally in my driveway!
  20. Confirmed, "Service Engine Soon" is the same as a check engine light.
  21. Just a heads up, Bilstein 5100 bushings aren't sized for our rigs. Not the end of the world but you're gonna have to make a choice for the upper shock mount. 1) Mount it on the original mount bolt with some slop 2) order some bushings/sleeves to fill in the gap 3) Drill out the bolt holes on chassis with a 1/2" bit and mount a 1/2" bolt through the upper shock mount. I used option 3 and it's worked great for over 2 years so far.
  22. Sure do! Link to wheels: JEGS 681034: D Window Wheel | Size: 16" x 8" | Bolt Pattern: 6 x 5.50" - JEGS High Performance The 32" (265 70r 16) rub a bit behind front tires when turning the wheel a half turn from full lock. Back tucks in at full flex. The 33" (285 75r 16) rub alot (half turn of steering wheel is all you get) until trimmed. Rears tuck in the upper quarter panel but the tire lugs pull at the plastic mud flaps and fender flare brackets at full flex
  23. Hi Team, Wondering if anyone can advise the weight limit on the Ti Roof Rails? I have read somewhere it's 100kg which seems small. I currently have 2x cross bars and a side awning up there, wanting to put up a roof top tent as well. Cheers,
  24. Anyone looking to get rid of a set of rebuildable condition heads for a VG33 ??? Thanks, Scott
  25. Hi! Everyone just to let you know I have solved my dilema. I bought this car used so I have no clear history of it. I call the dealer and they say most likely I have to tow my car to the dealer buy new key and get it programmed. It would cost me around $450 to $600 if it was just this the problem. Service department isn’t open in Sunday a lease the dealer close to home, so I decide give it one more try. I decide started with checking all fuses even the ones not related to the start system, all check good, and move on with the push start button and there I go to desensamble it. Guess what? The push/start button is placed in a case or frame that actually is the immobilizer antena, I notice that maybe just maybe someone already played with the push start button and well for wherever reason this antena was unplugged, I guess thats why wasn’t recognizing the frequency of the key fob. After plugged it in, charging the car battery, confirming that the key fob battery was in good conditions I cross my fingers and give it a push waola!!! Key recognized and engine running. I decide to add the outcome of my situation thinking it may be of a help to someone. Have a good one everyone!!
  26. The "Service Engine Soon" light should be the same as "Check Engine".
  27. Hey everyone, brand new member. I'll spare the details and get straight to the point....it's my son's 2010 with V6. I can't figure out where the check engine light is. I know all lights are supposed to come on when the key is turned on, but the CEL does not. A "Service Engine Soon" light comes on, but that's it. You know how you can see what lights are on the dash without them actually being lit? Well, I looked all over the instrument cluster and don't see a CEL. Am I blind? This thing has to have a CEL, right? Someone please help the new Pathfinder noob (I'm a Toyota 4Runner guy).
  28. Hi guys long time since I've been on. I replaced my valve covers/gaskets recently in my 02 to deal with a leak and to try to mitigate oil consumption, and after putting it all back together I now get a tapping noise from the driver side valvetrain on cold starts. The colder the ambient temp the louder it is. It steadily quiets down as the truck warms up and engine sounds totally normal after about 10 minutes driving. It is most noticeable inside the car with windows up/doors closed, can barely hear it outside the car. So I know it's obviously something with the cams/buckets, maybe some crud got dropped in there during the repair. I can remove the valve cover again, but my question is what should I be preparing for when I get in there? Not really sure how to address the issue once it's all apart... Thanks for your suggestions! Side note: All my old followed content is gone. was this because I was idle for too long or did something happen to the servers?
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  30. Hi to everyone! We own a 2016 Pathfinder and we lost one of the key fobs, me trying to prevent from spending a big amount of cash if we loose the second one I purchased an after market one to program and cut, well happens that in the prosees of programming something went wrong and now both keys are not working. Does someone know what may be the problem or the solution?? Any fees back would be totally appreciated Atte: Candiman
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