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  1. Plenty of rust-free WD21s going begging over here in Australia. They are almost exclusively rust free and no-one wants them sadly.
  2. LN106 Hilux or RA Rodeo fit with some slight modification. You need to make your own mounts though. I have an LN106 one here I am slowly getting around to fitting
  3. My first instinct was to buy a complete car but the KA powered D22 is actually quite a rare thing over here, they were quickly eclipsed by the diesel engines. I have found an intake, looking at the runners I am not sure how good it would work if I was to adapt my existing Weber DGV to the old throttle body position. Dual side drafts would be nice but that will kill economy. I'm all sorted with the distributor. The other option is to go to an aftermarket EFI ECU management system like a MegaSquirt, which some of the Ratsun guys are running.
  4. So the old slug has been going wonderfully, except for a failed fuel pump (changed on the side of the road and was still in time for work!) The Z 24 is getting tired, it has over 500,000km on it. Many years ago I was contemplating the Twin Cam EFI KA24 engine swap. Well, I came across a low KM engine this weekend gone. I am not sure whether to adapt late model (D22) Factory manifolds and EFI or whether I am gong to try and run a carburettor for simplicity and ease of maintenance. Either way it will be a huge improvement!
  5. Nothing wrong with that! I just bought back my '86 2 door that I sold 4 years ago, and paid twice what I sold it for, and probably twice what I would have paid if it wasn't my old car.
  6. Welcome Willaay I'm not usually a fan of 4 doors but that is a thing of beauty and I think it was worth every cent!
  7. Check your grounding is good to the pump too, and make sure your fuel tank is clean and the sock at the bottom isn't blocked.
  8. I have found a set thanks, just to close this thread.
  9. If you've ever had your headliner out and had a look inside the roof, you wouldn't put much on there! There is no reinforcement except 2 thin pressed steel braces that bolt in. If you make your own rack, keep the mounting points as far out as you can, closer to the fold above the rear windows.
  10. Make sure your jets are ordered form the same place you buy you carb- genuine Italian Webers and the Spanish, or the Chinese FAJS webers all use different jetting sizes, can be hard to match up.
  11. Checking the oil about a week ago I noticed all of these cracks in the engine fan: Probably not too far off letting go! Found a new OEM blade, not an easy part to find these days, although I am sure there are other 80s nissans that could donate a 2nd hand one. Another job ticked off the list. Next is to build a battery tray and get the 2nd battery back in (another thing the PO removed) and fit my fridge/freezer in the back. Going out to chase the yella tomorrow, looking forward to it. Stay safe all.
  12. Clutch Slave issues all sorted and I'm really loving having the car back. Went exploring (we have a book of 250 Victorian Waterfalls, we are trying to see them all) and done a bit of metal detecting last weekend. Car ran great and a lovely time was had! Stay Safe FGF
  13. Welcome GWB! Look fwd to seeing your beast come together Post up some pics!
  14. It was very common for marques to do badge swaps here in Australia through the late 80s - Nissan swapped that with Ford Australia for the ford ute: How a Ford Falcon ute became a Nissan The Ute | CarAdvice
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