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  1. In Australia we have what's called a 'changeover' where you purchase a reconditioned transmission but give them back your old one as a core, which they rebuild and sell to the next guy etc etc.
  2. Sounds like the dramas I have just gone thru with mine. I'd recommend addressing it sooner rather than later, mine had the same noise which I left unchecked for months, and subsequently collapsed at least one bearing which went through the cluster. I struggled with which kit to buy so I took the wimp's way out and bought a changeover trans. Good luck with it
  3. Been a bit busy (bloody flat out more like it) but I am making some slow progress between home renovations, new job, lockdowns and other car projects. Pulled the trans Transfer off And Glitter bomb!!! Took a few weeks to get down to Melbourne to pick up the replacement trans. All back together now just waiting on a new trans mount, and a break in the weather! Stay safe all
  4. Cheers Slartibartfast, I have ordered a reconditioned unit, makes sense to only do it once! I believe it is still the case with the 4cyls, I have always put in the extra oil.
  5. Well the old girl has been going swimmingly for the last few months. I did mention when I picked the car up that the gearbox was noisy, well... We had a gearbox failure yesterday. I am guessing a bearing collapsed, a massive BANG at 100kph (60MPH) yesterday and I lost 5th gear. I got into town (was doing grocery shopping) and managed to limp it back home. When I reversed out of a parking spot there was another loud BANG. Trans is evidently now no good, I imagine the cluster will be damaged (sounds like it is full of marbles at idle now), which leaves me at a cross road. To attempt a rebuild on the trans in the car (futile, I think). Pull the trans from the white car and fit it (this had a slight bearing whine as well) Rebuild the trans from the white car, or simply buy an off the shelf changeover unit. Good times
  6. Nothing wrong with that! I just bought back my '86 2 door that I sold 4 years ago, and paid twice what I sold it for, and probably twice what I would have paid if it wasn't my old car.
  7. Welcome Willaay I'm not usually a fan of 4 doors but that is a thing of beauty and I think it was worth every cent!
  8. Check your grounding is good to the pump too, and make sure your fuel tank is clean and the sock at the bottom isn't blocked.
  9. I have found a set thanks, just to close this thread.
  10. If you've ever had your headliner out and had a look inside the roof, you wouldn't put much on there! There is no reinforcement except 2 thin pressed steel braces that bolt in. If you make your own rack, keep the mounting points as far out as you can, closer to the fold above the rear windows.
  11. Make sure your jets are ordered form the same place you buy you carb- genuine Italian Webers and the Spanish, or the Chinese FAJS webers all use different jetting sizes, can be hard to match up.
  12. Checking the oil about a week ago I noticed all of these cracks in the engine fan: Probably not too far off letting go! Found a new OEM blade, not an easy part to find these days, although I am sure there are other 80s nissans that could donate a 2nd hand one. Another job ticked off the list. Next is to build a battery tray and get the 2nd battery back in (another thing the PO removed) and fit my fridge/freezer in the back. Going out to chase the yella tomorrow, looking forward to it. Stay safe all.
  13. Clutch Slave issues all sorted and I'm really loving having the car back. Went exploring (we have a book of 250 Victorian Waterfalls, we are trying to see them all) and done a bit of metal detecting last weekend. Car ran great and a lovely time was had! Stay Safe FGF
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