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  1. The 3 larger ones are the fuel lines 2 smaller ones are brake lines. The connection and fitting and the size of the line will help tell you which fluid it carries for future reference! Whatever is going back to the fuel tank is the return line!
  2. The 3 larger hoses are the fuel lines. The smaller ones are the brake lines.
  3. Its not that pronounced and exhaust leaks to me even small ones sound like valve tick. This is like a bearing or rotating tinging noise that will quiet down as it warms up. Its for sure coming from the front of the engine.. I have a free 3 days coming up to focus on it. Its hot in Florida so waiting for it to cool off a few degrees. Really beyond those issues, for some of the things ive read, I got beyond lucky with this one. Just needs some love there is another 20 years left in it.
  4. Where the oil filter is, trace that horizontally to the front of the engine and move up there's a plastic cover that is on the upper part of the engine that meets the timing cover, oil is coming from that general area I'll see it all when I take it all off next weekend. Would've never thought to check the crank at that point.. Water pump is a good call also, easier to just do it all in one shot. Appreciate it! I'll need to figure out the pictures on here. Too big lol
  5. I got a 95 pathfinder with 213300 plus on the odo, 2wd auto RE4RO1A trans.... There is a rattle and a tinging noise from the front of the engine like a bearing or bolt rattling around, I'm thinking timing belt related but settles down after 45 secs to a min and there is no noise when its up to temp, no misfires or engine codes...it just seems to be the worst on cold start ups. Belt tensioner cause this? Idler pulley? If I take things apart most of it cant go back on the engine to put it simply so taking time to troubleshoot so its not down for a month. Its weathered so new hardware is needed to anything I take off lol. It all looks original. After a hard pressure wash its also rust free and you can tell it sat for years but little rust so I'm saving her lol. Also have an oil leak from somewhere around or on the side of the engine cover around the oil filter and where the timing cover meets the upper plastic portion cover... Anything known to crack or wear out in those areas? I'm new to the VG engines and pathfinders in general. Hope the day goes well!
  6. Awesome. I miss the smell of carbs though, fuel injection is nice but the sounds and smell of the exhaust are different. Dont miss the cold winter starts though when I was up north lol?When I get a chance I will check them out! The seals are really shot front to back, took out the nasty carpet pad earlier today in 100 degree heat. Florida at its best...... If needed I'll take the carpet out and clean it top to bottom and maybe sell it. Too good of shape to let it go in the trash front drivers side aside. Its doesn't look 20 plus years old and that blue is difficult to find, its like Levi jeans blue lol. Hope the day is going well out there!
  7. I have a 95 2wd pathfinder with a VG30E 213300 and on start up there is a rattle like tinging noise from the front of the engine, NOTE the more I take off the more I replace since everything is original lol so I'm in no rush to tear it down immediately so never hurts to bounce some ideas around... It is due for new belts.... As it warms up it gets better no misfires or hard starting either... After 45 seconds quiets down to normal.(tinging -rattling stops) The pulleys are ok but weathered, nothing crazy loud except the.a.c compressor and that's a different tick or tinging. A.c clutch is noisy but works... It all quiets down after a 45 to 55 seconds..Oil pressure is great, no codes thrown for anything except gas cap which is now fixed. Transmission has codes havent sat down long enough to.look at it yet.
  8. They are small but sturdy. I'm happy with where its at. No LS swap just to say it lol.. But keeps me busy getting it back to a shine... Paints rough in some areas.. I know the torsion bars have issues but I lucked out on this on, good shape all around just needs TLC.. its just the weather stripping everywhere thats becoming an issue. Hard to find parts..lol
  9. I'm not big into the extra weight. The less moving parts the better. Basically its an RV cruiser/meets mobile shop in progress! Much appreciated!
  10. Hey, my name is Scotty but I go by Doc also. I have a 1995 4 door VG30E Auto 2wd WHD21 213350 on the ODO. Rare in that it is rust free, unmodified and stock as a clock with working windows and door locks, original transmission which is slipping.... All the gears are there but it does slip, slow to engage into drive, slight drive train shudder at certain speeds and if you stomp on it, it tries to catch but if your 30 percent throttle and roll into it, it acts like an ok 1000 dollar truck....no updates from the dealer either, like I said 100 percent factory...lol. From someone who grew up in the rust belt up upstate ny, it was such a great to see factory paint marks, good brake lines in 20 plus year old truck... The sun has done a number on the seals around the windows and some minor bushings... and so have the previous owners with missing wiring and random bolts.. Torsion bars are in decent shape... I have Been a mechanic or tech for 15 years. Always will be a ford guy but I enjoy rare Normal vehicles and Yknot a 11second 2 wheel drive pathfinder to add to the mix. Yknotauto on Instagram having trouble uploading on here for now.
  11. I would check the sensor itself, anytime I get that far into something its been the part I just replaced. Check grounds!
  12. Much appreciated. I'm going through taking out old sound deadening and cleaning up the soaked and dried 100 times over material/carpet pad... Its quite the mess under there but the carpet is salvageable. just need a hard rain to see how it goes. The rear and backseat area is perfect. Just crappy wiring for speakers and the cloth door panels are great. Yknotauto on Instagram for better pictures. Trouble uploading on here.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm Doc, I have a 1995 2wd auto 4 door XE with 213350 miles on it. Having trouble finding a leak, my floor boards get wet on the drivers side after a hard rain so I'm stripping the interior now. Any common area to watch out for leaks under the dash or hood cowl area? Also this is a rare find, Its 100 percent unmodified and no rust to see so I dont mind keeping it that way
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