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Found 3 results

  1. I got a 95 pathfinder with 213300 plus on the odo, 2wd auto RE4RO1A trans.... There is a rattle and a tinging noise from the front of the engine like a bearing or bolt rattling around, I'm thinking timing belt related but settles down after 45 secs to a min and there is no noise when its up to temp, no misfires or engine codes...it just seems to be the worst on cold start ups. Belt tensioner cause this? Idler pulley? If I take things apart most of it cant go back on the engine to put it simply so taking time to troubleshoot so its not down for a month. Its weathered so new hardware is needed to anything I take off lol. It all looks original. After a hard pressure wash its also rust free and you can tell it sat for years but little rust so I'm saving her lol. Also have an oil leak from somewhere around or on the side of the engine cover around the oil filter and where the timing cover meets the upper plastic portion cover... Anything known to crack or wear out in those areas? I'm new to the VG engines and pathfinders in general. Hope the day goes well!
  2. I have a 95 2wd pathfinder with a VG30E 213300 and on start up there is a rattle like tinging noise from the front of the engine, NOTE the more I take off the more I replace since everything is original lol so I'm in no rush to tear it down immediately so never hurts to bounce some ideas around... It is due for new belts.... As it warms up it gets better no misfires or hard starting either... After 45 seconds quiets down to normal.(tinging -rattling stops) The pulleys are ok but weathered, nothing crazy loud except the.a.c compressor and that's a different tick or tinging. A.c clutch is noisy but works... It all quiets down after a 45 to 55 seconds..Oil pressure is great, no codes thrown for anything except gas cap which is now fixed. Transmission has codes havent sat down long enough to.look at it yet.
  3. K, so I put a vg33e in my 1993 4x4 auto recently and I've been fine tuning it for about a couple of weeks. A while back I snapped off my last ignition key in the passenger door lock. I managed to get the busted off keyed portion out of the lock cylinder and stuck it in the ignition cylinder, then used a flathead to start it and turn it off. The ignition cylinder started to stick, so when I turned it to the starter trigger mode it wouldn't spring back to run and it kept the starter engaged until I manually turned it back to the run setting. This put a lot of wear on the starter, and I became very worried about the flywheel. I finally put in a new ignition cylinder, but not an oem one that goes on the steering column, but a generic one for lawnmowers and four wheelers, i guess. It took me a while to get the wires right, but I drove the truck around for a week with this setup and it seemed to work fine, except i couldn't get the tranny control module to perform the diagnostic process and that's currently irrelevant. I was driving it yesterday and it started making this loud squeal or screech. I pulled into a gas station and shut it off, then tried to start it again. It made squealed and I think it shuddered while the starter was engaged... It didn't really sound like a belt squeal so I consulted my dad and we decided it was probably the starter gear not retracting and interfering with the flywheel, producing the clacking and the squealing. I went and bought a duralast gold starter, all new components, and put it in. This was a massive pain with the header on, and the new starter had a bracket for the trigger plug that was in the way, but I'm not here to complain about that. It started right up and sounded fine at first, but when I backed up the slight hill and put it in drive it started clacking and squealing again, just like before. Unfortunately I don't remember if it started when I put it in gear, when I gave it some gas, or at another point. It also seemed to have a distinct lack of power, but it had a power loss problem before this which I've been trying to fix. I think it still has exhaust leaks in the new system i installed. The rattling could be caused by the fact that the passenger side header isn't in the Y-pipe flange at all, but held in place by a plumbing band clamp (i know, I know, I'm getting there...). It had a subdued clack before which I attributed to the loose exhaust connection, but it's worse now. Additional information: *once it started making the noise it continued in neutral and park, only stopping when i killed the motor *the ac was off and i wasn't steering the whole time, so i doubt it's the ac or power steering pump belts or pulleys So I need to get some opinions. Do you guys (and/or girls, I'm not picky about advice) think my torque converter is loose from the flywheel? Or the flywheel is loose from the engine? I didn't change the flywheel on the engine i swapped in, it's the original one from the 3.3. I'm almost completely certain that I indexed the torque converter to the transmission correctly, but it did take me a few tries, so maybe I damaged something then? Or is it probably just a squeaky alternator pulley/belt and the exhaust rattling? I didn't check any belts when I was there, i got freaked out and came home to check my favorite forum and have some chocolate coffee beans... I've been driving it for a few weeks since I first started the new 3.3 (not really new, but about 50,000 miles from a Japanese fleet Frontier) and it hasn't made any crazy squealing sound before. It's been shifting fine, though a bit late occasionally and some odd downshifting, but I figured that was because of the pinched vacuum lincoming off the air intake tube and the exhaust leaks. I was under the impression that if I hadn't properly indexed the torque converter and bolted it to the flex plate the tranny would have self destructed when i first started the swapped engine, or first put it in gear. I even pulled a 6000lb Plymouth Trailduster about three miles on hills two weeks ago and it pulled it like a champ. I've been testing it against more and more difficult tasks and it just kept running better and better, and then this happens. I would really appreciate it if anyone had any idea of what's going on with my truck.
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