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  1. Lift After that adventure, which included scraping the bottom along rocks for hours straight, the first thing to do was a lift. I went with the classic: LRD 9447s + Bilstein 33-185552 in the rear OME 2928 + KYB Excel-G struts and strut mounts front + 2x K90474 camber bolts total. I bought the fancy proper strut spring compressors and other than one 14mm camber bolt head shearing (after the nut was off) and a bunch of drilling things went pretty smoothly. In the rear I got an extra 2.5" unloaded and and extra 2.7" when loaded with ~150lbs. Not sure what the front ended up as but I'm super happy how it sits (irl the bodyline angle isn't quite as much as seen here). I also have 1" spacers for the front and rear but I'm not sure if I'll ever install them. The ride is great... other than the front shock topout. I had read about this briefly on some other pages but not thought about it too much as its rarely mentioned. If I was to do it again I would go with the OME MD or even light duty springs front front and just pair it with a 1" spacer. I find the topout really annoying when bombing down a 4x4 road and don't really understand why more people don't complain about it. I suspect they might just drive slow offroad. Hopefully the front will sag a bit to give me more travel and I can make a 0.5" spacer for the front to compensate
  2. After getting back from the trip with a solid high center, torn up tires, and a bent frame + barely intact power steering line I decided to keep it, lift it, protect it, give it real tires, and maybe some more?
  3. Welcome to my up-to-date (2022) 2002 Pathy build! Bought this 5 speed 2002 SE with 370k km (180k km on the engine) for a work wheeling trip and decided to keep it after its superb performance...
  4. thanks! I'm going to try make em myself or just stack a bunch of washers
  5. Should this spacer come with the KYB SM5329 kit? I just got both of my strut mount kits in the mail from rockauto but neither come with the pictured spacer Its required and should have come in the package right???
  6. Is this KYB SM5329 Kit supposed to come with that spacer? I just got my two kits today and neither has the metal spacer in it...
  7. Zack is this the metal part that attaches to 54320? I just received my 2x KYB SM5329, but they came without the metal part that is pictured. Does it pull off of the OEM strut? Why is in the pic but not in the box I got? Thanks for any help! Im worried my package is messed up...
  8. Does anyone know the difference between 5100 33-185552 and B8 5125 33-185552? ie: 5100 vs 5125? I can't seem to find reliable info on any differences and both are available at the same price for me to buy for my '02. Even the link above that is refereed to as a 5125 has 5100 in the name and PN but in another place on the amazon page has "B8 5125". Are they the same?
  9. Oh shoot my bad, I had a typo in the original Q. I'm wondering about the difference between the 5100 33-185552 and 5125 33-185552. Many suppliers have the 33-185552 with different series numbers
  10. Does anyone know the difference between 5100 33-185552 and B8 5125 33-185552? ie: 5100 vs 5125? I can't seem to find reliable info on any differences and both are available at the same price for me to buy for my '02.
  11. still around wilson? Wondering if you solved this.
  12. Thanks adam! Those get quite a bit more $$ with me from Canada but yeah maybe the 1.5" lift option there is my best bet. I could do that with 1 of the spacers I have or maybe shave down one of my spacers so the lift isn't too much over 2" overall.
  13. reference material: JGC front coil: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=201281&cc=1182114 Pathy rear coil: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=201174&cc=1211993
  14. So I know this has been beaten to death, but I'm curious what the opinions are for this specific case and I also just want to write it down for my own sake. I've got a '95 4 door with the tire carrier on original coils and I've put 2" lift spacers in it. The rear still sags a bit and its even worse when loaded with people and gear, plus I soon want to get a hitch and haul dirtbikes. I want stiffer springs and also ~0.75-1" higher rear. I imagine I could just get whatever is on rockauto and get 0.5" more lift in the rear(just for having new springs vs old), but right now rock auto is stocked out and I also want a stiffer ride than I currently have that will be ok with a dirtbike and camping gear every once in a while. I see that people often put in JGC front coils. Running the numbers on rockauto: JGC: rated load length = 15", rated load = 503lbs, nominal springrate 146 lbs/in. Pathy: rated load length = 13", rated load = 566lbs, nominal springrate 161 lbs/in. 15"-(566lbs-503lbs)/146lbs/" = 14.55" resting length, 1.55" higher than stock I also expect I would get ~0.5" extra just switching to new springs, so I'd be at ~2-2.1" higher than currently This means I could switch to the JGC springs and take out one lift spacer blocks to be 1-1.1" higher than I currently am, but I would still be left with the lower springrate JGC. What would you guys recommend? Does my reasoning/math check out? I see lots of comments that the JGC springs give 2.5-3" lift over stock, but my math disagrees (only 1.55" when not accounting for the spring newness). The other thing I'm confused about is I've seen some people say the JGC springs are stiffer, but that's not what rockauto says when comparing their nominal springrates (I know they are variable) or the wire thickness. Thanks for any thoughts!

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