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  1. Thanks for the info. I have been on a buying spree
  2. You did everything I want to do so thanks for sharing again. The embedded links to the parts do not show correctly. I sent you a DM.
  3. You did everything I want to do so thanks for sharing again. The embedded links to the parts do not show correctly. I sent you a DM.
  4. Thank you for sharing your set up, especially with the QX4. It hits the spot for me and make me feel comfortable going with the OME MD for front and rear. You are correct, I do appreciate a little of lift by .5 - 1 in. I bought the KYB Excel -G already. Could you please elaborate on this statement: I’ll note I did need to use camber bolts on the Q with KYB-G struts . Could you share the details what I need to buy and do ? Sway bar bushings: I have been shopping for poly bushings. Interestingly, there are quite a wide range of sizes 18-27 mm and they are all marked suitable for 97-05 R50 pathfinders. I have measured the sway bars (front 27mm, Rear 16mm). Different sites suggest different sizes and some are different than the sway bard sizes I have measured, so I am nervous about buying and only to realize they are the wrong size after I have pulled the sway bars off. Could you please share the links to the bushing you bought if you can still find the order? Thanks so much!!!
  5. The springs referenced in these posts are spec'ed at 0.5 in lift, yet these members report anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 in lift. Therefore, I am hesitant using them to maintain closed to stock height. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/30428-show-me-your-ome-lifts/?do=findComment&comment=576763 http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/30839-which-suspension-lift-should-i-get/?do=findComment&comment=584787
  6. Hi all, Thanks for having me here. I have 2001 Nissan Pathfinder that I bought since new and it is in great shape mechanically. The suspension on the other hand feels tired. The body tend to sway too much. I have replaced the shock and struts once about 8 years ago. Though they are not showing sign of leaking, I guess the other components need replacements such as springs, trailing arms, front control arms, and bushings. I am planning a major overhaul of the suspension with new components. Struts - I bought KYB Excel G Shocks - Bilstein 5100 Front CV shafts - bought Cardone 66-6185 New CV Axle since the boots have ripped for a while now. Bushing: planning to use polyurethane I do not go off road. I just want to get a firm stable ride like when it was new. May be a little firmer than stock. Therefore, I would prefer not have any lift. If any amount of lift, I would prefer that it does not mess up the alignment beyond the point that alignment can correct. Could you please suggest a set of rear and front coil springs I can go with? I have done a lot of searching in this forum but post I found are related to lift of 2 in. I found OME springs that claim 0.5 lift, but I also found posts in this forum stating these springs are actually resulting in 2 in lift, which requires spacer etc. which is beyond my understanding. Also, I live in orange county California. Any recommendation of shop that can provide solid service and consultation? Many Thanks in advance !!!!

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