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  1. I think I answered my own question... Looks like the headlights and bumper attachment are different. SO if anyone has a link to pre-facelift quarter panels, that would rock my world. That asside I'm looking at a 1999 QX4 which might be rust free. My 3.3L engine and all suspention parts should be able to move over correct?
  2. Hi Guys, do you know if pre and post facelift panels are compatible. I need new quarter panels for my pre face lift (they are rusting out), but all I can find is post face lift panels. If you know anywhere which still has pre-facelift panels available that would rock too! PS - how about inifinity quarter panels? Will they fit? Thanks!
  3. anyone have links to plastic fender flares that will fit R50? Thinking just cutting the @!*% out and riveting on bigger flares. Thx
  4. you can also check my boys at Berts on kingsways. Tell them Tom sent you. http://www.bertsauto.com/
  5. best option would be to bang the ones out of your old shocks I guess and hope they fit the new bushings
  6. No sorry we just scrounged around the shop for some that fit. (looking through old dead shocks basically)
  7. Thanks man! Ya probably not a good idea to rhino underneath. As for the rear quarter panel I guess the existing one would need to be cut out and the new one welded in. That sounds like a nasty big job! Would have to gut the inside the get on that side
  8. and this https://www.noramstore.ca/i-26894075-nissan-pathfinder-infiniti-qx4-97-04-quarter-panel-4-door-driver-side.html anyone know of any plastic ones for rear how would these go on? Rivets?
  9. okay found this for the front.. hope it's plastic! https://www.huntparts.ca/products/fender-front-passenger-side-with-flare-hole-nissan-pathfinder-1999-2004?_pos=3&_sid=bc9e6712f&_ss=r now for the back
  10. Update... drove across the country last summer with a over 500 pounds of load. (moved from Vancouver to Toronto) Have done some med. off roading since. Everything is holding like a charm! Problem was never the 5125s, or the spring height. Problem was definitely the fact the shop use the wrong sleeves in the original 5125 bushings leaving 2mm of play on the pin. This caused one of the original 5125 bushing to blow out. Replacing both bushings with the engergy bushings and correctly fitting sleeves working like a charm. Suspension super happy. Everything feels like new and ready for 10 years of abuse. Cheers!
  11. Hi Guys, I've moved from the west coast to the east. Salt on the roads is already having an effect on the rust situation. Anyone know of a place around Toronto that would cut the rust out, weld up the scars and slap some new flares or trim on there? After words I'll get under there and slap a bunch of rhino liner in to hopefully cover exposed metal from winter road @!*%. Is that a stupid idea? Thoughts on how to battle rust on the east? I'm at 260K and still going strong. Would hate to see the rust eat her up before everything else. We have long roads ahead! Cheers! PS- Maybe we can do a GTA pathy meet up in the spring?
  12. Hi Sorry for the late reply, but I can't be much help. In the end I didn't replace the top bushings as they were fine. The new sleeves came out of another pair of shocks lying around at the shop. I just tried the bolt on a few dead ones till I found the tightest fit.
  13. Hi Guys, thought I'd report back with our findings. We were in the process of putting the energy bushings into the bottom eye holes (of the upside down) 185552 and as is turns out the spacers they originally had in there were about 2mm too big on the inner diameter. I guess they used whatever they could find laying around when putting the shocks in initially. My thoughts are that extra 2mm allowed for too much play and banged the original Bilstein bushing down during our rough play adventures. All is great now with tighter spacers and the new energy bushings. Hope it holds, I have a hunch it will. Will report back to this thread when something breaks again or in a year that it's still holding well. Thanks everyone and be safe! Cheers, Tom
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