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  1. I have 3 racks left in my second batch. Is anybody interested? PM me, I can ship down to the US or help install in Vancouver, Canada! Cheers
  2. I'm all sold out now, first batch is gone! Is there interest in more? I'll be taking deposits this time with an ETA for winter. PM me if you want yours!
  3. last two racks left in this batch if anybody here is still interested
  4. It’s still available! I’ll reply to your message Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Just bumping up, another rack sold still have 3 sets left, pm or email me if you're interested!
  6. Yeah well, shipping assembled bumper would be painful. As far as I know they sell it ready to weld and can keep shipping cost relatively low, maybe if you came to their office in vancouver they could weld one up for you. I think that’s as high clearance as you can get for custom bumpers on r50 and they come with optional skid plate. Pricey but now after fabricating the racks I understand these things can’t be cheap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Coastal off-road make great front bumpers and the r&d behind them is huge! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Good points, I agree as to the cost factor. Problem is it can't be cheaper if I make a few of them only. It would be cheaper in mass production obviously but like you said there's no need for that. My 15 racks are almost gone now and my next batch will be 5 likely. With aluminum and labor cost being historically high and all covid issues, my profit margin on these has shrunk down to be enough to pay for gas money and my rack really. I just took it as an after work fun project and make an alternative to very limited options. My original plan was to get a few of the rhino rack crossbars for my rooftop tent but if I wanted 4, it would cost me roughly $1000CAD so I figured I build my own. There, for another $500 you get 8 crossbars, wind fairing, 100% rust resistance, more attachment options and lower profile while supporting a couple small businesses. Anyways, I'm hoping to keep a few in stock for those who decide to get them, might even spend some time on improvements for 2nd batch, I'll update here! Also, a lot of people asked me to make one for 2nd gen Xterra, that might be a slightly bigger market maybe. Side note, I was going to do skid plates too locally to not have people pay for shipping but aluminum sheets prices made it not worth it, SFCreation shipped is pretty much the same money now so I'll just grab one of his and support his R&D.
  9. I bought these tents directly from the manufacturer and resell them here in Canada. I use the company in China that manufactures for other brands like gooverland canada, kings etc. They're not CVT or Roofnest quality but I'd say 80-90% identical.
  10. Well, okay so first of all it's made in Canada, designed from scratch by myself, CNC cut from 1/4" aluminium and powder coated locally. Now if you think it should be cheaper, I will surprise you, my cost per rack is pretty close to 80% of the price I'm selling it for. Aluminium prices have been high recently, labour is not cheap in BC, I'm not skimping and use stainless steel high quality hardware, I took 4 prototypes to get it exactly how I wanted it and make a good fit. It comes with custom made brackets, an installation manual and is designed to fit all R50 roof rails as it's a simple bolt on style rack. I won't even start on tents, the one you're seeing in the picture Im selling for $2900CAD and guess what, I do sell them at this price fairly easy. Unfortunately there are no alternatives to roof racks for R50s and so I took my after work free time, spent it in front of the computer and taking tons of measurments, designed it and built it. If I added my hourly rate to the cost, it would've been more but since it's my side fun project I cam out with the price most people agreed was fair and all customers so far have been happy with the racks and the quality. These things are not cheap but I guarantee they will outlast all R50s out there and will not break, rust or fall apart. I also have some discounted racks with minor imperfections but since I really don't appreciate your tone and stereotypical jokes, I'll ask you to move on and search for alternatives. And since I know there are no alternatives really, good luck building your own ?
  11. I've got you! So I'm based in Vancouver Canada and the price here is $1480CAD. For the US, the price is $1400 shipped anywhere within the continental states. All you see in the pictures is all you get, 8 crossbars, wind fairing, all stainless hardware etc. Oh and no taxes or import duties on top of that. Also comes with a manual and it installs very easy in a couple hours. Pm me if you're interested Thanks
  12. Here are some photos of happy customers. I still have two full rack and two discounted sets (very very minor imperfections). Shipping available anywhere in Canada or the US.
  13. Hmm, that’s disappointing to hear. Definitely means the 30.9” is out. Now I’m worried about the 30.6”. The next largest size is the stock 245/65R17 (29.5”) - it would be nice to go up a little. Did you actually measure your Duratracs to see if their actual size matched their calculated size? I can’t imagine the AWD will like a different diameter tire & we usually have 1-2 hours of mountain highway driving to access the Cascades don't quote me on this 100%, I might have not tried hard enough with the duratracs in 265/70/16. The 245/75/16 is very close in diameter and it fit and I also believe tread depth and style is a deciding factor. Not sure if there are different style hitches too, some might have more space than others. Yes, I also didn't want a stock size spare with a 30.6" regular tires for the same reason. I can take some dimensions if that would help you. Another trick would be to keep the spare deflated and only inflate when needed, that way they tire will be a bit smaller and easier to fit
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