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  1. Since these are such common vehicles around BC most mechanics are very familiar with them. That being said I’ve often gone to Arts Auto on Clark in Vancouver and had good experiences.
  2. What was your inspiration/reasoning for doing the new intake? It looks great!
  3. I’ve been wondering this too. Haven’t seen or heard of anyone really running that size on this forum but IMO it would be great fit for the r50
  4. That’s awesome it’s possible to run a version of 32’s on stock wheels though! Thanks for the info.
  5. Hey man! Been following this build transformation into the beast it is today! I was curious to know if you fit your 235/85/16 tires without wheel spacers? Never saw you mention using them.
  6. There are soooo many resources on this topic. Look around this forum and you will find countless posts with the answers you’re looking for. here’s a great video explaining some basics: https://youtu.be/d0weBe8J58s
  7. Whaaat your 235/85/16 fit with no wheel spacers? Everyone I've seen with them said they needed at least an inch on their front wheels
  8. Reviving a dead thread here, I thought 31" tires was stock on some early gen R50? I also thought I've heard of people shoving a 235/85/16 in there with a bit of trimming of their hitch bar. Anyone else have any experience fitting plus size tires in there?
  9. Ah good catch, I guess it was just the first gen Terrano that was on the same platform.
  10. Hey all, My buddy just bought one of these plates for his 4runner and loves it. Worth checking out if you're in the market. http://www.asfir.com/nissan-terrano/566055 They're marketed for the Terrano, international version of the R50. They also seem to make a bumper! http://www.asfir.com/nissan-terrano/506002 Anyone else have any experience with these?
  11. Good to know! So far only planning on the rear so hopefully should be a straight forward install when the time comes.
  12. Some great info here thanks guys! Sounds like this will hopefully be my next major upgrade. Time to start saving...
  13. Hey all, couldn't find any info pertaining to running a rear locker with the auto transfer case. Does anybody have any experience running a rear ARB locker with the auto t case? I'm hoping it would work fine as long as you only activated it while in the 4H or 4L modes. I'd love to just throw a Lokka on but that would definitely cause some issues with the auto mode while driving in slippery conditions on-road (a feature I use a lot in the winter here). Are there any other drivetrain incompatibilities I might be missing? My engine bay badge says I have HG43 gearing, and it's an LSD. Any insight would be appreciated!
  14. Does anybody have any more insight on getting a correct reading from this style dipstick? I’ve always struggled with this. Glad to hear I’m not alone! When changing the fluid via the drain plug (not a full flush with filter etc) how much have you guys been replacing? I’ve been getting about 3L out so that’s what I’ve put back in. But my dipstick consistently reads as overfilled. Experimented with slightly less but even then it stays high.
  15. Poison mtn! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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