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  1. My rear diff breather is already disconnecting haha, so I figure I'll do just that and use 1/4" line (~20-25 thanks, that I wasn't sure about). Same for the Rear Brake Line, I've been looking at the junkyard but nothing has "sprung" up yet So thanks for the O'reilly part, I'll see if somewhere up in BC can get'r done.
  2. haha, I haven't bought the bearing yet. I was waiting on your grace to tell me exactly what you did. Thank you! I'll now get the kyb bearing SM5323
  3. you can say that again, i'll have to take off the shocks to get the bump stop on. I ended up buying the KYB strut mount kit on amazon last night $70/side. $140 for free shipping in 3 days. this Canadian will take it. now for the nissan part - strut bearing =/. can't get around that shipping fee i dont think.
  4. oh I'm not concerned. From reading through the posts, you guys have concluded that KYB is fine. I just wonder if I need it at all. Like I broke my gasket for the strut when i tried to replace with the ac coils. I haven't bought a new gasket and I just put the old coil and strut back in without a gasket. Is it just preventing dirt from getting in ? I'm curious, can I reuse the parts the car has already, rather than purchasing new "this and that." My bellows/rear bump stops are visibly worn, but my top hat strut mount and bearings look good enough to reuse. and the OEM strut bearing, can't I reuse that as well?
  5. Hello good people! For the record, I'm like purely copying PathyDude, no real intention to but how she goes! It's an honour to follow in your footsteps =P Rear = Land Rover NRC9449 coils with Bilstein 33-185569 29" shocks (installed) Extended Rear Brake Line/ breather tube. Where are you guys going for these parts? I see infiniteparts.com has it (Part No.:46210-0W060) but I have no idea if it's longer than what's already installed on the car, it doesn't mention length. Front = 2" AC coils with KYB struts (coils didn't compress enough, so will have to take them to a shop. got camber bolts in the meantime. I thought i'd pass on the KYB Strut mount, just purchase the KYB bellow and bearing (is this bearing necessary?) and then the OEM strut bearing. When I took my strut out the first time everything seemed fine to reuse...? Afterwards, I'll finally be able to throw my 31x10.5r17 Falken Wildpeak AT3W (i'm considering going down to R15or16, but then i need new wheels) Future projects, taking another great idea from pathy Dude and do my headlights (https://www.bxbuilt.com/product-page/toyota-h4-diy-kit-4runner-tacoma-tundra-sequoia). Bigups to your youtube videos, definitely has helped tons! ...honestly, I've been doing more work on my pathy more than my wedding. Lucky me, the fiancée fully supports! =D Pix of pathy to come!

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