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  1. You have to admit it’s pretty damn unique, and I give him a lot of credit for the backyard fabrication skills! I’ve been following this for quite a while and think it’s cool to see it coming together. How’s the front driveshaft situation going? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Just a quick stock vs not pic of my new rig to show what I’ve been up to. It’s a new truck under warranty so I’m keeping mods minimal, but just a little 2” lift and some wheels and tires to set it apart a little. In case you can’t guess, mine is the black one, lol. I’m kind of jonesing to have a project vehicle again though, so I’ve been thinking of picking up another R50 or perhaps a WJ grand Cherokee to build another trail rig on the side. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I don’t get around here much anymore, but your rig is looking great! I’m glad to see someone else do the TJ bumper build, I think it’s a great look for the R50. Did you tie in to the upper bumper mounts at all as well? For reference here’s a pic of how I did the brackets on mine. This place makes me miss my old R50! If I hadn’t found myself in need of a full size truck for work I’d still have it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I like that you painted the rear springs to match the purple up front!
  5. Pics not working ?, but I definitely want to see where you’re at with this.
  6. I think you’ll be fine. The hub centric rings make it easier to guarantee proper centering and balancing but it’s not required. I’ve ran non hub centric wheels plenty of times and as long as you tighten the lug nuts by hand and alternate lugs as you go, then it’s not really an issue. You only run into off balance trouble if you run one lug all the way tight (like with an impact) before tightening the other lug nuts.
  7. I almost felt like I needed to leave it with my own personal users guide lol, with a list of requirements for ownership including membership on here!
  8. It’s funny how much work it took to fit 33’s on the pathfinder, and this has 33’s stock and they don’t even look that big on it!
  9. Love it! Looks really good. How does the height of this set up compare to what you had before? Any problem with strut top out in your test drive?
  10. I feel a little guilty not sharing, so I figured I’d update everyone that I ended up selling the R50 this weekend. I had been splitting daily driver duties between the pathfinder and my Charger, and since switching jobs last year I’ve found myself really in need of a truck. The result was that while the pathfinder did its best to fill the job of a truck, the Charger just sat around 90% of the time not getting driven. Anyway, I decided to trade in the Charger on a 2019 Ram classic, and sold the pathfinder. I like this forum so I’ll still be around if anyone has any questions! And here’s the new rig. I literally brought it home from the dealer and backed it up to the trailer to head to a dance competition, lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ouch! Guess it’s time to go tire shopping! How many miles did you get out of those?
  12. Yes, if you have two inch spacers in addition to HD springs then the CVs are going to be at too extreme of an angle even during normal driving. It’s really only the spacers that are causing the problem, the hd springs are just calling attention to it. If you only had the spacers but with stock coils, then your CVs would be at an okay angle under normal conditions, but would extend too far when the suspension was unloaded. So you wouldn’t notice any clicking or popping under most conditions, but if you lifted a wheel off the ground while spinning then you’d notice the cv binding and possible breaking. With the addition of the hd coils, the strut is now further extended even under normal conditions and therefore your getting a little bind causing the clicks you’re hearing. The only way to keep the full lift you have now and fix the CV issue is with a SFD. If that’s not in the cards right now, you could remove the 2 inch spacer but keep the hd springs and you won’t have any issues with the cv with that set up.
  13. That is the crankshaft position sensor. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the code your describing. Having low battery voltage can throw all kinds of strange codes so that really could have been the issue.
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