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  1. Interesting, I didn’t know that Australia never saw the VQ
  2. So true, definitely different ends of the spectrum. Also significant differences in how owners treat their trucks as well as approach to safety for themselves & those around them.
  3. Well, the AWD will serve your daughters well. Honestly, here in the PNW, I run it AWD about 80% of the time - much more sure footed with our wet & mossy roads. The AWD is also excellent for the kind of on-road snow we get - like going up to Timberline in the winter. As you know, nothing really helps with PDX ice storms. Just make sure you get the power valves done - cost me an otherwise pristine engine at about 102K & we lose several a year. As a Nissan man from ‘84 & all of the cars that have just been mine, I would agree with your folks. I can’t speak to the Frontier, which I under is an exception, but I don’t recommend & wouldn’t buy Nissan anymore myself. My last was a 2013 Infiniti G as it was still old school Nissan but their emphasis on power, handling & reliability has simply gone away. I’m largely a Japanese only guy (though I’m hopeful Kia/Hyundai is going the old school Japanese route), but it’s probably Toyota, Honda, maybe Mazda/Subaru from here on out.
  4. I was thinking of how to improve the aesthetic. Tint the windows & black the chrome - add hood & rear hatch wind deflectors. Maybe the wheels too. All that should give it a khaki & black look & it won’t be quite so beige. That said, that color is probably the best at hiding pin striping. It’s a metallic paint too, right?
  5. Make sure to get the power valves fixed http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/17104-threadlocker-on-power-valve-screws-pics/page-1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. The TX10 would be theoretically more sturdy but you don’t really hear of many failures in either. The ATX14A is set & forget & really shines in inclement weather on pavement. It also works well on slippery surfaces where you aren’t likely to bog since you don’t get the understeer and plowing induced by a locked center diff. I’ve loved my ATX14A in essentially every environment & I find it largely indispensable on our typically wet PNW roads. I also have a 5th Gen 4Runner with part time 4WD like the TX10 & that’s possibly my one regret in it. I often wish it had an AWD option like on the Limited version or just plain full-time AWD like a GX or even our Jeep Grand Cherokee. I believe the ATX14A has a better crawl ratio in 4Lo but I’ll leave the actual numbers to those who know. I’m considering a possible 2nd R50 for a daily driver & weekend explorer at a work site in another state. I'm only considering '01-'04 LEs but I'd prefer the '02 as it has the best OEM limited slip & is still a cable throttle - plus the pretty 17" LE wheels & the load bar rack.
  7. 100% I test drove 2002 Pathfinders & 4Runners back to back in 2002 when I bought mine. The 4Runner was a disappointment in every way to me at the time. On the other hand, I thought the Pathfinder looked blasé but it’s engine, handling, AWD system & MUCH nicer interior & creature comforts sold it to me. As a consequence, I’ve never thought much of 3rd Gen 4Runners & have never regretted my R50. Had the 4th Gen 4Runner been out at the time, I probably would have bought it. I’m definitely not anti-Toyota, I have a 5th Gen 4Runner & LOVE the GXs.
  8. What is BAT? Autotrader? I’ve used cars.com, autotrader, Craigslist & recently FaceBook Marketplace & OfferUp.
  9. I may be working in Southern OR some & was considering something reliable that I was familiar with for a local car instead of a rental. [mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] has been looking N Cal to PNW for a friend recently & is attuned to the market. The PNW is traditionally one of the most expensive new & used markets in the nation. This was backed up when I ran a nationwide spread sheet on 2012 & 2013 Infiniti G37xS back in 2015. I also bought a new 2018 4Runner & negotiated in Toyota’s PNW, Intermountain & Upper Midwest markets, ultimately ordering out of KCMO. I literally saved several thousand dollars on each vehicle. We bet we could resell that beige 2001 for $6,000-6,500 in the Seattle area with no problem. My cut point was about $5,400 because, if I changed my mind, I felt I could still recoup sales tax, auction fee, gas & insurance at that level without any concern. I was hoping it would go for $6,500-8,000 so I wouldn’t feel bad. I wouldn’t buy one from a dealer but there are ones with twice the miles being sold as high as $8,000 here.
  10. Looking at the website, it’s also of note that you have to pay them a couple hundred as a fee on top of the price. It’s probably my least favorite color & a shame it has the ‘01 16” wheels instead of the ‘02 17” wheels. Plus, it’ll need a couple hundred for the power valve fix. Overall, the condition looks pretty good though those hood paint defects really demonstrate how well the hood deflector has preserved my own truck. The leather seats are surprisingly worn for 70K. Also interesting to me to see all the little tweaks they made for ‘02, like the steering wheel, grill, seat buckle retainers, & hatch wind deflector. The hood insulation is far more complicated & extensive than mine. Did ‘01 LE’s not come with a matching alloy spare?
  11. Another great area is West of Boulder, UT & the Burr trail - particularly the Wolverine Cyn areas. I also really enjoyed “Behind the Swell”, NW of Hanksville as well as the area E of there from the Horshoe Cyn unit down through the Maze & further South. Finally, lots off of Hole in the Rock Rd S of Escalante. Summer is probably going to be too hot, even for an Arizonan. September & October are better though you occasionally have to watch for rain. Don’t be anywhere in Cyn Country with rain upwatershed from you. Several years ago we were deep in the Wolverine area, noted clouds higher in the watershed & retreated. That afternoon/evening two separate groups drowned in flash floods.
  12. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/17104-threadlocker-on-power-valve-screws-pics/page-1
  13. Definitely hit Wire Pass if you’re in that area of S UT/N AZ. It’s a great little Cyn hike that intersects with Buckskin Gulch. Very high bang for your buck. (I have some pics near the start of my IG feed - pretty easy to identify)

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