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  1. So sorry to see this! What terrible luck. Hopefully it’s salvageable
  2. From a technical standpoint, I can’t add anything to the gurus above. To the uninitiated, I can’t emphasize enough how much it matters HOW you drive your truck. I have 2 R50s with the AWD option & I love it for packed snow, sand, dirt, gravel & road travel in wet or snowy weather. I also have a 2018 4Runner & have a bit of buyer’s remorse that it only has part-time 4WD, especially on paved roads with varying traction. In particular, I caution anyone new to all this & used to the LE transmission - drive a Lokka equipped truck before you put one on your truck. There will undoubtedly be a wide variety of opinion but I personally did not like the feel of the Lokka on road at all. It’s an opinion & not shared by all, but I wouldn’t want it on a daily driver or something that saw a lot of road time - it was noticeably stiff & quirky. A dedicated or highly off road truck would be a different situation entirely. I sold my Lokka & found a front ARB locker. That and one of Hawarish’s super-packed rear LSDs are waiting to go on my Pathy. As much fun as the Pathy is, I just spent ~18mo with my QX4 all over Southern OR & Northern Northern California & that rear LSD works great for the vast majority of offroad exploring & camping I usually do. Of course, I’m fortunate to have the ‘02 LSD. Each truck has its pros & cons. It was refreshing to get back into an OEM+ R50 & see just how capable & pleasant it was to drive.
  3. Generally speaking, we’re probably a VERY unlikely target. The primaries are essentially inaccessible, the secondaries less so but the Cats are just about as depleted of the metals they want. One of the reasons a Prius is such a target is that their. Cats are extremely lightly used. Admittedly, these thief’s aren’t mental giants but it’s generally accepted that newer vehicles are the best targets.
  4. Way back in ‘03 I fried the dimmer on my ‘02. I replaced it with one from a JY but carried around a little wire with shoes on each end in order to do the bypass @slartbartfast discussed
  5. When convenient, if you could just measure your Duratracs for an actual diameter. Tires often aren’t the size the tire calculators say they should be - manufacturer variance I suppose. Unfortunately, they’re usually smaller - which won’t help me in your case but might if Toyo runs small.
  6. Hmm, that’s disappointing to hear. Definitely means the 30.9” is out. Now I’m worried about the 30.6”. The next largest size is the stock 245/65R17 (29.5”) - it would be nice to go up a little. Did you actually measure your Duratracs to see if their actual size matched their calculated size? I can’t imagine the AWD will like a different diameter tire & we usually have 1-2 hours of mountain highway driving to access the Cascades
  7. Here we go again…. I’m looking to find the largest 17” rim tire that will fit in the stock location underneath, with an OEM hitch. Reportedly the limit is 31”. I know a 265/70R17 (stock 5th Gen T4R tire) most definitely will not fit. I’m getting Toyo AT3s for my Q & these are my options: Wt Tread Dia Width Tire Size Speed/Load 35 13.0 30.9 9.3 P235/75R17 108S/SL 35 13.1 30.6 9.8 245/70R17 110T/SL 42 16.1 30.6 9.8 LT245/70R17 119/116/RE 37 13.2 31.1 10.2 255/70R17 112T/SL 38 13.3 30.6 10.7 265/65R17 116T/XL https://www.toyotires.com/product/open-country-at3/ 1st Choice: P235/75R17 closest to 31”- ?fit? 2nd Choice: 245/70R17 265/65R17 should fit but I’m not sure that the XL load rating won’t mean it’s too stiff. SL & XL are both 4 ply but the XL requires more pressure at Max Load - which, honestly, is counterintuitive to me. I think the 255/70R17 will be too big I think the LT245/70R17 will be too stiff as this truck is usually unloaded Has ANYONE out there tried a P235/75R17?
  8. I believe it’s written up on the NPORA forum in@ferrariowner123 build thread.@micahfelker now owns it.
  9. Thanks for catching that-I keep getting them mixed up. I’ll edit the original so I don’t lead anyone astray.
  10. Taste wise I’m with you on brown but I’ve seen some that ended up looking pretty decent when paired with black. Yeah, the Q is my traveler, solo explorer & will take trailering, hauling & winter duty from the Pathy when I get it back home. I’m not 100% sure the rear is sagging & the ride is absolutely fine, I just REALLY liked the LRs. I’m unlikely to bother changing it anytime soon. Also, while i like a little rake, the Q’s headlight aim doesn’t tolerate it well at all. I’m not the right guy for the powertrain issues. Just sharing my tidbit. There are lots more people on here more knowledgeable about that stuff than me. (Though it is possible I’ve logged the most years & miles on the ATX14A). I LOVE the 6 spoke LE wheels. It turns out they look great on the Q too - I expect that’s where they will stay. My only motivator for manual hubs would be to replace CVs easier. I offroad carefully & I’ve never had a problem with the auto hubs or broken a CV. I definitely won’t change out the LE wheels just to put manual hubs on - especially now that they’ll live on the Q. I’m probably sticking with two sets of Toyota wheels for the Pathy. I think the manual hubs [mention=36148]hawairish[/mention] kindly gave me will fit through their hubs - though I haven’t measured.
  11. @TowndawgR50 did a front end swap between a prefacelift (‘96 I think) & an ‘03.
  12. Nice “re”writeup. Looks like your priorities are all in order. If you’re that deep again, consider replacing the knock sensor - it’s down there in the valley. I can’t quite tell if you have a faded light brown or a faded KY0 bright chrome? Unbelievable that you have a cat that will peacefully ride up there - any car ride has always been a loud yowlfest with any cat I’ve owned. Did you mount the LR9447s? I too have the KYB Excel-G & ARB OME HD up front on my Q. I initially tried the LR9449s but while they rode GREAT, they were just too high. I switched to a very used set of ARB OME MD springs in the rear. That leveled the truck but they’re not quite as robust as the LR springs & occasionally look like they may be a bit droopy in the rear. I’m not sure I 100% follow regarding the ATX14A’s behavior but remember the auto hubs need som forward movement to engage. If I’m ever prepping for snow in the am, I always drive it forward a few feet after engaging either the AWD or 4Hi to be sure the hubs are locked. Obviously you can get around this with manual hubs but only Rugged Ridge hubs will fit through the 6 spoke LE wheel hubs.
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