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    300rwhp tuned vq, custom bullbar with front mount hitch reciever and skid plate, custom roof rack basket, 2 inch ac lift in the front and 2.5 inch ac in the rear, all poly bushings underneath, dual swing gate tire carrier, custom missing link, manual hubs, brembo brakes
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    Photography, Off Roading, Rally, Fabrication/Welding, Mechanic, Digital Design.

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  1. Where in Colorado are you, also grab me some skid plates!
  2. I made this heavy duty in rail basket system using the stock cross bar clamps that I reverse engineered so you an just slide the rack in and clamp it in holds about 650lbs before things get sketchy
  3. I made one for this style factory roof rack and its been an amazing addition.
  4. I got a bunch of unique plausible ideas including a couple i made into reality if you guys want some help. Also located in Northern Colorado so I could be a parts distributor if you guys get serious about selling aftermarket for these trucks
  5. Built a custom roof rack basket that uses the old cross bar clamps to secure it the the stock rails!


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AllTerrainR50
    3. mjotrainbrain


      It didn't load for me, but I see it now!  Very cool, have any plans as to what you'll carry up there?

    4. AllTerrainR50


      I have an ARB awing 8 foot by 8 foot that either hawairish or i will draw up/fabricate brackets to weld onto this rack to bolt the awning to, that and maxtrax with very simple mounts for those and some side and rear area lighting too

  6. Did a quick photochop last night to see what I wanted to do for my future headlight retrofit, and I love it!

    1. Jax99


      If you actually figure this out .... That would be pretty sweet

    2. AllTerrainR50


      Already have just have to get a spare pair of headlight housings and buy the parts i need to make these real.

  7. I've seen something similar but for a SAS project nicknamed "pepsi" http://www.thenissanpath.com/viewtopic.php?t=9349 but I will see about making or having something made for our trucks to keep most of it stock and just bolt in.
  8. Any updates, I've been locking at a locker for my 03se
  9. Anyone have any information on anything pertaining to long travel suspension for our trucks or is everything going to need to be custom?
  10. So I haven't seen much in the light of swapping in a Toyota 4.0L V8 1UZFE VVTI into our R50s and so I went ahead and did a metric fskcton of research about both the VQ35DE VVTI and the 1UZFE VVTI, to get dimensions and measurements for both engines and their mounting positions. This made the process way easier after finding and buying said Toyota engine locally for $200us and so far it looks like the motor mounts for the engine as almost identical and in the damn near same locations with the distance of both engines keeping the same space from the back of the engines to the firewall the same. But obviously the only way the v8 would fit without issue is to delete the clutch fan and installing dual electric fans on the radiator (which I wanted to do anyway) which isn't a big deal anyway BUT the two radiators are pretty different which is fine because A I could either adapter some coolant hoses or B find a radiator that would work with the space of the pathfinder radiator space (I haven't done much in the way of measurements or research on this) or C have a custom built aluminum performance radiator (too expensive probably) which would be nice but ideally not what I'd want to do since my truck build is budget minded for the most part. Another nice thing is that XAT makes a bell housing adapter plate to run the SR/KA 5 speed transmissions but I have also found out the the older KA24E 5 speed 4x4 transmissions might work perfectly with their adapters but I don't know what the towing capability would be with those transmissions (since I do tow with this truck) as I can't find any info on that. So my first question is for you manual transmission off roaders out there is, how is it out on the trails with a manual trans, because mine is an auto and so far I love it for off road but this 4 speed trans isn't great for highway driving because it just drags down the fuel economy hence the idea/plan for the manual/engine swap.
  11. You got this in the bag man, I hope it all works out.

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