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    99.5 XE - 6" lift - 4" SFD and 2" coils, Rock Crawler 15x8 steelies wrapped in 33x12.5 Duratracs. OME HD front coils, Bilstein F250 rear shocks, various LED roof lights front and back, Smittybilt steel cable 9500lbs winch, Rough Country XJ which bumper, Yakima LW rack with extension, KC driving lights, Cobra CB and Firestick 3ft FL, interior LED swap of all lights, LED strips in cargo area, separate battery in trunk, trickle charged via solar panel, OEM swing out retrofit, LED headlights, custom storage organizer in trunk, Raingler cargo net.
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  1. So my attention has been drawn back to this forum today and skimming through it really made me miss it. It's a great community. The old R50 is still unchanged, one driveway over at my neighbours. Although he doesn't look after it. It's rusting and just not happy looking But I've had a blast building my Jeep and just wanted to share some photos and also direct your attention to my business: www.overlandlivingoutfitters.com
  2. That has been discussed in great detail if you go back through this thread you will find it.
  3. This!! I had that on mine. Couldn't figure it out until the strut fell out lol
  4. Did you end up putting the front sway bar back in? With the IFS there really is no benefit in removing it. If anything, it should help prevent damage to components that are very sensitive to abuse. The front doesn't do well with flex. Plus I think it will be unsafe on the road, especially on a lifted Pathy. If you ever had to swerve hard to avoid an accident, it's hard to predict that it will handle how it should and who knows what could happen. The rear however can go. I've removed mine permanently and never looked back.
  5. Once he takes it over I will try to convince him to keep the thread up. In the meantime, I'm getting a lot of repair work done to it. Mostly rust repair. My shop won't have time until August, so I'll still have her a little while longer. I've removed the roof rack as I'm planning on using it on my camping trailer and the lights will go on the new rack that's coming for the Jeep. Looks a bit funny now like something's missing, but it does look clean!
  6. Turns out my neighbour will be buying my Pathy. So it will stay in my life, I get to see it and know how it's doing and help him work on it. Couldn't have hoped for a better option.
  7. Well so far there is no "buddy" yet. But once there is, I'll do my best to convince him to keep posting in this thread and document his adventures and changes to the vehicle here. Fingers crossed. My antenna is mounted with a 90 degree antenna swivel mount that's screwed into the trunk opening.
  8. Ah yes, indeed it is a vent. On the trails my muffler got hit and pushed up a bit, causing it to exit right into the bumper and melting a hole into it. I cut the hole out and placed this vent in its place. I figured if it happened again, a vent would let enough air flow through not to melt it again.
  9. Someone's coming to look at it tomorrow. This might be my last day with Cathy
  10. I knew it. But I guess Kyle didn't quite get the tone lol. Maybe if you hadn't sent me a pm the day before I would have been confused by it too lol. Seriously though guys I'm very flattered by all the compliments I got throughout. I'm proud to have been an asset to the community and inspired some folks on here. This is still one of the best/ most fun forums I've been on.
  11. I think that message was supposed to be sarcastic... I hope ?! [emoji52]

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