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  1. I had it off for a little bit and after about a week and a really good scare on the highway I put it back on...it doesn't really help travel of the front with it off...just best to keep it on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I gotta buy a truck I'm buying a 5th wheel camper for next season Sent from Yeti!
  3. As the title states the time has come for me to sell my pathfinder this thing is lifted 6" has warn manual hubs and a lot more...any questions let me know I'm looking for 4K Sent from Yeti!
  4. I have my roof rack spare tire hi lift jack and shovel on my roof and have no issues...I've also thought about one of these Sent from Yeti!
  5. Number of different manual hubs out there warn by far the best...I have them on my truck and love them...also this thread is terrible at telling you you post is not posted but it is...even if it says it isnt Sent from Yeti!
  6. Someone has does this recently with the td27 if you have the 3.3 you can do a bell housing swap and then change obviously engine wiring and it's done...bell housing swap can't be done with the 3.5 Sent from Yeti!
  7. I'm about to do the tub and underneath of mine with raptor liner...after reading reviews on both I decided on the raptor liner it's made by upol Sent from Yeti!
  8. Yea when I told him he was like oh I don't give a sh*t Sent from Yeti!
  9. Ruggedrocksoffoad.com Sent from Yeti!
  10. And my HiLift jack fell and scratched the @!*% outta that Prius Sent from Yeti!
  11. Took the seats out so I could remove the carpet...gonna truck bed coat the inside and install drain plugs next Sent from Yeti!
  12. Lol that's funny but yea that's a good idea Sent from Yeti!
  13. I need to get a sticker never thought of that but now I'm definitely going to Sent from Yeti!
  14. YETI!!! That's the name I finally decided on the other day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I sell subframe drop kits if you wanna go 4-6 inchs Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk

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