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    Pretty much stock 03 SE with a 3.5 L VQ35DE, no running boards or mud flaps, 16x8 black steelies, with just 30's on right now, and a newly installed arb bull bar bumper with a XRC 9500lb winch by Smittybilt.
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  1. Would that be an np300 version? And does it fit to the factory airbox on the 3.5?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anybody has done a snorkel for their pathy. If so some pictures and some general information about the connection would be great! I've seen people use a D22 snorkels and was wondering if anybody has any pictures or information on the best way to make that connect to the engine. Thanks in Advance!!!
  3. What does the other side of the sensor look like? Edit: just looked at the rest of the pictures from O'Reillys and it seems like if that got sucked in, your engine will be fine lol, nissans are tough.
  4. Would a 265/75r16 clear the strut perch on a 16x8 with 4" backspace?
  5. What is the wheel width, offset or backspace, and can your rear tire still tuck under the wheel well?
  6. Thanks for the info, and your only running these coils for your front lift? Nothing other than these and the KYB's for the front end lift?
  7. Do you know the part number for this model spring? I have a bumper and winch on the front and have been running the OME springs for the last few years and was wondering if these would be better for the load.
  8. Does anybody have any blueprints to fabricate the blocks for the SFD. Could anybody confirm that the pictures that I have are correct and can be used?
  9. do you think i would be fine with only 1 inch spacers with the hd springs. I have the creations spacers so I can take an inch off. Do you think I would have any issues there? (at one inch spacer plus HD springs.
  10. does anybody know how to view these images?
  11. I have lifted two inches in the front, and put heavy duty coils up there also and now my passenger side cv axles clicks and pops a lot. Is it lifted too much. I will post a picture of the cv angle later. But with knowing that i have two inches and heavy duty coils (with weight up front) do you think between the lift is the reason for this cv problem. Oh and I replaced both cv axles yesterday.
  12. If i do camber bolts for now will the alignment shop align them for me?

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