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  1. Please sell me some 4" strut spacers. I bought some other spacers that I don't love and my car drives horrible the geometry is so messed up. I got .5 positive camber both sides with 2 camber bolts per side even. I sent a pm. I can pay asap 100% serious about buying strut spacers.
  2. Are you guys making these still? Also have you thought about doing 3" engine spacers and then dropping the transfercase/tranny 1" with spacers?
  3. Do you have any pics of a missing link? I'm not exactly sure what it looks like or where it goes and I'm curious.
  4. So you guys are still gonna do it? I want a kit and I know others do as well. No one makes strut spacers and without a sfd I am tired of breaking halfshafts and binding. I have been holding out for your kit but not sure how much longer I will wait. I am considering a 2 "sfd and modding a steering shaft extension. As far as fb hate I think most people think it's never gonna happen. I'm personally excited that there is a kit you can adjust camber with. Really hope this comes together soon, I also have $ and am tired of trying spacers and ac springs only to still bind halfshafts. Whats the fb group name and did you start the sfd thread yet?
  5. Any new updates? I know there are several people intrested. Im curious if the camber adjustment worked out on the strut spacers. Also someone posted your 3" kit on the fb group which was a 2" strut spacer with ome springs to make it 3". So does that mean you have 2" strut spacers that could be matched with 2" ac springs to make a 4" lift and then use 4" sfd spacers with it? Would love to buy a strut spacer from you!
  6. Got a part number for that shock? Im rocking the stock rear kyb shocks but wanna upgrade. Is it the Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorber 33-185552 for the 9447 spring?
  7. Dude this may be the answer to the problem I have been chasing forever. I thought it was the fuel pump relay but that never fixed it. When I had the no start crank for ever issue it's cold out I pull my fuel pump fuse and it starts and dies then i fut the fuse back in and have to give it gas but it starts barely. I'm checking my egi relay tomorrow.
  8. I have broken a few shafts with 2" of spacers just turning right into a parking spot, it's hard for me to believe .5" less of spacer would be any different. It's also hard for me to believe that a .5" ome lift spring plus a 1" spacer would be any different than a 1.5" spacer and break my halfshaft right away because according to your logic a lift spring doesn't cause binding so technically I would be running an even smaller spacer with a half inch lift spring. I can see adding a spacer to an AC 2" lift spring being a problem and as others said anything over 2" will cause problems but telling me a 1" spacer and .5" ome lift springs will break a halfshaft right away when I have talked to a few people now who have done just that and had no binding with the wheel off the ground is just wrong. I don't need you coming in another thread and being a dick when I am just asking for others experience with 1.5" spacers. I'm getting tired of pulling my front suspension apart and getting my truck realigned because flury is selling spacers that are too big and doesn't bother to tell warn anyone about it. I have zero experience with the 1.5" spacer and if it still causes binding turning right into a parking spot I'm gonna be pissed!
  9. Wondering how everyones front 2" lift spacer, a 1.5" actual size spacer has affected your half shafts long term? I got the sfcreations 2" spacers for a 2.5" lift and keep binding and ruining halfshafts. I'm gonna get sfcreations 1.5" spacers or ac 2" lift springs because I'm sick of breaking halfshafts. Is a 1.5" spacer still gonna bind halfshafts?
  10. Alright I hear you, no spacers on ac 2" springs that are brand new. Thanks for your input.
  11. Not a coil spacer, the spacer that sits ontop of the strut. Sfcreation spacers. What I'm thinking is the best option is 2"ac springs with a 1/2" strut tower spacer to level out the back with 9447 lr springs. It's just annoying you need a hydraulic spring compressor to put them in. Thats why I'm thinking ome med springs with a 1" thick spacer. I'm worried a 1.5" thick spacer is still gonna bind when i make harder turns into parking spots.
  12. Ok thanks. So really it would be better to do a ome .5" lift springs like the 923 medium duty spring and a 1" spacer vs just a 1.5" spacer and stock spring? So basically the AC 2" spring is the best option and 4x4 has the market cornered on them with over priced shipping, unless they got better about shipping lately.
  13. So 2" lift is max across the board, I keep reading people think ac springs are different than 2" spacers and put less stress/angle on halfshaft. 2" is 2", it will increase axel angle no matter what is how I feel. So you think my passenger halfshaft will be safe with a 1.5" spacer? I know a 2" spacer messes with the passenger side half shaft angle bad but not the drivers side for some weird reason.
  14. You got ome heavy duty springs, could you compress them yourself with rental compressors or did a shop do it? Also what was your total lift upfront and have you jacked the tires off the ground and rotated them to see if there was and binding? Also why heavy duty springs over med, i don't think they provide more lift do they?
  15. I have 9447 lr springs, love them. I have 2" spacers so 2.5" lift in the front and I keep blowing half shafts. Wondering if anyone has 1.5" spacers and are fine and haven't blow half shafts or did something like ome .6" springs with a 1" spacer. 4x4 is a ripoff on the 2" ac springs plus I need a shop to compress them. I'm on the fence about a 4" sfd and strut spacers, I have sfd blocks, strut spacers are $300, plus I need a steering extension for $200 and it's just gonna end up costing a ton and may not be the best daily driving setup. I'm fine with 31's or 32's for tires because I have the weaker differential and I don't think 33s would be a good idea. What do you guys think? Am Im fine doing 1.5" spacers with stock springs? I drive 50mph+ in 4wd in snow and that is the most important reason why I need to stop messing up half shafts making right turns into parking spaces. I make 1 turn to sharp and my halfshaft is messed up after that with 2" of spacer. Is a 1" spacer considered max? That's why im thinking I take 1 of my 1" sf spacers off and get a ome med or light spring. What do you guys think, I'm all over the place.

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