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  1. Please sell me some 4" strut spacers. I bought some other spacers that I don't love and my car drives horrible the geometry is so messed up. I got .5 positive camber both sides with 2 camber bolts per side even. I sent a pm. I can pay asap 100% serious about buying strut spacers.
  2. Are you guys making these still? Also have you thought about doing 3" engine spacers and then dropping the transfercase/tranny 1" with spacers?
  3. Do you have any pics of a missing link? I'm not exactly sure what it looks like or where it goes and I'm curious.
  4. So you guys are still gonna do it? I want a kit and I know others do as well. No one makes strut spacers and without a sfd I am tired of breaking halfshafts and binding. I have been holding out for your kit but not sure how much longer I will wait. I am considering a 2 "sfd and modding a steering shaft extension. As far as fb hate I think most people think it's never gonna happen. I'm personally excited that there is a kit you can adjust camber with. Really hope this comes together soon, I also have $ and am tired of trying spacers and ac springs only to still bind halfshafts. Whats the fb group name and did you start the sfd thread yet?
  5. Any new updates? I know there are several people intrested. Im curious if the camber adjustment worked out on the strut spacers. Also someone posted your 3" kit on the fb group which was a 2" strut spacer with ome springs to make it 3". So does that mean you have 2" strut spacers that could be matched with 2" ac springs to make a 4" lift and then use 4" sfd spacers with it? Would love to buy a strut spacer from you!
  6. Got a part number for that shock? Im rocking the stock rear kyb shocks but wanna upgrade. Is it the Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorber 33-185552 for the 9447 spring?
  7. Dude this may be the answer to the problem I have been chasing forever. I thought it was the fuel pump relay but that never fixed it. When I had the no start crank for ever issue it's cold out I pull my fuel pump fuse and it starts and dies then i fut the fuse back in and have to give it gas but it starts barely. I'm checking my egi relay tomorrow.
  8. I have broken a few shafts with 2" of spacers just turning right into a parking spot, it's hard for me to believe .5" less of spacer would be any different. It's also hard for me to believe that a .5" ome lift spring plus a 1" spacer would be any different than a 1.5" spacer and break my halfshaft right away because according to your logic a lift spring doesn't cause binding so technically I would be running an even smaller spacer with a half inch lift spring. I can see adding a spacer to an AC 2" lift spring being a problem and as others said anything over 2" will cause problems but telling me a 1" spacer and .5" ome lift springs will break a halfshaft right away when I have talked to a few people now who have done just that and had no binding with the wheel off the ground is just wrong. I don't need you coming in another thread and being a dick when I am just asking for others experience with 1.5" spacers. I'm getting tired of pulling my front suspension apart and getting my truck realigned because flury is selling spacers that are too big and doesn't bother to tell warn anyone about it. I have zero experience with the 1.5" spacer and if it still causes binding turning right into a parking spot I'm gonna be pissed!
  9. Wondering how everyones front 2" lift spacer, a 1.5" actual size spacer has affected your half shafts long term? I got the sfcreations 2" spacers for a 2.5" lift and keep binding and ruining halfshafts. I'm gonna get sfcreations 1.5" spacers or ac 2" lift springs because I'm sick of breaking halfshafts. Is a 1.5" spacer still gonna bind halfshafts?
  10. Alright I hear you, no spacers on ac 2" springs that are brand new. Thanks for your input.
  11. Not a coil spacer, the spacer that sits ontop of the strut. Sfcreation spacers. What I'm thinking is the best option is 2"ac springs with a 1/2" strut tower spacer to level out the back with 9447 lr springs. It's just annoying you need a hydraulic spring compressor to put them in. Thats why I'm thinking ome med springs with a 1" thick spacer. I'm worried a 1.5" thick spacer is still gonna bind when i make harder turns into parking spots.
  12. Ok thanks. So really it would be better to do a ome .5" lift springs like the 923 medium duty spring and a 1" spacer vs just a 1.5" spacer and stock spring? So basically the AC 2" spring is the best option and 4x4 has the market cornered on them with over priced shipping, unless they got better about shipping lately.
  13. So 2" lift is max across the board, I keep reading people think ac springs are different than 2" spacers and put less stress/angle on halfshaft. 2" is 2", it will increase axel angle no matter what is how I feel. So you think my passenger halfshaft will be safe with a 1.5" spacer? I know a 2" spacer messes with the passenger side half shaft angle bad but not the drivers side for some weird reason.
  14. You got ome heavy duty springs, could you compress them yourself with rental compressors or did a shop do it? Also what was your total lift upfront and have you jacked the tires off the ground and rotated them to see if there was and binding? Also why heavy duty springs over med, i don't think they provide more lift do they?
  15. I have 9447 lr springs, love them. I have 2" spacers so 2.5" lift in the front and I keep blowing half shafts. Wondering if anyone has 1.5" spacers and are fine and haven't blow half shafts or did something like ome .6" springs with a 1" spacer. 4x4 is a ripoff on the 2" ac springs plus I need a shop to compress them. I'm on the fence about a 4" sfd and strut spacers, I have sfd blocks, strut spacers are $300, plus I need a steering extension for $200 and it's just gonna end up costing a ton and may not be the best daily driving setup. I'm fine with 31's or 32's for tires because I have the weaker differential and I don't think 33s would be a good idea. What do you guys think? Am Im fine doing 1.5" spacers with stock springs? I drive 50mph+ in 4wd in snow and that is the most important reason why I need to stop messing up half shafts making right turns into parking spaces. I make 1 turn to sharp and my halfshaft is messed up after that with 2" of spacer. Is a 1" spacer considered max? That's why im thinking I take 1 of my 1" sf spacers off and get a ome med or light spring. What do you guys think, I'm all over the place.
  16. I have read plenty, obviously more than you have. A guy that has a shop put in his lift should be the last one giving advice. I know exactly what a mcpherson strut is, how it works, and how its a pita to lift a vehicle with one. Funny you 180 and some how agree now a sfd corrects axel angle, even a 2" sfd and its been done. The only difference between an ac lift spring and a spacer lift is that a spacer lift maintains the plush stock ride where as a ac lift spring will stiffen up the suspension and stop side to side roll but also cause top out and put more stress on your struts. Other than that they both increase the angle of the axel, why the hell else would 4x4 recomend 2 camber bolts per side. Most guys run ac springs and a 1" spacer but then they are maxing the axel angle and report binding. They do the exact same thing, both increase the axel angle equally, and now I will repeate myself and say 2" is the max lift for no binding which is what ac springs lift to. A 1.5" spacer would be identical, people like me have issues because we get 2.5" lift spacers. So to conclude maybe you need to read more, maybe actually install your own lift, and stop spreading miss information to sell overpriced ac lift springs with ridiculous shipping costs. I will wait for someone who actually knows what they are talking about to correct me.
  17. Here is a link where theexbrit basically says there is no difference between a spring lift and spacers and that no matter what if you go over a 30degree angle you will break half shafts. I think your missing the fact that the ac spring is a 2" lift spring which is the max safe lift, a 1.5" spacer lift would be compareable. And I'm pretty sure your just completely wrong about a sfd not bringing the axel angle back into spec.
  18. I still have a hard time believing sfd blocks dont correct geometry and binding issues on the halfshaft. You put 2" strut spacers on to raise the body and you pulled the subframe with it. By putting blocks inbetween the subframe and dropping the front axel your lining everything back up with the lift you put on the strut tower putting everything back into spec and assuming you had the correct angle on the strut tower your camber should be in spec by just putting the solid bolts back in. I get what your saying about springs vs spacers, spacers force the strut down while a spring in a way forces the body up. Im willing to believe you on the springs, I'm about to order some i guess since its worth a shot. I'm gonna do some searching but with 2actual inches of spacer i have about a 2.5" lift, I'm wondering if i went with an actual 1.5" spacer to get to a 2" lift like the ac spring is my problems would go away.
  19. A sfd would get my half shaft angles back into spec and I wouldn't need 2 camber bolts per side. I am fine with a 2+ lift and 32s since i just realized i have hg34 gearing anyways. Sorry I always figured a spacer would put the same angle on the cv joint as a spring but I stand corrected. Guess I will be over paying in shipping for them from AC. Thanks for your help, you just helped me make my decision. Guess I don't need that new strut spacer with camber adjustment then.
  20. Thanks this is what i wanted to hear, i have been wanting to do a 4" sfd to get rid of binding but no one makes a kit. If I can just do a spring lift on the front then done. So the AC springs are the only ones that will give 2+"? Or are their ome springs that do, I have 9447 lr rear springs. I will go back and read again in this pind toppic but i thought it said AC are just rebranded ome? When you switched back from spacers what did you do with the 3 bolts ontop of the the strut mount, I pounded mine out for the sfcreations spacers? Also were standard spring compressors enough to compress the spring or did you take it somewhere with a heavy duty compressor?
  21. I just bought a headlight switch that has a fog light dial and I have the stock wiring just not actual stock fog lights since I have a basic model. I figure I should just get aftermarket fog lights and cut my plastic bumper to size for them since there is currently nothing there and wire them into my stock wiring. Any suggestions?
  22. Yea it did get confusing for a minute there around the first 8 or so pages. I got my 9447s in and they are great. Don't quite sit in the bottom cup flat but i think they will settle down. Truck drives like a dream and when i hit bumps it doesn't get thrown around anymore. I can also load my truck down now and not have it bottoming out on a dirt road.
  23. I saw posts on the fb group but i have no idea if there is a thread but I really wanna buy a set of the strut spacers that have the ability to adjust camber. If I remember correctly they said they might be releasing them soon. Anyone have info on this or links?
  24. Not sure how 2" spacers are any different then 2" ac springs in terms of damaging the halfshafts. Either is going to increase axel angles the exact same and your still gonna have binding on the passenger halfshaft if you turn hard enough. Only thing I found that helps a little is to get the thinnest c clip from nissan for the halfshaft end to allow a little play. I have 2" spacers giving 2.5" about of lift and it binds when you turn hard right, the clips helped. Still need 2 camber bolts per side to get the right camber. Please let me know if you have found different results somewhere it's why i want to do a sfb because im sick of this bs spacer lift. Might try getting 2" lift spacers instead of the 2.5 max.
  25. Do you have wheel spacers at all? Your 32s look different then others pics. The 9448 gives you 4" of lift but you have 2" lift springs in the front? Did you use spacers and do a sfd?

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