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  1. BMW sure as hell did clean up this year; Porsche ain't doing too bad either. They've got massive profits per vehicle. EDIT: I read the whole thread. Ford is doing FAR, FAR worse than GM. There is a small light at the end of the tunnel for GM. Not so much for Ford. Christ, they're bringing back the Taurus name for the 500. How lame. I doubt GM will buy Chrysler, which would the exact thing that GM shouldn't do. They don't need another mess on their plate. Y'all need to read the reviews on this site: Best car site EVER
  2. The one with the interior shot with the Mom and her child? Notice how it switches to a '90's Explorer tan cloth interior for an interior photo? I'd be pissed if I had an R50 still, with Allstate or whomever making people think that a Pathfinder has the interior of an Exploder!
  3. In 1998 all U.S. vehicles got a smaller airbag, so go 1998+ if your truck is a 1998+. The 2001 QX4 had a wood wheel but the old-style airbag cover. They changed in 2002.
  4. Very nice mws! I remember you have a gorgeous E46CiC... You are absolutely correct on all accounts, I couldn't agree with you more. Especially on the Bentley manual. I still need to pick one up for this car. I have an E30 and an E28 out in Montana that I really miss too. Those cars just keep going and going and going. You're correct about the auto tranny too. It's getting the fluid and filter changed now, and hopefully it will go to 150k. By then I'll have enough disposable income to swap a manual in and drive it another 150k. I plan on keeping this car FOREVER! It's a timeless design. And the lack of cupholders really pisses me off, but it keeps me from eating in the car!
  5. A few things... I absolutely LOATHE anything remotely ricey. Any body mods to this car will be either the M-Parallels pictured on that M5 or BBS Style 5s on that Arctic Grey 525i pictured. Maybe the black M5 plate filler, and an M5 lip spoiler. I also like the front lip on the silver M5 pictured. That's all waaay down the road. These cars just need a good suspension/classy wheel setup and they look great. The only Mercedes I would buy with my own money is the flying-wedge CLK. ('98-'02) Very sexy indeed. E34s have the best lines, period. Grim Greg, you're talking about the E39s. Gorgeous car too, but a lot more Lexus-like. WAAAY down the road I may do an E39 M5. There are a few on the boards with Alpina B10 Bi-Turbos. Gorgeous. I think they're imported from Japan due to crazy taxes. They're legal in Canada but not in the U.S. Such a sexy car. :bow: About the 850: My friend's dad has an Orient Blue (midnight blue) 1997 850i. It's in perfect condition and has only 26k miles! Of course, I can only look at it...it stays in the garage and goes out only on gorgeous days. Thanks!
  6. A lot on that list are actually very capable. It's just that I wouldn't want to tear the running boards off and dent it up on the trail.
  7. Most are great, but there are better choices. Where's the &^%*@$# Wrangler???? Xterra should have been on there instead of RR Sport. Touareg should have been on there instead of H2. 4Runner or Liberty should have been there instead of JGC. The WK Grand Cherokee sits too low.
  8. OR99.5Speed

    Digi Cams

    I have a Canon SD500 Digital ELPH btw...got it Christmas 2005.
  9. OR99.5Speed

    Digi Cams

    Canon SD series. No doubt. I got mine at www.beachcamera.com
  10. Ahh, the E34 M5. Last of the handbuilt Ms. You're redeeming yourself, Dan. S38 3.6L I6, 311 hp. Here's a friend's '91:
  11. Thanks so much Slick! Best of luck with your twins! I mean the Pathfinders! I'll still poke in to offer some advice once in a while.
  12. Haha, very nice! I like older cars myself. New cars are nice, but it's refreshing to drive a car designed with clay and pen and paper.
  13. By the way, here is what it will pretty much look like in a year. This one has a BavAuto DTM lip, lowered on H&R Sports/Konis, and with 17" BBS Style 5 wheels (found on 1998-2001 528/525 Sports).
  14. Thanks guys (and girl! ) Believe it or not, this thing will be about $1,300 in maintenance a year. They're really solid cars, and I didn't' really want a 2-door 3 Series because that model 1992-1998 isn't very-well built. I just love European stuff. Hell, I'm even taking German next year! I'll miss the Pathfinder, it was a fun truck.
  15. Don't want to start a K&N debate, but I'd switch to an OE paper filter.
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