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  1. Hi guys, I am in the process of installing an OME (springs and rear shocks) lift with KYB-GR2 front struts. I purchased quite a few OEM Nissan parts to switch over to my new struts, but I did not buy Part #54036 based on recommendations I received on this forum that it was likely unnecessary. However, when I removed it I saw that this rubber insert inside of it is broken (see below). My question is, is this rubber insert part# 54057? Also, the bellows I purchased (Part # 54050-0W002) have a bump stop (which appears to be so a later addition to the original part) so I am not clear as to what the purpose of this rubber piece is or if I need to even worry about it. Any help is appreciated. I am planning to make another order this week because due to rust, I need to purchase a lot of new hardware...ha.
  2. Hey. Thanks for all your responses. I’ve decided that I’m going to replace almost everything. I didn’t anticipate this much of an extra cost, so I’ll have to wait a while now for the install, but I want to do it right the first time.
  3. Probably a good idea. Mind if I ask about how much you paid?
  4. Hey guys, I just got a new suspension for my 01 Pathfinder. I went with the OME HD front springs, OME MD rear springs, KYB struts, and OME shocks. My question is, what Nissan parts do you all recommend I order for this install? Do you guys replace all the front strut components or just get the strut bearing?
  5. Thanks. The only scanner I have access to is the one I used at the local O'Reilly's, which they are actually just letting me use due to the virus situation. So I'll probably just delete it with that if I need to. Do the gas pedal methods only work on some models or am I just that uncoordinated?
  6. Got the Nissan Maxima MAF and installed it today. The problem is gone. But disconnecting my battery while replacing it did not remove the CEL. I've seen the other methods (toggling ignition on and off/gas pumping) on this forum and haven't had any luck that way either. Is the only option to reset it with a scanner?
  7. Thanks for all the responses. Yeah, I looked in the air box but I didn’t see anything. Should probably look again though. About a new one...I’ve found from researching this site that the part number for the Maxima one that works is part #22680-2Y001. I’m going to rush order one of these today and hopefully fix this issue.
  8. Hey guys. I recently acquired a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder SE for the best price...free (hand me down from wife's grandmother). I've had it for a little more than two months and so far it's been a great vehicle that is very fun to drive. But tonight, I had my first problem. It threw a check engine line P0100 (mass air flow sensor) and was running very poorly. The engine would not rev beyond around 2500 RPMs. I pulled the MAF this evening and this is what I found (pic below). This may be a dumb question, but am I correct that a piece has totally broken off? I found this part from O'Reilly's that seems to suggest that is the case. And my second question is, if that piece has broken off where the hell is it now? Should I be worried it was likely sucked into the intake manifold? https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/blue-streak-electronics-5882/engine-sensors---emissions-25132/engine-sensors-25049/mass-air-flow-sensor-meter-12040/2c278c9432b0/blue-streak-electronics-mass-air-flow-sensor-new/mf21079n/6103032/2001/nissan/pathfinder?q=mass+air+flow+sensor%2Fmeter&pos=0

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