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  1. SELLING MY RIG!! $6000CDN!! 168000 Kilometers on Original Motor and Transmission!!

  2. I just replaced the whole works. Took the old pan off replaced with a new one with new screws. Scraped the old sealant off put new on and replaced the front and rear seals. All in all, new cost totaled approx. $298 CDN. Thats for a new Oil pan both seals and all new bolts. Little pricey but i wanted it done. I found one off a wreckers for $80 but id have to buy new bolts and seals anyways and the pan wasn't the best condition anyways
  3. in need of an oil pan for a vg33e for a 1996 pathfinder. Anyone know where i can get a new one??

  4. Hello Fellow Npora members, I have a manual vg33e engine in a 96 R50 that has a significant leak from the oil pans. Now, i know that you can simply buy the gaskets online and replace them but what about the lower pan? I have it leaking out of there too. I was thinking of taking it all apart and just rtv-ing it all back nicely but im just fishing for ideas and what other people have done. Thanks!
  5. Finally finished rebuilding the engine, running like a top and driving strong.

  6. Those do look good. i managed to make my own for under $100 cdn. A chop saw and welder handy of course.
  7. Yes, pictures would potentially help. Check out my thread it may help. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/31251-sub-frame-drop/
  8. bolts are rusted round. im looking into a full removal and replacement. Cant get around it anymore. Cursed canadian winter and the salt they use on the roads.
  9. You will need to bump the camber out a bit. I just got a full alignment after i was done to be safe just so i didn't potentially make a mistake if i did it myslef.
  10. The higher you lift the closer the drive shaft will bring the rear tires to the inner rear rocker it will rub if you go to high so you will need to re work the rear to make it work. Plus if i went any higher i would need to do a lot of replacing in the front because the a arms can only go so high when dropping the sub-frame. If you go to high you bind the CV axles. i have 32" tires on mine right now so i guess it would depend on the size of tire you have on your pathy. Hope i can clear that up for you. Anymore questions just let me know!
  11. Put it this way, you can bind a little depends how much of a risk you want to take, i personally would not but its possible to get away with a little just might eat through boots. Doin some custom work might be in your favor. Regardless of how much you drop the sub-frame you will need to match that space in the struts either by a bigger spring or a spacer. But ya if your going with a lift any higher at that point considering a solid front axle swap would not be a bad thought.
  12. i did consider it at the time but i like the height at which it sits right now. Its definitely no crawler but i wasn't trying to go for that. i just like that mild lifted look. But to answer your question ya, i would have to re-work the rear suspension to level it out again if i installed front lift springs.
  13. So while doing a bit of work to the pathy i found that my oil pan seal has seen better days, SO! i know i could go to the dealership and fork out lots of green for a new one but i was hoping maybe someone knew an online source i could potentially purchase a new one from. its a vg33e on a manual trans.

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