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  1. Thought I'd put up a build thread for my 2003 Chilkoot Edition Pathfinder. I'll be posting info and photos of my build as well as questions I have regarding R50 builds etc. Just to give a little back story, my Pathfinder was purchased from a second owner. The guy said he was planning to turn it into an off-road capable rig but with Covid-19 decided against it. When I picked it up, it had around 220,000 kms on it (located in Vancouver, CA). I took it to a local Nissan dealer, North Vancouver Nissan, to get it looked at and everything seemed to be running great. They put some new CV boots on it and changed the fluids and I was good to go... Until about a month in when the engine started to run super erratically and would start rough. Took it back to the dealer after taking out and cleaning the throttle body (which didn't help). Dealer thought it needed a new throttle body, then a new MAF and then a new ECU. All of which didn't help. Finally, they recommend I replace the engine. I begrudgingly said yes as I love the truck and wanted it running so I did the engine swap. Now she runs great, "New" engine has 130,000 kms on it and I'm starting to put some mods into it. The engine swap ran me about $6k so needless to say this may be becoming the most expensive R50 build in history. Tomorrow I'll be putting the SF Creation 2" spacer lift on it and upgrading the tires to Falken Wildpeak 265/70r16. Keeping the stock suspension and wheels for now, will probably upgrade in the summer to aftermarket wheels with the correct offset for 3.75" backspacing but this will do for the time being! Excited to share the lift and the build as I go. Here's a pic of everything stock. Will post the lift tomorrow. Cheers
  2. Hey guys, New to this forum but learned a lot so far! I'm looking for some help here. I am currently lifting my 2003 Pathfinder SE Chilkoot Edition using the 2" all around spacer lift from SF Creation. I want to get a larger tire size when I do this but I want to keep the stock wheels as I do like the esthetic and don't really want to pay for new wheels at the moment. I am wondering if anyone knows how big I can go with tires (KO2s) on the stock rims with the 2" lift. If I need wheel spacers and what size is needed to create the 3.75 in of backspacing to clear the struts? Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Pictured below are the stock rims, I believe they are 16X8. (Not my ride pictured)

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