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  1. Update: Both Tire Carriers have been sold. Glad I was able to save them from the scrap yard and they're going to good use! In the meantime, I have an r50 OEM brushguard for sale as well. Asking $150, it's in great shape and I believe is aluminum (based on the weight - it's slightly lighter than it looks however not 100% sure). Contact me if you or someone you know is interested, open to shipping however buyer will pay shipping costs. - Carl (310)469-8971
  2. Ok so update: Carrier #1: I've been informed that this tire swing only fits WD21 pathfinders (pre-1996) Carrier #2: Confirmed, this tire swing will fit any 96-04 pathfinder. Thanks r50JR and ZackZack. I've been toying with the swing arm + hitch extension combo with the mounted tire swing. Seems like it'd work super well and come out clean, however definitely not cheap. If anyone knows of someone looking for a WD21 tire swing, send them my way! I'd sell this thing for real cheap, just need it gone at this point haha. Thanks team, send questions my way if needed.
  3. I've got two carriers pulled from junkyards the other day. Couldn't let them go to waste so if anyone has any ideas on what to do with them let me know!
  4. Hey Fam, I have two Rear Tire Carriers recently pulled from a junk yard. I pulled all the hardware as well. Was wondering if there is any interest in these things still? Figured with the r50 build wave they might be sought after but who knows?! Carrier #1). - pic -- Looks like the red pathfinders tire carrier in this google search From what I think was a 93 pathfinder (label in the junkyard was definitely wrong bc it said 97) It looked like a 90-95 pathfinder. The carrier's mounting brackets are slightly more square due to the body style of the 90-95 pathfinders compared to the 96-02's. All hardware included. OEM locking lug nuts included. The pathfinder looked just like this Carrier #2). - picture -- Looks like the black pathfinders tire carrier in this thread From an 02 pathfinder. In theory, it would fit any 96-02. All hardware included. I'd like to mount the 02 carrier to my 99 Qx4, however I don't think it's possible to have a rear mounted mountain bike rack AND a rear tire carrier. What do you all think? I'd like to keep my mountain bike storage on the rear end of the truck since it's mostly unused space. The roof racks make your truck crazy tall and inside is where I sleep. Just throwing all this out into the internet cosmos lookin for ideas.
  5. Just an update, I've been using the bolts directly inside the bushing inner diameter and it's been working pretty well for about 7 months now, no bushing sleeve present. I am curious about the sleeve and if anyone has found one yet, but just to reinsure everyone, you don't need one to make it work.
  6. Hey team, I have a 99 Infiniti QX4, 4x4 w/ electronic transfer case. So for about two months I've had an intermittent "hissing" sound come from the under the dash, near the brake pedal during cold starts and occasionally while driving. The sound goes away as soon as the brake pedal is pressed lightly. The sound sometimes is heard while driving (but much less often than on the cold start), and will also go away when the brake pedal is pressed lightly. After reading a few forum threads, it sounds like there is a potential vacuum leak in the Brake Booster and/or valve nearby the brake booster, or that the booster is starting to fail. All the forums I came across did not have conclusive threads as to what fixed the issue so here I am asking you all what I should check first and if you all have any recommendations. Brake function has not changed since I began hearing this sound, the brake pedal seems to work the same as it did before with no loss of braking power or pedal play changes. Please let me know what you think! All information is appreciated and accepted. Thanks team!
  7. Did you ever figure out the 5125 Sleeve size dilema? I'm gathering needed parts for the 5125 (185552) rear shock install
  8. Did you ever figure out where to find bolts to fit the modified 12mm mount?
  9. Oops I can't figure out how to delete this post

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