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Found 4 results

  1. Hey team, I have a 99 Infiniti QX4, 4x4 w/ electronic transfer case. So for about two months I've had an intermittent "hissing" sound come from the under the dash, near the brake pedal during cold starts and occasionally while driving. The sound goes away as soon as the brake pedal is pressed lightly. The sound sometimes is heard while driving (but much less often than on the cold start), and will also go away when the brake pedal is pressed lightly. After reading a few forum threads, it sounds like there is a potential vacuum leak in the Brake Booster and/or valve nearby the brake booster, or that the booster is starting to fail. All the forums I came across did not have conclusive threads as to what fixed the issue so here I am asking you all what I should check first and if you all have any recommendations. Brake function has not changed since I began hearing this sound, the brake pedal seems to work the same as it did before with no loss of braking power or pedal play changes. Please let me know what you think! All information is appreciated and accepted. Thanks team!
  2. I was getting my 94 Pathfinder back up and running, replacing belts, etc. The brakes had a leak back when it was running, but I never had time to track it down. The leak was small and would need new fluid added every two weeks or so. So we bleed the brakes and everything works fine. We check all the connections, and hoses and nothing is wet. No wetness around any of the calipers either. Then I notice there is fluid leaking out of a hole on the master cylinder. (Attached photo shows were the hole is). So I go looking for a new master cylinder and notice that around half o f the photos I see have that hole totally covered up. So my question is could a screw have been in that hole and fell out causing this slow leak? Would covering that hole prevent the leak?
  3. Hello guys I am new here and I have a 2004 Nissan pathfinder with a 3.5 v6 engine and its a 4 wheel drive model but the exact such as LE or SE I don't know as I would have to check my vincode on that and try to find out but it does not seem to make two much difference when I go to look up parts if I use the SE edition. I am needing to know some more information on the brake system and hope somebody can steer me in the right direction as I have new brake parts to stick on front and back and need to get this done pronto as my wife's Pathfinder is about done on the front brake pads and one caliper is stuck and shot and was not able to get the piston to go back in. They are original and have near two hundred thousand miles on them anyways so I have some new ones coming in and my Father does the mechanic work 99 percent of the time but he has his own garage he does stuff at. I don't know if I am supposed to post here or what first as it mentions for new members to go here first so please forgive me if I am in the wrong spot starting off. I know quite a bit about cars and trucks but am mostly used to old school stuff such as hotrods and old school muscle carbureted applications vs newer stuff. Thanks guys and looking forward to interact with some fellow owners. Thanks and will appreciate any direction. I won't post questions yet till I know what else I need to go and what forum as I don't know where to start here or elsewhere on here. Thanks and take care.
  4. Hey Guys, I had the brake booster take a dive on my 01 Pathfinder. I have looked everywhere! All the local auto parts stores, online, salvage yards. Parts Authority, which usually has parts, said they have two Centric boosters on order but it's a factory back order. Everywhere online says "won't fit your vehicle" or "out of stock". The few that had them online were well over $200 with core charge getting closer to 3. I call a salvage yard and they tell me two Pathfinders came in, one yesterday, one today. I drive down there with little to no brakes VERY carefully and the only parts stripped off of both are the damn boosters! Am I missing something or is there a huge run on early 2000's brake boosters for this one particular year and model? When I'm looking for a booster, can I go with a different model number if the specs are right on? For instance, my model number is 53-6404. There was also a 53-6405 with similar specs. Can I use that, especially when it's cost is about half, or do I need to stick to the one meant for the Pathfinder? Also, does anyone know of any other sites that may have some good deals with good quality? I've checked Amazon, JCWhitney, Autoparts Warehouse, Carid, Carparts.com, RockAuto, and US Autoparts. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. I'm stuck with one vehicle until I finish the motor on my Isuzu Trooper. I really hate having to drive with a hand on the e brake and keeping 100 ft between myself and the car in front of me. Thanks in advance!!!
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