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  1. Sounds like a legit business. They responded with a quote within about 20 min. The problem is they wanted to charge $147 just for the connector! A little more than I''m going to pay
  2. My 2001 is actually a 3.5. What I'm finding is I have a lot of parts that are 2002 rather than 2000. I go on amazon and after looking quite a bit, I'll find some connector plugs that are 4 pin, like mine, however the problem then goes to the shape of the connector won't fit. I've tried searching maf sensor with plug connector with minimal success. I did just find a place called Aeromotive. You submit a photo of the connector face and photo of the maf sensor, fill out what the problem is and it sounds like they make it for you. It says a team member will be in touch shortly. This should be interesting. I'll let you know what I find out
  3. Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a while but I have a little issue. 2001 Pathfinder is running terribly. It jumps and stalls at stoplights and won't accelerate. Code reader says P0100 mass airflow sensor. I put a new one in and it's still running bad. Not AS bad, but not good. The wiring coming to it with the connector feels like it could snap at any time. Super brittle. I've been looking all over for a connector thinking that might be the issue and ordered one. Nope, doesn't fit. I order the 4 pin and get sent a 5 pin. Where can I get one that will fit? I'd actually like to get the connector that has some wire connected to it to replace the old stuff that's on there. Where do you guys normally get good replacement parts without going broke? Any suggestions would really help! Thanks!!
  4. No, if I clear the code, it stays gone until I shut down. As soon as I start the truck up again, there it is. I don't have any issues with any other o2 sensors. Each time it fouls, when I pull it out, it looks used but not like many I've seen.
  5. Hey guys, I just got another check engine light last night. Checked it and once again, its bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor. This wouldn't make me think anything, except this is the 3rd one in a year. No issues with any other o2 sensors. What could be fouling this one in particular? The gas mileage doesn't change that much. I mean, it can't get a lot worse, but I love the truck so I keep it. It's been driving great and I just wondered what I might look for that could cause only this o2 sensor to go south. Thanks in advance!
  6. Just went back out and checked again. I had read it wrong- they're both about 100......New compressor I'm guessing?
  7. Mr. Reverse, Finally got the correct expansion valve after 4 tries. Turned out to be a 2002 instead of 2001. Anyway, got the air working great and today I come out to the old blast furnace in my face. Put the gauges on and now have low side high and high side low. You said previously that that indicates an expansion valve stuck open. How can I "unstick" it? What other possibilities could it be?
  8. I just got off work , went out and turned the compressor hub and it turns with slight resistance-not completely free, but not difficult to move. That would be nice to not have to replace the compressor. I'm trying to find an expansion valve and everyone has to ship them in. I have a hard time believing nobody in Phoenix has one but probably not a good chance on a Sunday night. I'll look online and otherwise I'll check Parts Authority in the morning and Advance Auto. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it!! I'll let you know how it turns out!!
  9. Yeah the compressor hub is turning-looks completely normal. I had someone shut it off and turn it on while I watched and it looked totally normal. Should I start with the expansion valve? Or just do the whole thing? I guess if I can get away with a $30 part and some labor, it's better than having to shell out a few hundred. I don't know much about the valve. I'm guessing the system has to be evacuated to replace it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there's more to it than pulling it out and dropping a new one in correct? I'm pretty sure the compressor is the original so I think his days are probably numbered as well. I think if I were to replace the expansion valve, I should probably do the orifice tube, and at the same time, I'm thinking I should maybe do the compressor in case it's starting to come apart internally. I don't want to put new parts on and contaminate them with a bum compressor. Tell me what you would do. I'm way too indecisive
  10. Mr Reverse, I got the gauges and this is what they read. If I'm reading correctly, it looks like expansion valve stuck open? But when I shut of the ac and turned it back on, they were almost identical(failed compressor?) I refuse to pay a shop $500 or $1000 so what do you think? I've put a compressor, drier and switch in when I put a new motor in my Trooper so I'm sure I could do this, but I have no knowledge with an expansion valve other than people telling me it's a b---- to get to. I tried to put pics on but i resized it as low as I could and this thing says they're too big so here's what I had: the gauges stayed at about 90 on the low side and 110 on high side. I shut off the ac and turned it back on and they both stayed at right about 100. What does it tell you?
  11. That is by far the most informative, helpful post I've ever seen on any topic on this forum! I'm going to Oreillys after work to get the gauges and check all of the pressures. I pulled my cabin filters yesterday for the heck of it, thinking maybe I'll have a little stroke of luck and this will solve my problems. I realized I had never changed them! Not something I'm proud of however, when I pulled them out and took a peek inside, I have no idea how any air at all was able to get into the cabin. It definitely made a difference when I pulled them and cleaned it out, but there's still something wrong that we'll find out tonight. It just doesn't have that "bite". It's not miserable driving around, but enough to where you're sweating. Definitely not where it needs to be. I'll keep you posted on my findings and thank you again for the simple to follow and incredibly informative post. I really appreciate it!! Here's what it can look like if you neglect the air flow/filters inside your Nissan! Don't be me!
  12. Mine is automatic. I just went out and tried what you said. Just to be clear, when you say the large pipe, you mean the pipe that has the the low pressure port on it? If that's the case, it is not cold at all. Is it time for an ac shop or is there a way to look into the temperature control door?
  13. I've got some air conditioning issues. I thought it needed to be recharged but it was perfect on full. Compressor engages everytime it's on. I know nothing about ac so I'm wondering what I can/should look for? I can drive to work and I'll have nothing for 5 miles and then it kicks on cool air. Other days, I'm driving and it is blowing like a blast furnace in my face for 15 miles. Any ideas of where to start would be sincerely appreciated as it's going to be 113+ for the next 8 days. Thanks in advance!!
  14. I got the to the Pathfinder about 11pm last night when the temp dropped to a balmy 108. Looks like the ignition coil pack is good, spark plug good, and wiring is good. Swapped it to the #4 but code did not follow. Also plugged them together and turned the key a split second and sure enough, there's spark. I'm thinking now we're looking at #3 fuel injector. I've been down the injector road before and never a pleasurable experience having to pull so much off just to get to the injectors. If anyone knows any shortcuts or easier ways to get to the injectors, please enlighten me. I just put a new engine in a 99 Isuzu trooper. Same 3.5 motor but Nissan has to make it so you have to fight every step of the way compared to the Isuzu. I can pull injectors out of the Isuzu within minutes. There's no pulling manifolds and everything else that Nissan throws in there. So frustrating
  15. Finally, this afternoon I got a check engine light. It's cylinder #3 misfire. If the engine will cool down, probably by about 2am, I'll check the plug, coil and wires and see what I can find.

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