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  1. Just for future reference HERE is a link to download the service manuals for pathfinder. They may help you track down the part number. Is that pipe stainless steel or mild steel? It looks rusted at the top and I would think that Nissan would not make a tube out of mild steel that would be sitting in water. Could it be that this is an aftermarket part?
  2. I was getting my 94 Pathfinder back up and running, replacing belts, etc. The brakes had a leak back when it was running, but I never had time to track it down. The leak was small and would need new fluid added every two weeks or so. So we bleed the brakes and everything works fine. We check all the connections, and hoses and nothing is wet. No wetness around any of the calipers either. Then I notice there is fluid leaking out of a hole on the master cylinder. (Attached photo shows were the hole is). So I go looking for a new master cylinder and notice that around half o f the photos I see have that hole totally covered up. So my question is could a screw have been in that hole and fell out causing this slow leak? Would covering that hole prevent the leak?
  3. Weirdly This last Friday I had it do the 3rd gear thing. It only did it once. I had just plugged up my dash cam and when I did my radio went haywire. A station I normally pick up just fine got super fuzzy. I guess they could be related however I would think any interference wouldn't cause an issue with the TCU/ECU. I have also noticed that my speedo is exactly 4pmh off from what it should be. Like speedo says 55mph and real speed is 51mph. I have double check this with two different GPS units and several of the speed signs that clock you. 4 mph no matter the speed. Wtf???
  4. Thanks buddy! Yeah, I wish 8 had a way to test the old one to see what it was putting out. It's in bad shape though. Covered in grime and a few spots where broken. I had never even thought about checking the underside of it. The top looked clean as a whistle.
  5. Just wanted to post a follow-up for anyone else having this issue. After rewiring damn near half my wiring harness, replacing the VSS, MAF, O2 sensor, battery, and a few other small things I may have finally fixed the issue with a simple alternator swap. I had the dreaded A/T temp, battery, and brake combo come on. Replaced the alternator and now no more getting stuck in 3rd gear. No more lack of power. It is like driving a brand new car. Thanks everyone for the help.
  6. Ok, so the tray is going into limo model but no codes are being stored. This is so weird. Rechecked the VSS and it is good as far as I can tell. I did find that the wire bundled going back to the O2 sensor, VSS and all has a melted spot. The best I could last night no wires are exposed, but I am going to splice the burned ones just in case.
  7. Ok, I went through the wiring harness going into the TCU. I couldn't find anything wrong. So I went to pull the truck back around front and it didn't have 1st gear. I shut it off, started it again and the "power/auto" switch blinked 16 times. Does anyone know what that means? I thought when it had been in limp mode and tou restarted the truck it would flash 8 times. Any clue?
  8. I should add that I have also replaced the fusible links at the battery. I have read that they can cause all manner of weird things to happen.
  9. I had not thought about that, but I did have a leak from the top corner of my windshield. I will pull the carpet up this afternoon and look for moisture/liquid. Thanks for the idea! I've been pulling my hair out for almost a year trying to get this figured out.
  10. The sensor checks out good via the service manual test procedure. I need to replace the wiring and see if that fixes it. The part that is bugging me is that it varies with the outside temperature. It's like a connector is expanding and making contact or shrinking and not making contact. So annoying.
  11. I couldn't find my original topic, so here I am again. I have a 94 se and have several issues. First issue is when I crank the truck the speedo goes haywire. It's not everytime, but I have noticed a pattern. When it is cold outside it does it wverytime, then if the temp outside is warm it doesn't happen. Second issue, the temp gauge has no reading. I.e. I can leave the truck running for an hour and the gauge reads maybe a mm above cold. Third issue, when the speedo goes nuts and sometimes when it doesn't the truck is stuck in third gear. I.e. limp mode. Any ideas?
  12. 1994 Pathfinder SE. I have posted before about my weird tranny issue(Staying in 1st gear/shut off truck/boom all gears work) This is not about that. I have been having an issue with the truck stalling out and not wanting to crank back up when the engine is fully warmed up. For the first year I had her I drove her to work and that was it. I work 1.2 miles from my house. Well we moved. The night of the move we drove her to the new house(20 miles from the old house) When were pulling in the driveway she died, tried to crank her back up and after a few minutes she cranked. However, I had to "two foot it" to keep the motor running. I can still drive it until it gets up to normal temp and then it starts to die. I have noticed that I have no reading on the temperature indicator. Could this be my issue? Is it the 02 sensor? Or should I been looking somewhere else?
  13. Pink, orange/white, and black. I have been looking through the wiring and just cannot find this one.
  14. While tracking down a leak from all this rain we have gotten down south...I found a blue connector not hooked to anything under my passenger seat. What is supposed to go to?

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