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  1. If you are removing the alarm, I will buy all the parts from you (horn, remotes, module and harness), I’ll give you a blank where the switch currently is as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 31s were a factory tire size (they all used the same ride height though) so you should be perfectly fine with 33x10.50. Stepping up to anything wider requires a body lift or trimming.
  3. I would avoid moog branded upper ball joints if you can. They are absolute trash on this platform (and apparently moog parts now just suck in general). The AC Delco greasable ones have treated me well for years now.
  4. It could but usually only when warm. Have you tested the fuel pressure with a gauge? I also had a bad coolant temp sensor cause mine to have hard starts.
  5. Yep, gotta press or burn the old bushings out. It is a pain in the ass. I got lucky and scored an already pulled set from a part out last time.
  6. No problem. And like @gamellott said the poly bushings always seem to squeak unless you buy the right lube... For a truck there isn't really any benefit other than making the ride slightly more jarring and uncomfortable.
  7. If you're going to save the OE axles to reboot yourself later on, may as well use this rockford ones. That is what I did 13 years ago and I actually pull the axles off the truck to put on my current wd21 (when the time comes, it doesn't get driven much). The boots still look and feel like they did back then. http://www.rockfordcv.com/Nissan_bootkits.htm
  8. Imagine 40 hours for a clutch job... The book time to re&re the transmission is something like 10 or 11 hours... Were they machining the flywheel by hand? If you are up for a project you can try and replace the boots yourself, like Slart said it isn't a fun job and is quite messy. But if you want to save those oem axles, probably worth it. The aftermarket ones are OK, and they make some extended travel ones now that would be good if you plan on offroading it or lifting it.
  9. Learned that lesson, mine weren't welded hot enough apparently. Noticed one of them was broke off the other day...
  10. It's pretty easy, take the horn pad off and then there's a big nut to undo, I've been able to just pull them off without a puller every time. Not sure what else would fit but maybe a maxima from the same era would be nice if it did.
  11. Last time I played this I had rugged rocks' white wd21 in there.
  12. If insurance wants to write it off, you can definitely buy it back from them and fix it yourself. I have a nearly complete parts truck just outside of Ottawa if you need something. Glad you are ok though. fskc, I barely drive my wd21 anymore mainly because I'm scared of this happening.
  13. How old is your radiator. I had numerous issues with our r50 running too warm at higher speed/load and it was the radiator. The old one was full of scale even though the truck had regular coolant flushes most of it's life!
  14. ACDelco kit on rock auto is the one you want, comes with everything.
  15. I think if you don't put the resistor in it will remain on all the time when the truck is off because of how little power LEDs use. The "ghost power" that remains when the system is off is enough to dimly light them sometimes. @Slartibartfastcan correct me on this.
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