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  1. Looks good. Any more updates? I'm getting ready to possibly do this on my xterra but will mean I lose it for this wheeling season.
  2. Lol. I've had a few parts trucks! Guess I kept some things. I'll go out to the X now.
  3. I'm seriously considering rebuilding mine. I found a shaft seal kit, and I'm sure the bearings can be sourced by my local bearing house. https://donbrownbusparts.com/products/compressor-shaft-seal-kit-dkv14c-d-mt2060 Found a spare compressor in a box of old parts at my grandmother's house. Too wiped to go back out now, I'll snap a pic of the Xterra compressor plug tomorrow.
  4. The connector on my Xterra (first gen) is one wire. I wonder if that connector is the same as these new aftermarket compressors? I can take a pic later to verify. The compressor style is the same as the wd21.
  5. Any auto 4x4 transmission from 1988-2004 VG powered truck/suv will work. So that's Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder, Hardbody pickup. If you are getting one from a newer Xterra/Frontier with the Supercharged engine you will need the flywheel to go with it as the bolt pattern is different on the torque converter. Reuse the 1992 dipstick as well. Other than that they are pretty much a bolt in swap. But you might want to check if it isn't running properly first, check the timing, etc to make sure you don't waste your time.
  6. Thanks for triggering my PTSD over this even though it was nearly a decade ago.
  7. Good luck. Is this still from rock auto? The original one on mine is pissing from the front shaft seal (just oil for now, still holding charge). But replacing the condenser and entire front of the truck, so may as well swap a new compressor on there. I hate these "consolidated parts" they are always a compromise. In looking them up even for my Xterra, it seems like they're just not putting the sensor in there. I guess they have enough confidence in their parts that they won't overheat and fail, LOL. The GPD one on RA is for a diesel so that makes sense that it would be incorrect.
  8. Yeah unfortunately there wasn't enough entries, perhaps someone new should take the reigns?
  9. Some of the aftermarket u joint kits come with snap rings of different sizes/thickness. Otherwise I have filed them down to fit, not saying it's the right thing but it worked..
  10. How's the progress?
  11. HA! I drove it like that for 2 days while I waited for the new part to come in... Swapped it in the parking lot at work because... Why not?
  12. What gears do you have, and not have? IIRC on mine the neutral safety switch (range sensor as nissan calls it) was broken and the tcm didn't know what position the shifter was in. It caused me to have 1-3 and 4 only when a certain amount of throttle was applied. Torque converter lock up didn't work at all. I may be misremembering the gears because this was over a decade ago now.
  13. I had to redo it on mine because I over tightened and ruined the gasket. It still leaked so an old friend said to just put a light coat of RTV on the gasket, I know you're not supposed to but it doesn't friggin leak anymore.
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