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  1. Not sure if it is the same as the wd21 but the wheel speed sensors are only for the ABS. The speed sensor in the transfer case with the gear on it is what drives the speedometer signal.
  2. Honestly it sounds like a broken wire or corrosion on a connector somewhere. It'll be a pain to track down but I'd start inspecting the wiring harness. You can view the 1997 factory service manual here: Nissan Service Manuals - NICOclub
  3. Sounds like the fuel pressure bleeds down and then there is air in the system. This can happen if the little rubber line on the the fuel pump is damaged somehow.
  4. They do last a long time. I retired my 1994 with over 600,000km on it mainly due to rust (Canada). Bought a clean one that "only" had 200,000 on it but no real rust to speak of. You can probably find an ARB bar used, they pop up from time to time.
  5. Put the insurance back on it and gave the interior a good clean. Shocked the 27 year old leather seats still aren't cracked on this thing. Ordered some kilmat for my Xterra and might use the rest on the wd21 if I have enough. Getting old enough that road noise really bother's me lol.
  6. I'll settle for "as long it isn't ripped" these days
  7. If I could get a new armrest for mine I would 100% lay out the cash for it. It bothers me to no end lol. Trying to keep mine as mint as possible.
  8. Well that's always been the case lol. At least over here. Now that I have friends that work at the parts store @!*% is actually in stock. I remember even when these rigs were newer brake pads and @!*% were always special order
  9. Idk, mine has probably been one of the most reliable vehicle's I've owned.
  10. Yes you should change the drier and pull a vacuum on the system before recharging it.
  11. Are the joints noticeably bad? I've always used spicer brand u-joints with little issue. You could take it to a driveline shop to have them changed and they will test that it is balanced, which definitely will solve your vibrations.
  12. Fired it up and discovered mice got into the air intake, and they chewed my AC belt off. Apparently nothing else was touched at least.
  13. The fastest way to get it back on the road is just another VG30 to drop in it. But of course we all want more power. What I would do is the VG33 or the VG34 if you don't mind a little more work (The thread @Slartibartfast linked has the details. Not really anything on this but you can also swap the supercharged VG33 from an Xterra or Frontier into the wd21 as well. May need to modify the hood or do a body lift for that, though.
  14. I don't think they were metal screws from the factory, someone else probably got fed up and put them in there lol.
  15. That's...odd. I don't think the system is smart enough to notice that but I've been wrong before.
  16. Nice work. Your truck must look/feel like new underneath.
  17. I've got EBC greenstuff pads on all 4 corners of my 95. If you're looking for a decent pad.
  18. Also just an FYI. The ones from an Xterra/Frontier don't fit right even though it's the same transmission. Hits the firewall.
  19. Unplug the computer for it, that's all you have to do electronically, the light will go out and never come back. Then as Slart said, just delete the unit on the frame rail, since these are rear wheel ABS only it's fairly simple. You could probably just leave the abs pump there if you wanted, it doesn't affect anything when it's disconnected. Unlike modern cars lol.
  20. I've done it once, a long time ago on someone else's drum brake 95. It was a pain in the ass taking it all apart for a couple of seals. If you don't have a press do yourself a favor and take the assembly to a shop once you have it apart, get them to press it apart/back together after.
  21. Thank you for posting this. I got some used from a member here but one of them finally snapped. Guess I'll order new from that site.
  22. The marks start at 0. So if you have 7 marks it goes 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 left to right. The pulleys came from the factory with a white paint on 4 marks. The marks referenced here: The one with the -5 at the start is for the 4 cylinder models.
  23. The switch on the steering column is notorious for going bad. Take it apart and look at the contacts.
  24. Lol, the hell with that. I've never smelled fumes so strong in my life. Also the original 26 year old starter finally gave up the ghost on the weekend. Got that swapped out fairly quickly, way easier on a manual!

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