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  1. Anyone have any experience replacing control arm (not trailing arm) bushings? Mine are original and there is some cracking on the rear bushing.
  2. We made it home today. 1200km round trip with no further issues. The transmission runs fairly cool because we have auxiliary cooler installed. Transmission temperature up a long steep hill is about 180F.
  3. I installed a gauge. The sensor is in the pan.
  4. After a two hour rest break today the automatic transmission on our 99 Pathfinder suddenly started to act up. We tow a small travel trailer. Transmission temp was about 150F and engine temp was normal. ATF and filter were changed earlier this year. Would not shift into overdrive and the torque converter would not lock. Revs were about 1100 higher than it should have been. Drove for about 10km and then stopped. The check engine light did not come on but I ran the diagnostic computer anyways. There were a few stored codes from a couple of years ago (02 sensor, evap and knock sensor) so I cleared them. Got back on the highway and everything was fine for the rest of the day. Seems very odd. Any idea what is going on?
  5. Pressed in 4 new Nolathane poly bushings in the lower trailing arms. The Moog ones were shot and only lasted about 35,000 KM. Disappointing. Problem is solved now. Pressing out the old bushings was extremely difficult. Even with a 10 ton press we could not initially press out the bushings. So we made several cuts in each the bushings with a hacksaw and then used a chisel to peel away part of the shell. Then back to the press. Is there an easier way to remove these bushing?
  6. Thank you for the quick replies. When the original trailing arm bushings were shot I didn't have this problem. I rechecked all the bushings a couple of days ago and they appear to be in good condition. Panhard rod also appears to be fine. Same with rear end links.
  7. Since about last summer my 99 Pathfinder (4wd) has developed a weird wobble to the left whenever I let off the gas at highway speeds. When resume speed it wobbles to the right. Quite annoying. I know it is not the rear trailing arm bushings as those have been done. On the front end I've done ball joints, inner/outer tie rod ends, struts and coils and end links. The rear also has new coils and shocks. Alignment has been done. Engine and transmission mounts appear to be in good shape. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  8. Anyone ever install a transmission temperature gauge? So far I can't find any metric adapters (M12 x 1.25) for the drain. I guess there's always the option of drilling and tapping the existing drain plug for a 1/8" NPT sending unit.
  9. Installed new calipers, rotors and pads. Problem is cured. Pedal is now firm and no double pumping.
  10. I put in a new master cylinder on the weekend. Problem persists. Calipers next?
  11. Is anyone able to send me pictures of the distributor rebuild? They don't display on the clubxterra website.
  12. We made it back home yesterday. A few days after my last post, we got the new distributor in. Problem cured. Thank you to everyone who posted suggestions. Looking forward to rebuilding the old distributor to keep as a spare.
  13. I ordered a new one from Rock Auto a few days ago. Should be here today. Is the old distributor rebuildable?
  14. I am stuck a thousand miles from home with the P1336 code. Vehicle runs well when cold but then starts to act up as per the original description in this section. Waiting for a new crank sensor to arrive. It seems strange that this sensor is not required to control the engine. Other vehicles won't start without a crank sensor. Is it a given that the distributor will have to be replaced as well or are there other likely culprits? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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