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  1. I'm kind of tired of not seeing anything at night and I was planning on retrofitting some Morimoto projectors. While considering it, I was looking at Toyota's 70 Series LC anniversary edition and the relatively minor tweaks they did to the front end (blacking out headlights, grille, old school logo): I think it looks great without going overboard. I put my rusty Photoshop skills to good use and came up with this: The idea would be blacking out the headlight surrounds while retrofitting the projectors and getting a Patrol Y60 grille emblem (I think I oversized it above, should be smaller). There are some similar headlights already on eBay but they are both: A. Crap and B. They paint the turn signal reflector which is dumb. Yay? Nay? Not sure if I like it myself. Looks different alright but not sure if it fits the car.
  2. Good tip! Mine was basically all loose so it made more sense to just get rid of it. But yeah, if the old one is firmly attached to its clips, that's an easier approach.
  3. Mostly an FYI in case someone faces this at some point. This is why properly attaching those clips that come with the sensors is important. Shaft caught the wire and tore it. The sensor is honestly in a pretty bad spot since there's just a narrow area between the shaft and the exhaust for the wire to go through (this is the driver's side): Had a check engine light only coming up during long drives (1+ hours). with these codes: P0159: O2 sensor circuit slow response bank 2 sensor 2 P1167: Heated O2 sensor 2 Bought a new NTK (NGK) sensor and it's all good now. The 4th clip that goes last (top-to-bottom) is a real pain to get to, especially if like in my car, the old clip was stuck in place and didn't want to come off. I had to destroy it to remove it.
  4. I have a mess here at home with contractors running around so the garage is for now sort of a storage room and my Pathy is sitting outside. I have yet to replace the regulator but I'll surely document the process and I'll post pictures of the now gone brushes. Most likely next week I'll tackle this.
  5. Cars & Bids is trying to compete with BAT and the target market and therefore selling prices end up being similar, which is to say, take them with a grain of salt.
  6. I test drove a 2000 4Runner when I was looking for my Pathy and that was my exact impression. Slow, harsh ride, not as well optioned, worse interior plastics.
  7. It's in great shape but not amazing. Mine was in better shape with 150k+ miles on it (albeit it's an SE, not an LE). The state of that roof's paint is concerning. It looks to be down to bare metal in some parts:
  8. Interesting. I think I heard about those but wasn't lucky finding any pics installed. I suppose that just gives me back the inch that I lost at the back and do a better job at not sagging. They aren't stupidly expensive either so that's great. Thank you!
  9. Similar question to the above: When unloaded, my stock 2003 Pathy sits very close to the expected height from ground to wheel arch. It's right on the mark up front and less than an inch shorter at the back, however, even with just one person on the back seat or light cargo, it sags a lot so it's clear that the rear springs are tired. I read most of this thread and saw the photos people uploaded and the shortest LR springs will apparently add between 3" or 4" to the rear, but since the front is fine and I don't plan to lift it, that will leave me with too much rake. I don't love the idea of cutting springs so has anyone tried something else? I just want perhaps 2" more at the back and slightly stiffer springs to minimize sagging.
  10. Yeah, the cloth seats struck me as weird. The few LE's I saw before buying my SE had their leather seats completely destroyed so perhaps the PO replaced them. Getting upset at RCR for their "reviews" is like watching Top Gear expecting serious automotive journalism. It's a comedy YouTube channel. Whether it's funny or interesting to some of us and not others, well, that's a matter of having different tastes. He gives abstract reviews and deals more with the surreal aspect of driving a car. There are plenty of other YT channels and established car shows that talk about hp, 0-60 and off road capabilities. His recent Olds Hurst video was great IMO.
  11. So, my driver's side window has been getting progressively slower and slower to the point where it sometimes triggered the safety anti-pinch and rolled down. At first it only happened with the window going up so I thought the issue was with the window runners or regulator alignment. I tried a lot of things, from adjusting said regulator and lubricating the runners with teflon to actually removing the glass and moving the mechanism without the extra mass. Lo and behold, rolling the regulator down was also slow and only seemed fast because the weight of the glass was helping the weak motor. Yesterday I took the regulator off the car to inspect everything and I disassembled the motor. It turns out that one of the brushes inside is gone. There was absolutely no carbon left, just the copper spring. The rest of the motor was completely covered in graphite which surely didn't help. I already ordered a new motor and regulator. Even though the old regulator seems fine, I'm sure it's going to fail as soon as it has to handle the torque of a brand new motor. If you are having similar issues with slow windows, don't waste your time, especially if your Pathy has a ton of miles. The brushes looked non-standard so I doubt the motors are worth refurbishing. I ordered the part from Amazon. It's a TYC and has good reviews. Let's hope it lasts, although I must give it to Nissan, this was one of the easiest regulators to remove.
  12. lol. I know exactly what you're talking about. We still get the proper, diabetes-inducing coke down here (as well as the Pepsi). I'm fine with Mr Regular roasting the Pathy because it's not his kind of car (in fact he rarely likes any car). He didn't really take pricing into account nor a lot of other things that make the R50 come out on top. I don't think he has driven a stock 3rd gen 4Runner (I did, and the Pathy I ended up buying was superior). He tends to like quirky and purpose-built rides (hence why it kept comparing it to a heavily modded 1st gen 4Runner). The R50 is good at everything but not exceptional, so for the uninitiated it's a boring car. He is completely right in that Nissan never made up their minds about what the Pathfinder was supposed to be. Toyota did it better: Keep the 4Runner as the sturdy off-road capable one and the Highlander as the mall-friendly family SUV. I mean, he reviewed a Mercury Mariner about a year ago and said that it was the most boring car ever.
  13. Regular Car Reviews is an acquired taste. Their humor does click with me but I can see how it's not everybody's cup of tea (for comparison, I hate Doug DeMuro but most people like him). They are not really car reviewers and you shouldn't watch their videos expecting that. The biggest draw IMO is how they accurately relate a car to the people who buy/drive them and how they can describe a driving experience by using weird analogies. I laughed at their starting 4Runner Coke vs Pathfinder Pepsi comparison, so on point. TL;DR: If you don't know Mr Regular by now, you probably won't understand or like his videos.

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