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  1. Totally understandable, but sometimes the price is a bit steep compared to the Manufacturer price. I understand markup and all, but we all get hesitant from time to time
  2. I had a feeling it was that. Unfortunately they don't have the part numbers for the shocks themselves. If you have a way of finding out that would be great
  3. As a thought as well if you haven't thought about it yet, do the D21 Headlight Swap. All you need is the Headlight Buckets, D21 Grill and H4 Plugs. With that you can run some H4 type 5x7 Headlights. They will still look factory and you will have way more light output compared to what you have now.
  4. So as long as you have a load in them you have no problems? Do you happen to have the part numbers for them? I can already tell you have it lifted and I'm curious if they are specific for the light ft or not.
  5. How is the ride with the Bilstein's?
  6. Might I suggest getting another wheel so you can have a matched spare? That way if you get a flat you are not SOL
  7. In a way you are not wrong, but after looking at the lovely garbage that Toyota has I would still buy Nissan instead..... well in the states at least. If I was Down Under I probably would consider since the 70 series Land Cruiser's are pretty sweet looking. But I would still find myself in a Patrol.
  8. As much as I hate to say it you are not wrong. The best part about it all is the "I can build it myself for less" Crowd won't build it and then complain about there not being any aftermarket support....... Sometimes I wonder if that particular crowd is the reason Nissan doesn't exactly have the best resale value here in the States?!
  9. There is one part that you also forget. You still have labor to include on that price when building it yourself. Could you make it fit your need a bit better? Possibly depending on what your needs are and as long as you have the necessary knowledge and tools to do so. That said I can promise that the labor you put in compared to what a company like Sherpa Equipment has done will basically even put at the least.
  10. It's an XE so no...... XE is the base model. SE is the high end(not by much) model. Yes it is clean and has some of the preferred things like the rear tire carrier and roof rack but that's it. If it was a SE Sport then possibly. Why SE Sport you ask? The Sport Package came with Sport(LEGO) wheels with 31 inch tires, adjustable suspension (simple soft and firm flip shocks), Limited Slip Differential(also available with XE if it has the power Package), Rear Disc Brakes, Fog Lights, Security System, Sun Roof, Roof Rack and Rear Tire Carrier. Most of there made it a very capable 4x4. The XE can still do ok, but need more stuff to do what the SE Sport can do.
  11. I have heard this from many individuals, the same individuals that keep dropping over a grand on the cheap Chinese Wheels and have to have the latest and grates I Phone every year. I actually deal with the same @!*% on the 5G Ranger Forum. It's not like you can't save your money to buy something either. It is what I had to do and it has worked out well. I still have more things to get for my 93 Pathfinder for it to be finished.
  12. When you get down too it a good tent is going to cost way more than you think. Even my Swag Tent from CrashPad cost $400 with shipping to get here in the states. A good RTT will cost a couple Grand.
  13. You are not wrong!! I have seen many individuals on the Nissan side Especially (yes I have seen it other places too) not want to spend money unless it's to do a SAS or drop over a grand on cheap Chinese wheels!!
  14. In a way it is pricey, but that company did their homework. Since it uses extrusion beams it is customizable to fit your needs.
  15. It's a start for what it's worth. Since you have the factory rack you can easily fit this particular rack to your Pathfinder. I have it on my 93. All you have to do is remove the factory crash bars and bolt in the rack. Only took me about 2 hours to do in the snow. https://sherpaec.com/products/antero
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