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  1. So I joined this forum with a new-to-me '01.5 Pathfinder SE with 135K miles. 9 years later I'm at 210K. My wife's '08 Subaru Legacy is at 110K and we are looking at replacing one of our vehicles. I honestly enjoy the Pathfinder more and the new car will be hers/family car either way. Am I nuts for wanting to keep it? I haven't been active in years but when I was I know a few people where pushing 250K. What are you guys getting to now? Am I on borrowed time? Are these things good for 250K+? Aside from regular maintenance/ wear items I've put relatively little into it and I still enjoy the driving the Pathfinder and its relatively lost cost of ownership. Suspension: Full Poly Bushings and 4X KYB shock/ struts and bearings Both Cam Shaft Position Sensors 3X (takes me about 5min to diagnose and <10min to replace ?) Cyl #2 Coil (OEM) MAF (OEM Maxima) IACV (OEM) Alternator (OEM replacement) Rad Fan and Clutch Radiator (top leak) Since about 175K I've always said one Tranny or Engine repair and this thing is dead to us. Not worth the cost to repair.
  2. I don't know about it being easier, but it might be a bit cheaper. Still $80 shipped to my door from 3K miles away seems pretty reasonable considering the local dealer wanted $500. It seems like MAF failure is not uncommon and if you plan on keeping it awhile a new one might be better than a used one.
  3. Another sucess story here, although not as smooth as others seem to indicate above. Thanks 88pathoffroad! My experience: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/43311-p0171-and-p0174-code-ses-and-solution/
  4. So as usual, my cream puff 2001.5 R50 that I purchased in 2011 has every problem ~5-10 years after the greater Pathfinder Population does. Bad cam sensors (7 years later), Bad IACV (9 Years later), Bad MAF (10 years later). So fortunate to have this forum and others as a resource for troubleshooting. Anyways.... So my Pathfinder performance has been noticeably lacking for months, but I couldn't quite put a finger on it. Finally I got a SES for P0171 and P0174 (bank 1 and bank 2 lean). No drastic change in performance, just a little sluggish and lacking on >4,500 RPMs. I cleared the codes several times, tried cleaning my MAF but the codes kept coming back. I did some internet checking and came across a variety of solutions but everyone was complaining about the truck being in fail safe mode or running terribly, etc. I was daily driving this thing in traffic for a few weeks without significant issue. Anyways I came across 88pathoffroad's post (http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/12280-cheap-01-maf-sensor-problem-fix/) and decided to jump on ordering the Maxima MAF from Courtesy Parts. In the end it solved my problem (~200 miles with no SES light returning), however my experience was nothing like everyone's description where it dropped in and was a night and day difference and solved their problem. My guess that my MAF was in the middle of dying a slow and painful death and my ECU had slowly gone WAY out of line to try to adapt to the bad signals from the MAF. My Experience when I installed the Maxima MAF was not a night and day change; it took about 30-40 miles of driving until the engine and tranny were anywhere near normal. I also performed an "Idle Air Volume Learning Procedure" which helped greatly. At first the engine had NO power from 3,000 to Redline and the transmission shifted HARD and SLOW. However, after about 30 min of driving it was slowly getting better and better. I think the ECU was so out in left field because of the bad MAF that it took awhile for it to return to center and run like it should. It probably would have been a faster learn procedure if I had reset the ECU. Anyways, long way to say that if you had a slow fail on your MAF your ECU may take some driving time to come back to center after replacing the MAF unless you reset the ECU. Also because I didn't find all of this information in any one place: YES, the Maxima MAF assembly (tube and all) bolted right in place NO, the sensor is not identical in size and shape YES it's plug and play YES the Maxima MAF is a 5 pin YES the Pathy is a 4 pin with an empty 5th pin NO, you do not need an "ECU reprogram", this is for a specific problem related to Maximas only YES, I would recommend the "Idle Air Volume Learning Procedure" YES, I think an ECU reset would probably be a good Idea YES, my Local Dealer wanted ~$500 for the Pathfinder MAF My cost was ~$80 shipped from Texas to Washington from Courtesy Nissan
  5. Fix your clock: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/29248-how-i-fixed-my-digital-dash-clock/
  6. I'm curious how it's been since you've done the swap. I came across an interesting finding where the Strut Bearings I took out AND the one that came in the Raybestos kit where 100% plastic. However when I looked the parts at NAPA the bottom half was metal and the top half was plastic. Are yours lasting ok? No Clunks? What are the OEMs like Metal/Plastic or Plastic/ Plastic?
  7. Yeah, I have the VQ35, how do you like the 350Z version? Thanks for the info, I didn't even think to check a local chain store, figured that part was special enough. I ended up buying two of the OEM sensors from Amazon for $65/ ea. I preemptively replaced both of the Beck Arnleys I had even though only one had failed. I compared the Beck Arnley units and found that the one that was still good was marked identically to OEM and the one that failed was marked differently... Maybe I got one dud that only went 30K miles.
  8. Thanks! I forwarded both the reply and PM to him. He's a diehard Hotmail fan so I am sure that is the problem. He's coming over this afternoon hopefully we can get it figured out. Thanks again for the help!
  9. So I've already replaced both of my Camshaft Sensors with Beck Arnleys from Amazon once See my post here: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/32751-p1145-and-p1140-codes/ I was disapointed when I am pretty sure that 30K miles later one of them has already failed. What brands/ sources are you guys getting them from? Is OEM worth it, did I get a fluke sensor, or do these things go bad that fast? I checked a few places, any I missed? Genuine 237312Y52A Sensor by Nissan $80 - Courtesy Parts $80 - Factory Nissan Parts $65 - Amazon Aftermarket Sensor $55 - Rock Auto (Beck Arnley or SMP) $55 - Amazon (Beck Arnley or SMP) Thanks!
  10. A friend of mine just got an 86 Pathfinder and he was trying to join the board but he says that he is stuck in a loop and can't get the confirmation email to work? Can someone PM me and I'll send you his user name and email. Thanks!
  11. So here I am 3 years and ~14,000 miles later and I got a P1140 code, I'm assuming that one of my sensors went belly up and died. I've heard that these sensors to die but this seems a little short.... How long are you guys getting out of your sensors? OEM or aftermarket?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion guys I'll give Rob a try next time. I'll gladly spend my money on someone who cares about their customer. I just can't say much good about Eastside Nissan. My wife and I even tried to buy a car from them and it didn't go well. They had a decent deal on a well equipped Sentra but could only offer us 18% interest on the car! We were fresh at out of college and had no credit history so I understand why we didn't qualify for better but they had the audacity to try and convince us that it was a "good" deal and that we shouldn't walk away from the "opportunity". I can't stand that kind of lying. We might have been young but not stupid, we walked out and went straight to a Credit Union that gave us a car loan with a rate around 4%. We purchased our next car elsewhere. I might have thought it was just a fluke but I was in there for recall/warranty work this past year and as I was waiting in the 350Z I over heard a whole discussion of a salesman selling a lady hard just like we had been. In general I avoid dealers like the plague but its inevitable sometimes, all other times I repair it myself or take it to a local independent shop that has been working on our family cars for 20+ years. My dad jokes his Mercury Sable put the owners kid through college. Good thing too because now the owners kid owns/ runs it!

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