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  1. Had KYBs for the last couple of years. Zero issues. Will buy them again if needed. Had Monroe's before, they were junk.
  2. Keep in mind the rubber would have to be awfully rotten to start hearing a clunk from these things. Have you checked the sway bar end links? They are a common wear item that will certainly cause a clunk.
  3. Well, not a lot it seems. Guess that's a good thing.
  4. I have an 00 Pathfinder with 120K miles all original parts except for suspension parts that I replaced because some parts were getting on, but not because it was worn out. I've been thinking about what I might need to replace over the next few years like exhaust, or alternator etc... I was wondering what parts you guys have had to replace on your R50 due to wearing out or malfunctioning and at what mileage did you have to replace it? Also, just curious how long the exhaust system tends to last on these things? Thanks
  5. How was the driveability on the road without the sway bar? How was the cornering? Did you notice the rear end bouncing around at all?
  6. I would say 2500-5000$ tops with that many kms and some rust. Maybe less, kind of hard without seeing it in person.
  7. Nice. I was thinking about attempting this. How was it? Did it just bolt on?
  8. Am I the only one this happens to? I was under the impression this was common with larger tires.
  9. I'll have a look at the lines again. Is throttle body cleaner okay? O2 sensors are original, save for one that was replaced years ago after throwing a code. Other than that, never had any other codes. Emissions was tested last year and passed no problem.
  10. I have tried the EC section. Maybe I should just live with it as it is 15 years old and not severe. I've looked at vacuum lines and everything "looks" fine. Thanks for the responses.
  11. Are these photos right close to the airport? Looks awfully familiar.
  12. Timing is good. Done the fuel treatments. 190k kms or about 120k miles. Cap and rotor are easy to check, but what should I be looking for?
  13. Noticing my Pathfinder doesn't seem to have quite the responsiveness that it used to between 2000-3000 rpm. Off the line and above 3000rpm it seems fine. Any ideas of what could help. Spark plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter are fine. Throttle body and maf are clean. TPS adjusted. What am I missing? Cap and rotor have about 15000kms on it. Should that be changed? Thanks
  14. conventional Castrol always on my Nissans. Runs smoothest and quietest on my VG33, VQ35, my old VG30, and old 2400 Inline 6.

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