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    Suspension/Steering Mods: 3" Trailmaster body lift, 3" Superlift UCA's in front with modded JGC coils and 1.5" spacers rear, both stock swaybars removed, Rancho RS5000 #5252 front/RS9000 #9114 rear, Rancho steering stabilizer & mounting kit, L&P Performance centerlink/shear-braced idler arm/pitman arm, custom idler arm brace, custom e-brake drop brackets, low profile bumpstops front and rear, polyurethane tension rod/UCA/LCA bushings, custom front/rear fenderwell liners. Body Mods: Black Smittybilt brush/grilleguard with PIAA 130W 70 series fog lights, PIAA 100W 1500XT driving lights, PIAA 540 100W hyperwhite driving lights, Warn 9000i winch(not mounted yet), heavily trimmed front and rear fenders, '93 Pathy SE rear chrome bumper, modded superbright LED third brake light, clear front turn signal lenses with two 8500 mcd hyperorange LED's each, 35% window tint, custom Pathfinder windshield decal, custom diamond plate lower rocker panel guards, custom 3/8" aluminum belly skidplate, Yakima extended roof racks with custom light bar, tow hitch w/8K lb. shackle towpoint and full wiring with recessed plug, custom welded front bumper supports, dual stock tow hooks on front end. Dented rear side panel courtesy of Tillamook State Forest... Electronics/Etc: Optima red top battery up front, Dynasty Broadband Service gel cell battery in rear, DIY grounding web, modified Uniden Pro 520XL CB with 4 foot Firestik II 5/8 wave grounded roof mounted sprung antenna and 60W Kenwood 4" speaker under the hood, stock alarm with 8000mcd red LED warning lights, Alpine CDA 7892 fold-down face head unit, Cerwin Vega 6.5" two-way fronts with 1" Clarion tweeters as separates/Sony 6x9" two-way rears, 1000W Legacy LA690 sub amp, Phoenix Gold Power Flow 1.2 farad cap, Audiobahn AW150XS 15" sub in bass tube with 4" port, custom in-dash recessed illuminated PIAA fog light switch, Isuzu Rodeo rock(fog) light switch, 3 Rally 55W yellow rock lights mounted under the body, hyperblue LED accents in front of radiator, hyperblue LED accents in headlight housings, custom hyperwhite LED dome light, 50W high-output halogen bulbs in stock reverse lights, 130dB Fiamm horn, 33x10.50x15 Swamper spare, 5 lb CO2 tank with custom regulator guard and air hose, fire extinguisher, First Aid kit, full tool kit/toolbox, Pro-Comp towstraps, several tree straps, and 3 D cell Mag light. Engine(VG30i 3.0L V6): MSD 6 Offroad ignition system w/rev limiter and Accel 300+ coil, Taylor Spiro-Core 8MM custom plug wires, K&N drop-in air filter, ported and polished TBI unit, custom TBI spacer, 1995 Nissan Quest 110 amp alternator transplant with 4 guage charging cable and dual battery isolator, dual speed electric cooling fan from 1995 Quest minivan with adjustable thermostat, Flowtech Red Hot glasspack in place of catalytic converter, Dynomax muffler with turndown. Drivetrain Mods: 33x13.50x15 Super Swamper TSL radials/Outlaw II 15x8.5 wheels with approx 3.5" BS, PowerTrax Lock-Right rear differential locker, Warn premium manual hubs w/grade 5 stud replacement bolts(8mmx1.25x50mm).
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    Serious Off Road Enthusiast
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  1. I have had all 3 UCA's side by side. Stock, AC and Rough Country/Superlift. The AC arms do not correct the BJ angle. They market them that way so they can sell more. In fact, they're even flatter than stock arms are, which makes the BJ angles WORSE than stock. Idiots.
  2. is still slogging through mental mud

  3. Hey man, where did you score those Chev 2500 KYB shocks? Cannot find them anywhere...

  4. I would go with the white LED strobes first. The 8-strobe kit is only 20 watts per tube, which isn't all that bright IMHO. If you really want to be noticed, a Whelen 60 watt kit would be good, but spendy. +/- $300 IIRC.
  5. Damn, man. Jared was a good soul. He was nice to everyone and always tried to help out in arguments. We'll miss him and I'm sorry to hear of this.
  6. Hi... LTNS, NPORA. I somewhat recently had my hosting package canceled due to a mix-up with debit card numbers and expiration dates, so allllllll of the pics I had hosted for NPORA went away with the hosting package. To quote Charlie Brown, "AAAAAUUGGH!" >.< I got the account fixed and re-uploaded 99% of all the pics that were missing. Problem is, when I uploaded the backups I neglected to keep the capital letters in the filenames (dammit) so if a pic had a capital letter in the name originally and I re-uploaded it in all lower case it won't show up. If you find more missing pics of mine in any how-to's or important threads, please post here and let me know. -88
  7. Like the topic says, 4WheelParts.com has 2" by 20' Smittybilt tow straps on sale for $16.99 WITH FREE SHIPPING. That's a NICE price on a heavy duty tow strap! http://www.4wheelparts.com/Winches-Winch-Accessories/Smittybilt-Recovery-Strap.aspx?t_c=18&t_s=124&t_pt=5083&t_pl=5836
  8. His CD account doesn't have any pictures. Awwww. I'll mail back and ask for some!
  9. I got a notification of a message on my CarDomain account, check this out: How cool is that?
  10. He cashed it yesterday, so all is well.
  11. Hah...yesterday the GPS wanted me to take the entrance to the Marion County jail as a shortcut. Eediots!
  12. I already tried the Aerostar coils, they're WAY too soft. If the AS springs you found are progressive rate, the upper coils will all collapse on each other just from the weight of the Pathy. Here's a test pic I took.
  13. You can't crank the front end up that high without making problems for your CV axles. They're still stock axles and they still have a stock range of angularity/movement. You need about 1/2" between the UCA and the upper bumpstop at least. There's really no way to match maximum front lift to rear lift with these things due to the IFS front suspension setup. Ball joint spacers are not good in general if you intend to wheel your Pathy. Did you find the 1/2" spacers? I had a set on my Pathy and they nearly immediately broke my front suspension when I went wheeling. On the JGC springs, you HAVE to measure them. The spring wire thickness is key. They also need to be 9 coils tall. I found some at a local junkyard that are .58" thick, which gave me about 3" of lift.
  14. Read the can, man. Details are all over it.
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