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  1. I know I am way late.... but have to ask anyways. Still anything left? Thanks, Scott
  2. Alread got a set. thanks anyways.
  3. Anyone looking to get rid of a set of rebuildable condition heads for a VG33 ??? Thanks, Scott
  4. https://tc2300s.imgbb.com/   Finally found website that I could get along with to post pictures.

    1. tc2300s


      Just saw that most of my pics are not up... I put a few more.

  5. Removed rear seat and made flat floor, 150 amp alternator, Upgraded all shocks, Added different foot steps, COP conversion(home brewed), Outside clip style driveshaft(Frontier), Pinion disc brake for emergency brake, Adjust engine/trans position, Poly leaf spring bushings as motor mounts, Round tooth belt and pulleys(maxima), Turbo blanket, Downpipe heat wrap, Frame cross braces and relocate muffler/pipe.
  6. Hi, everyone. Still have not found a good solution to picture posting. So... thought to write about the old Nissan. It has been too long since I have regularly visited this site and did forget all about it. Many things have been done, including: She has a HE351 turbo now, Larger intercooler, better piping, 4" throttle body, z31 intake (customized), 4" air inlet and air filter, 3" downpipe and exhaust, 6 large injectors(instead of 2), Large fuel pump and filters, Large radiator, FASS fuel regulator, relocate steering gear, Upgrade all suspension arms/ends, Larger master cylinder, Steel braided brake hoses, Upgraded trans control, Knock light, Air compressor and inverter upgrade, Relocate ECU/TCU, A/C condenser upgrade, Power steering pump upgrade, Reconfigured air ride system, Shortened rear frame/bumper/hitch for strength and departure angle, Solid cross rear u-joints, Air to air trans cooler with fan, Blow off valve and Increased wheelbase to compliment tire diameter and increase attack angle.
  7. Thanks, Slartibartfast. I have a different style motor that I am thinking of using... would just love to have the right size shaft/spline/arm to fit the linkage. The mounting and wiring do not bother me. Scott
  8. Thanks for the advice. Been same since 2003, powerful...but slower than I like. I have had 6 Wd's and alot of D21's over the years...always slow wipers. I just wish that they could run like my 2004 Pathfinder Armada. I guess not a problem for many, most D21's will not get up to the speeds on the highway like mine. Yes, with enough time and money any motor could be fitted.
  9. I'm having a time and a half trying to reduce picture sizes and upload. Yes, I am a dummy and not technologically advanced. I do have some more pics I just took yesterday...if anyone is interested, message me with your number and I can text some of them. Or, anyone have other ideas that do not involve a image hosting website.

    Thanks, Scott

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    2. tc2300s


      She is heavy duty...without a doubt. I am refining the bumper, at the time it was made, it just needed to pass safety inspection. The bumper is 1/8" skinned on 1/4" thick box tube. Rear is similar(cut from the same cloth) but looks much nicer.

    3. Soul_13


      Definitely bad ass looking

    4. tc2300s


      Thanks, everyone who knows me...knows my truck. Gets quite a bit of attention and alot of smiles wherever I go.

  10. Hi, I have heard other WD21/D21 owners complain about the power and speed of these older wiper motors. Although I have used my same wiper motor for almost 20 years with no failure, I wish it had a little more ummph !! Years ago I read about a different vehicles' wiper motor that can be retro-fitted to our trucks. Anyone know about this or done a similar upgrade ??? Any clues/info would be much appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  11. I have done many upgrades/improvements to the old Pathfinder. Will post more pics soon.
  12. Well... I am getting dangerously close to posting pics, I only hope that people will enjoy these pics and not pick my rig apart. I have owned her about 20 years. Yes, it is built with left overs, recycled parts, reclaimed items, repurposed items and junk. I like it very well and have driven 60,000 or more since SAS. Has the VG30i with some mods (plenty of power) and is still evolving.

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