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    91 safari green and champagne Pathfinder SE, ARB bumper, pioneer stereo, rebuilt engine, Thorley headers, 3" AC lift springs,RC UCA's, Rancho 5000 rear/9000 front shocks, Nissan Manual Hubs, Monroe Steering stabilizer, MT swap, Garvin Wilderness Rack, 2 Hella 500s, Mean Green alternator, '95 map light/rear speakers/rear brake light, oil filter relocation.
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    Shooting, rugby, lifting, Manchester United, history, hiking/camping/fishing, beer, working on my pathfinder, international travel.

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  1. I have some AC Pathfinder 3" springs for sale
  2. Those are the ones I was talking about (IDK why I thought they were made by ARB - probably because I have them attached to my ARB...). They work well though.
  3. ARB Highlift mounts come in 2 sizes. Not sure if either will fit on the tire rack though.
  4. A lot of this depends on what you consider to be an "expedition". Need a lot of gear to do a proper expedition for 2+ weeks with limited contact with civilization. Less so for a back-country adventure.
  5. Yeah, except its hot, dusty, and sucks when you break down. No, the desert is fun. Ha, I keep dreaming of an adventure through the mountains! Maybe we should swap places for a couple of weeks, lol.
  6. Its not argumentative at all, like you said, it depends on the kind of expedition. I personally think for the amount of "equipment" that most expedition vehicles carry, the Pathfinder is too small for long range. It doesn't mean it can't be done, but there will have to be trade offs. For example, many long range expedition vehicles (Defender 110 etc) stick a rooftop tent at the back of the roof rack, then have 4-6 jerry cans at the front. I just don't see that as possible on a Pathfinder, but think you could probably get away with having a few cans on the roof, OR a roof top tent. Having had heavy stuff on the roof with only a 3" suspension lift, I can tell you COG can be important. If you are smart about it you can get away with it though - but there are so many examples of people putting too much on the roof. You are right about the mileage, and maneuverability. And the tank is a little larger than other vehicles that I have driven too. One idea I have seen which I LOVE and want to implement is using a water cooler as a roof top washing machine. Stick all your dirty clothes in, some water and soap, then strap it on the roof rack while you drive. The movement cleans the clothes. Brilliant idea. Yeah, my dog just loves to take up the whole back - even when the seats are down - its like he inflates or something. lol
  7. IMO its a bad idea to do a body lift on an expedition rig. Raises the center of gravity needlessly.
  8. Ah, yeah you have more space between gas stations for lots of your stuff. I would be careful of how much weight you put on the rear swing out though - another option is to get a steel bumper/swingout that has fuel can mounts - spendy though. Check these out for water options - I'd love to get the front runner one personally (keeps the center of grav low, and takes up less space) Frontrunner 40L Footwell Tank Flexitank
  9. This is my goal too, or rather, I am aiming to have a medium range expedition vehicle. To be honest we picked a bad vehicle for long range expeditions as the Pathfinder is so small. However, expedition pathfinders would be unique. I have picked up a lot of info from www.expeditionportal.com, and Overland Tech and Travel. I wish I had found that site long before I started modifying the truck, I could have saved money. Here are three good articles to get you started: Importance of Gross Vehicle Weight, Top 10 Overland Kit Items You Need, Designing an Overland Vehicle Now while I agree with a lot of the main points, and understand that its nice to have things that make a long vehicle based trip comfortable, I also realize that the pathfinder has limited space. Therefore, I think it is ridiculous to NEED a fridge, rooftop tent, full kitchen etc. Not only are these things expensive, but they are very heavy. I am more than happy to use basic cookware, and can manage with with dried foods, or use a small cooler for longer trips (if you freeze all the food before hand it removes the necessity of using ice), and I can sleep on the ground (i hardly ever use a tent anyway). Now maybe I would change my mind if I were going through Africa - but I somehow doubt that will ever happen in the Pathfinder. I am in the process of thinning out the gear I have in the truck to keep weight down, and make space for essentials (and my 120lb Mastiff who likes to get comfy). So far this is what I have decided to keep in the truck at all times: 1. Comprehensive 1st Aid Kit 2. Several Flashlights - preferably Surefire LEDs 3. Comprehensive but minimal tool kit (no duplicates) 4. On board air (I have the ARB high output which is not installed yet..) 5. Tire repair kit - This is what I picked: Ultimate Puncture Repair Kit 6. Fire Extinguisher 7. Survival kit - emergency blanket, waterproof matches, compass, pocket knife etc. (I want to expand this to a small bug out bag) 8. CB and Ham Radio (haven't picked up the Ham yet - Steevo from Rugged Rocks had one installed where the ash tray is - I want to copy that) 9. At least 3 self recovery options - shovel/axe, recovery strap, highlift, sand tracks, winch and associated shackles etc. 10. Camping gear - what do you REALLy need? 2 man tent, compact sleeping bags, toiletries, warm weather clothes, cold weather clothes, cooking gear, solar shower. I would say for most trips in the US you don't need extra fuel, but I would go for the rotopax or a Nato fuel can (Nato Cans are heavy when full - especially if they are on a roof rack - plus you can't distribute the weight like you can with a couple of rotopax).
  10. OEM bushings from the dealer are about the same price as from anywhere else - roughly $20 a bushing.
  11. WOW! Those have skyrocketed in price since the last time I looked at them! They used to be $175
  12. I can afford it. I just don't know how much I want to take the engine apart again right now. I'll be interested to see a dyno with the JWT S1 cams.
  13. Making me wish I had put the Euro-Cams in mine
  14. The Mosquito is one of my favorites also! Who needs defensive guns or armor when you can fly faster than anything else in the sky?!
  15. Just because your father and mother were not 100% behind the way Germany was going doesn't mean that the majority of the nation was. That is what I was trying to say. I was also referring to the beginning of the war, not when things started to go badly and people were realizing the gravity of what was happening. Also, I did not mention or imply complicity with any atrocities, just the war, being a Nazi and being a patriotic German were and still are two different things. There were very few Nazis, but many German's fed up with the way the rest of Europe was treating them. An academic degree is based on reading from various texts, including first hand accounts, all of them researched an peer reviewed. Just because you have chatted to one person first hand doesn't discount the facts. Man, I wasn't even trying to get into personal family BS. Just trying to correct the mistakes about the armament of the Spitfire!

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