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  1. Hey Precise1, thanks for the reply! I've seen your posts in my research. I found Harbinger's MT swap particularly helpful and an interesting read. Anyway, I appreciate you getting back to me - good to meet someone on here in the area. Sounds like you have your own pathy projects and I wouldn't want mine to cause your divorce, lol. I haven't been on here for a while, but in the meantime I've collected just about everything I need for the swap. Definitely spent more on parts then I would have on a donor but without a garage or driveway the donor vehicle isn't an option. I'm going to start with pulling the dash and swapping the brake pedal with a MT brake pedal and install the clutch pedal and clutch master cylinder with hose. I don't have the dampener so I'm trying a dampener bypass with stainless brake hose right to the operation cylinder. I hope to do as much as I can curbside then take it to a local shop to drop the auto trans and install the manual trans I picked up.
  2. First post here, new Pathfinder owner. I picked up my Pathfinder this summer and love the thing. 1993 SEV6 4x4 with 4 speed auto, stock with roof rack, tire swing and sliders. Now has 149k and great condition overall! The honeymoon had to end sometime. I started having issues with the AT and found this forum in my research. Wish I had done the research when I bought the rig and learned to baby the 4 speed auto and should have invested in an aftermarket trans cooler. So my AT is on the way out (not shifting to 4th at all) and I am planning a manual swap. I am finding a ton of info here on old posts - thanks to all who have posted! I'd really appreciate any suggestions if you've done the swap recently. I live in Oakland and don't have a garage or driveway. Any bay area members have recommendations/space/ want to help, give me a shout!

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