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  1. Banned for not holding my place for the last year and a half while I was away
  2. mess and holy crap! this thing is still going? lol
  3. yep. dead sensor. RockAuto here I come.
  4. Noticed yesterday that my oil pressure reads maxed all the time (unless the truck is turned off). Even with the key just turned to the on position without the engine running, it flips to maximum. I know this isn't normal but my question is, for an R51, does the pressure read completely low or completely high when the key is first turned on? Can someone take notice and let me know? Deciding whether to chase a bad sensor or bad electrical.
  5. took the easy and relatively cheap path and threw a pair of rear O2 sensors in it. Seemed fine but threw the same 420 code again after a couple of days. Checked with my scanner and it says the one HO2S test failed due to a reading of 0023 with a min of 0033 or something like that. Unfortunately, the damned thing doesn't tell me which sensor it's reading. Thinking I need to do some testing where I disconnect 1 sensor at a time to determine which is for which test then do some reading on what the fruck the measurements are really telling me. No way I'm replacing the cat.
  6. Getting the dreaded cat inefficiency code and got to thinking what is really being measured. I know some people use a spark plug non-fouler but that only would work if the shop doesn't visually inspect the emissions. Has anyone actually modified the O2 sensor itself to get a 'tweaked' reading? I've seen videos on adding a resistor in series and a capacitor in parallel but that would be visible too unless it was hidden well. I was thinking of modifying the tip so not as much exhaust gas gets into the sensor. Disclaimer... t his is just for a test. I have ordered new O2 sensors but thought I'd mess around with the old ones to perhaps see what impact I could make on the readings. enough rambling.... if you've modded your O2 sensor, what did you do to it? Curious.

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