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  1. So do I! If you don't have an OBD2, go to an autoparts store and have them scan you car for fault codes... I'm wondering if your CEL isn't burned out. You can always buy one of these transmitter and download InCarDoc or somesuch app for your phone so you always have some onboard diagnostics. With that that bad mileage you should be blowing black smoke or leaving a trail of gas around town. Any info on vehicle mods such as rims/tires and such? B
  2. Precise1

    20 Years!

    Woooo!!! That's what started the down turn of this site. Too hard to get to if it wasn't in the matrix regardless if Oh yeah! B
  3. Yes. I've since gotten an electronics education (trade level), so that actually makes sense to me. Good job, and good timing. B
  4. Do you mean "brand new" or "been under my patio for years" new? Just asking for a friend... B
  5. See above. That's why we let things roll for a bit, each thread can be a relative micro-forum for a part. It will close on it's own after a bit of inactivity IIRC. 3mos? 6? It's been a while... B
  6. Hey Aaron, I have a 91 in the driveway that will either be parted out or EV'd, so I'll look at that switch for you this weekend. B
  7. 04Pfinder, I really wasn't trying to shut you down by telling you to search, and yes, there is such a thing as TMI sometimes! I think maybe you will get more input with more specific questions like "Is this part number the right one for a 2004, I've seen different numbers posted in these threads" type thing. The less homework you make people do will generally get better results... human nature. R50JR, I was simply saying that I recall a discussion about this, and that several people seemed to have issues. Poor installation... a bad batch... these things can happen. Hell, I didn't even have an R50 back then, give me credit for even remembering it 15+ years later. Let me say that I still appreciate the enthusiasm for Pathfinders, and I've obviously done my part here on NPORA. I currently own 3 pathfinders, a 91, a 95 and a 99. My wish is to convert the 91 into a front wheeled drive electric vehicle based on a Nissan Leaf drive train (150hp/180ft/lb stock VS 110hp/210ft/lb EV) that would mainly be used for around the county, the 99 will probably be sold soon (too damn many vehicles), and the 95 I'll keep until it is my coffin. Keep it up guys (and gals), they don't make them like this anymore! B
  8. Not really... with a choice of front- or all-wheel drive. It only has a smidge over 7 inches of ground clearance, there's no two-speed transfer case What's to talk about? It is a crossover... the only thing it has going for it is that it doesn't look like a minivan anymore... so now it is lying. It reminds me of when a former co-worker was telling me how great his SUV, a Toyota Highlander, was. I told him that SUV stands for "Sport Utility Vehicle", and that he had no "Sport", no "Utility" just a "Vehicle". Granted, it might be a good "Vehicle", but is definitely isn't a SUV... Kinda like how calling a new Dodge Ram a "Power Wagon" is an insult to a real Power Wagon. B
  9. I had the Z24 in a 1984 D720 Kingcab 4x4 with 31" tires, and while that was a wonderfully reliable motor and set up, I do not miss the 4th gear blues up every significant hill. A VG30 or VG33 shoe horned into it would have been awesome!
  10. All the weight of a full sized truck. All the gas mileage of a full sized tuck. None of the power of a full sized truck. Knowing you have one of the most reliable vehicles around. Knowing no one knows what it is unless they have owned one. Knowing passengers won't climb into the back unless you tell them where the door handles are. Being part of NPORA. B
  11. Someone... MY1PATH?... talked about buying some window trim that was either "generic" by the length or from another auto maker that fit well. All I can do is recommend searching for it. As for the original, that doesn't exist as far as I know. Trust me, I need some badly too... B
  12. I seem to recall there was an issue with failure of the strut bearing from a particular manufacturer... I want to say KYB, but please look it up. It was a long thread on this site. I could fit 31x10.5 on steel 8" rims (3.5" backspace?) on my stock and sagging 1999 that only rubbed while turning in reverse, so that should be a non issue, especially with a lift. 32's should work as well, but aren't as common as some of the metric sizes. I think you should ask what you are wanting it set up for... daily driving, expedition style exploring, mudding, etc and go at it from that direction. I bought MileMarker hubs for the 1999 for $100 on sale (that jeep store) and have never locked them. What they did do was give me 2 mpg more on the freeway, which paid for them... 42,000/20= 2,100 gal 42,000/18= 2,333 gal 233 gal x $3.00/gal = $699 You get the point... and I didn't wear out the front CVs... it's a no brainer. As for specific part numbers, please search, and there should be pinned threads in the header of each model section. I don't want to be rude, but the info is all there...;) B
  13. I have Mile Markers on my 1999. I just used it to isolate the front CVs and drive it like the station wagon it is, but no problems. $99 on sale at 4x4 Parts IIRC, on sale. Black friday would have been a good time to look, but if you are patient and keep your eyes open, you should be able to get them pretty cheap. B
  14. I have not done this, nor do I recall, but there are some very specific threads on it that MAY have the info? Check out Mr510's VG3.4 build, that may have it or lead to it. Best I got, hope it helps... B
  15. Put it all in a shipping container and send it to my house. I'll pay postage... B
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