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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! Was planning on going to a junkyard to dissemble them and get a look myself. Thanks for saving me a trip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So I noticed the bushing for the front lower control arm is the same part number as the rear lower control arm but I also noticed there isn’t a upper rear control arm bushing. Is the rear control arms bushing all the same kind of bushing unlike the front control arm bushing which are two different types of bushing?
  3. I noticed the maintenance schedule says “(4) If towing a trailer, using a camper or a car-top carrier, or driving on rough or muddy roads, change (not just inspect) oil at every 30,000 miles (48,000 km or 24 months except for L.S.D. Change L.S.D. gear oil every 15,000 miles (24,000 km) or 12 months.” My question is, and I’m assuming a “car-top carrier” is a roof rack or cargo box of some sort, does this note 4 apply or matter if the “car-top carrier” isn’t fully loaded? I ask because usually my roof rack is empty except for the summer when I can afford to go on a camping trips the length of typically 400-700 miles of driving. The rest of the year I’m just daily driving it. Thanks for the input
  4. did you ever figure it out? i just bought that drier and idk if its going to fit either...
  5. Did you ever find a way to fix it?
  6. Did you ever figure out/fix the issue? i just recently ran into the same problem. Id like to know what I'm going to have to fix or work on before i start doing anything, just incase i need to hit up the junkyard for replacement pieces.
  7. That ended up being my website of choice for the fuel pump i installed the new unit and couldn't figure out what was wrong with the old one. anyways i alos didnt know that you had to buy an additional harness or holder (whatever the fuel pump is suspended by for the tank. i ended up using the original piece to hold it up with a new o-ring ofc. Am i going to regret using the original harness? It looked fine. but then again idk?
  8. Exactly what i thought. I did just that, and shes good as new. minus the stupid exhaust leak lol
  9. It ended up being the fuel pump as i suspected. I installed an OEM pump onto the same "harness/attachment" for the pump which i didn't know you had to order separately but works well and the pathy is loving it.
  10. Anyone heard any thing about these coils?
  11. Im sorry to do this but I have to beat the dead horse that is the ever spawning pathy Lift Thread. Ive checked almost every thread i could find and I just keep getting mixed signals. I would like to do a suspension lift and a body lift (not sure what would be good measurements would be). Im stuck because I want to learn how to do all this myself. However, I don't want to have to replace my control arms, torsion bars, ball joints if I don't need to and so many lift kits don't tell me what I do or don't need. As I'm in this learning phase, some guidance is really appreciated that being said I'd like to try and save money but not go looking for parts in a junk yard. I want a lift in the range of 2" to 3" (2" 1/4", 2" 2/4", 2" 3/4", etc....) this can be achieved through a combination of body lifts and suspension lifts as I'd like to learn both methods. I'm going to have a mechanically inclined friend help me put and teach me a bit but some guidance for purchasing parts or kids would be appreciated heavily. In the form of an aesthetically appealing measurement, my noob mind's ideal suspension lift is: 2" suspension lift + 1/4", 2/4", 3/4" Body Lift. Im a bit confused still but with the research i've done on kits, you shouldn't have to change your control arms on anything 2-3 inches typically? not sure about torsion or camber or ball joints being changed though? 1) OLD MAN EMU 1.75" i've looked at the old man emu one because 1.75" lift plus 1inch body lift is pretty alright in my eyes (because of its simplicity) but jeez 650+ is possibly doable but do i need a specific torsion bar from them for the extra money >>> 990+ is a little steep but is the torsion bar worth it? i'm not doing crazy stuff and i don't plan on it but i do plan on over landing and doing exploring. 2) Rough Country D21 Hardbody Lift (all heights) I saw a forum talking about using a 3" hardbody lift kit and only using the shocks and control arms and then just buying some springs off of rockauto.com (but i don't know how to compare the height difference id receive? Perhaps you can provide a good alternative and explain to me how to tell the difference?). This seems like the best viable and most affordable option, However i can only find 1.5"-2" lift kit. is this going to give me 1.5" lift or 2" lift or a variable height in that range? i'm confused? 3) Id like to her any suggestions or ideas you may have and even websites you'd suggest. I appreciate your feedback
  12. Alright thanks i appreciate it, i was also looking at this "premium part" from rock auto (a delphi part) for 100$ less. Heard anything about these? Im a college student so cash is very tight.
  13. Alright thanks i appreciate it, i was also looking at this "premium part" from rock auto (a delphi part) for 100$ less. Heard anything about these? Im a college student so cash is very tight.
  14. Last night my pathy's engine suddenly went silent and slowed down to stop while driving down the street, still cranking but not starting up. After getting it towed home I've learned my fuel pump is what went bad and ill need a new one. That being said, I was looking for any suggestions as to a good replacement part because the one installed is a warranty part that is two months old and the brand is apparently a piece of sh*t. I was also wondering about this being a good starting job for me to learn how to wrench on it a little bit and since i know that pathy's have panels allowing easy work on the fuel pump if i'm not mistaken.
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