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  1. Just started with this problem 2 days ago. Fuse is for (10 amp): "Clearance, License, Tail, Side Marker, Illumination lamps, Key-In Switch" I have checked the back of the fuse panel, all 4 marker lights, the license plate lights, and all associated connections that I could find. I was also told that this might occur with a lot of corrosion in a trailer connector which my pathy doesn't have, nor does it have any evidence of ever having (despite having a hitch). Whenever a new fuse goes in, as soon as I turn the headlight control to just the marker lights, pop, it's gone. Any suggestions of where to look and what to diagnose? Thanks!
  2. My understanding that you only use distilled water in the cooling system to avoid deposits from the minerals etc. in the water from forming??
  3. So I am trying to swap out the fluids (all) on my WD21 (1988)... and the coolant and oil seemed to be the place to start. I'll definately be getting a dual filter relocation kit... getting that filter out was a b***h!!! On to the issue... I drained the coolant from the radiator, and from the reservoir... but according to the Haynes manual, I also need to drain it from the block. I am having the hell of a time a) locating the block drain plug and if I have located it, and if I did, there's an issue... 1) I'm assuming there's not supposed to be a bolt in the blue circle... 2) I did get the red bolt out, but oil drained out... so I got 'er right back in. 3) I think the yellow is the drain plug but I am not sure, and it's being a real PITA to get out. Help?? Here's a couple more pics of the area... the Haynes manual says it's "behind the alternator" so that's where I'm looking!
  4. I ordered a couple of decals and a shirt on 9-20... can I expect to see those soon??
  5. I do see the 2 bolts on that bracket... but getting the strut off the bracket is the issue... I guess the hack-saw is the way to go...
  6. Howdy- I want to replace the lift supports on the glass for the tailgate for my '88 Pathfinder. I went to AutoZone, and bought these: http://www.autozone.com/R,APP283772/vehicl...oductDetail.htm (I hope that link works...) The problem is that as I see it, the stock ones are rivited to the brackets that attach to the frame of the liftgate, and I therefore have 0 idea how these are supposed to attach. Anyone done this replacement and want to shed some light on it for me? Thanks!!
  7. Can I fix this? Or do I need to replace the whole kit and caboodle?
  8. Finally got a chance to get the door panel off... here's the problem: Now to find a replacement...
  9. Tilt then it is... makes more sense, you're right there.
  10. "I've been doubting this GL5 recommendation in the Haynes manual somewhat. GL5 will destroy brass synchros and generally isn't to be used in a transmission. I see that MT-90 is a GL4, and GL4 gear lubes do not have the additives that tear up brass components, namely the synchros." See... that is what concerns me... mzextreme- i am still unable to find anything in this forum by searching... at least anything that addresses the specific question of the fluid in this transmission... could you refer me to one specifically, and tell me what terms you used to search for it? So... now to find Redline MT-90 for the trans... and when I fill it I need to get the front up on ramps to "overfill" by as much as possible.
  11. I had to crawl in the back in the middle of Downtown Denver... and before I replaced the liftgate struts... that was awkward... I hope to get my door panel off this weekend... School is time consuming...
  12. On colorado4x4.org I've been told that I can use DextronII/III ATF fluid in the t-case and 80w90 in the diffs... But: "but with the manual tranny there is a SPECIFIC lube you HAVE to USE. if not the syncrononizers in the tranny will explode. i had it happen no kidding. the name of a very common lube is something 90. its not the weight."
  13. I have a '88 WD21 and despite searching etc. cannot seem to get a straight answer... I am trying to change the transmission, transfer case and differential oils. I have heard everything from: 1) I can use 80w90 gear oil in all 3 2) not using a specific oil in the MANUAL transmission can cause parts to fail. Parts stores, forum searching and Google-ing have been unsuccessful. Help please?!
  14. Here's what I gather from the Haynes manual I got (since I don't have the owners manual)... '88 Pathfinder Nissan Specs: 3-5/8 qt engine oil (10w-30) 11 quarts coolant (6 coolant, 5 water) 7-5/8 pint trans (API GL-4 ??) 2-3/8 qt xfer case (API GL-5??) each diff: 2.75-3.125 pint (API GL-5??) DOT 3 Brake Fluid I plan on replacing all of these fluids since I just got it used, and have no idea when they were last changed/serviced. Any suggestions/advice on fluid types or brands? Two specific questions: 1) how do I dispose of coolant?? 2) Does the brand of spark plugs and wire make alltogether that much of a difference? (ie. Bosch vs. VatoZone store brand) Thanks!

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