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  1. Thanks I ended up finding some on amazon. I think they were the same as the '95 altima and sentra. They work beautifully and are installed working well. Now I just need to get 1.5" springs for the rear and finish reassembly and it is nice.
  2. Hey Rob are you still around? If so do you have abillity to get wd21 pathfinder window trim?  Having my truck repainted and now I cannot find anything


  3. Hey did you get anywhere? Im doing the same and having my '91 repainted. now I cannot find any of the run channels and stuff for the rear doors or rear glass.
  4. Mr_Reverse thank you I was looking on amazon and have seen assortments for sale but didn't know if anyone has tried. I will also try the links Bubble sent
  5. Hey people does anyone know where to purchase new door Lock Rod clips? I have called the dealer and they want $16 per clip so not doing that. Also have looked on amazon and they have several cheap sets for $4-6 per door and they look like I could make them work but they are not for Nissan. Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. Hey everyone I think I can search and find the rear door Belt moldings but does anyone have ideas (other than junkyard) about the window seals that go around the whole opening then down into the door? I can find the fronts all over due to the D21 trucks having the same front doors. I have not been able to find the rear door window seals and weather stripping
  7. Hello MY1PATH, I hope you are doing well.  Another member said you may have had success in the past using rubber surrounds from a different manufacturer for the stationary windows in the rear doors on a '90-95 wd21 se-v6?  mine are ok but I plan on gutting all seals and beltline trim to have a respray and would love to replace those seals too.  

    Im not sure of the proper name but it's for the rearward glass (that doesn't roll down) on the rear doors of a 4 door wd21.


    Thank you for any help or ideas


  8. hey adamzan the link for the panhard bushings that you posted from Rockauto. Do I need 2 sets or are there just one cone bushing and one round (like control bush)
  9. thanks for the reply, I actually am wanting the rubber trim around the corner window that doesn't move. I am wanting to repaint and thought that would be good to replace being that I hope to replace all other seals/belt trim on the truck.
  10. Hello all peoples, I am in the process of restoring my first car ('91 SE-V6) to be my daily and I want to do paint and body but I cannot find anything on the rear door corner (half) window rubbers. Any help would be great

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