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  1. I am no expert, just putting my small amount of knowledge out..... Manual Transmissions are coupled with a 4.3 rear end, while Automatic Transmissions are coupled with a 4.6 rear end. Also taking into account SE usually came with 31's (tire size) vs XE 235's (tire size). This affects the speedometer and odometer gearing in the transmission. Remember that we need to understand that each tire brand within the same size will give you a slightly different rotation distance to the measure of a mile (this is where the +/- error variation comes in). So if the conversion was an XE transmission with gearing for 235's and a SE automatic 4.6 rear end ..... these issues can really throw your numbers far off. I am sorry this is all I can add to this conversation, I hope it helps. If not then please just ignore all my efforts. .
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am currently trying to restore my 95 pathy to a reasonable respectable status. I am having trouble locating the rear window glass run and rear quarter window mouldings. All these parts are listed as discontinued. Does anyone know where I can purchase the following parts or part equivalent for wd21 1995 Pathfinder? Part Numbers Rear Window Glass Run 82330-83G00 Right Hand 82331-83G00 Left Hand Also looking for the rear quarter windows moulding replacements 83814-83G00 Upper (Quarter) RH 83815-83G00 Upper (Quarter) LH 83816-83G00 Lower (Quarter) RH 83817-83G00 Lower (Quarter) LH Thanks for any help in advance.
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