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  1. Hey Rob are you still around? If so do you have abillity to get wd21 pathfinder window trim?  Having my truck repainted and now I cannot find anything


  2. Alkorahil

    cutting out

    When replacing the injectors you need to replace with either blue or black. It is not good to mix and match injectors.
  3. I have known several friends and customers who have gone through many aftermarket distributors just like you are doing before getting a good one. So many of those aftermarket brands are not built or rebuilt very well. Not saying this is your exact issue but it would not surprise me either. Out of curiosity what brand is it and where did you get them?
  4. I don't have a Service Manual that goes back that far and cant find it in the archive. I can tell you on the 94 and 95 models the fuel sender unit is 1.5 ohms and the fuel gauge is 3.8-8.5 ohms full and 83.6-93.6 ohms empty.
  5. 28515-43G10 supersedes to B8515-43G85 It fits only the Pathfinder from production date 08/89 to 10/95 and Hardbody Truck from 08/89 to 08/97 with power windows and power door locks. ​The 240 amplifier is a totally different part number.
  6. The small ones with the brown sockets are Nissan P/N 24860-40F01. They are 14 Volt , 1.4 watt
  7. Here is Nissan's overly complicated part description for a pin stripe: Exterior Decoration Moulding Trim Strip Line Sticker
  8. Hi Patrick, A carburated Z24 should use part number: 15208-W1103 which changes to part number 15208-W1106 but as kingman said, part number 15208-H8990 would probably work and be ok if it was all that you had. You are correct that part number is for the old 2.0L engines.
  9. PM me your truck's VIN and all the info you can from the donar and I can help narrow things down for you.
  10. PM me directly the vehicle VIN and I can get you a quote and parts availabilty
  11. Passenger side is super easy and straight forward. Unhook the harnesses and hoses that connect to the valve cover, take a phillips screwdriver and undo the screws holding the valve cover on, being careful not to loose any of them, pull the valve cover off. remove and replce the seal.
  12. I would look at the valve cover gaskets and the rear main before the oil pan. As said above, oil can leak down from higher up and collect on teh pan, making it appear to be the pan. Nissan says it should take 5 hours. ASE standard rate that most shops use says it takes 6.6 hours.
  13. Deep down you know this was the high point of your day, if not week It is OK to admit it.
  14. I am very sorry that this happened and not pleased to hear that this happened here at all, and have let it be known. Who was it in the Service Dept that you spoke with? I am here 9-6pm M-F in the Parts Dept here. If you need something, please come see me and I will do what I can to get things done for you. You can also call me in the parts dept. I am here to help as I can.
  15. If this is a 4WD Pathfinder, that would unfortuantely be about the right amount of labor hours to remove/replace/reseal the engine oil pan. There is a lot of stuff in the way that has to be removed first, then put back on. Is he certain the leak is from the engine oil pan and not something else?
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