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  1. You tried re-soldering the 4 main pins? I had this exact problem on my 96, I soldered the pins and It’s still holding up 5 years later. But if you just wanna turn it off, do what he ^^ said. -Kyle
  2. How tall are you? i'm 6'2" and i fit comfortably. I doubt you have them but the powered seats sit higher than the manual ones, if you have powered, consider swapping. -Kyle
  3. Towndawg are i are eventually going to pull the rear half of the gamblr rig and swap it out for my zenki bumpers. Thanks though! -Kyle
  4. Holy @!*%, ive had this game for a while! Going to update right now!!!
  5. Looks like these guys still sell it, at $700 its a little pricey. https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts-list/1996-nissan-pathfinder/body_front_roof_floor/sun_roof_parts.html?Diagram=736_001 -Kyle
  6. Depends on your particular needs. If all you're doing is some extra lighting, the stock alt is fine, maybe a decent battery upgrade would be advised, depending on how many watts you're drawing. If you want to run you SMD dual magnet 18" sub woofer with 5000 watts to each voice coil, you're gonna need that 270amp alt, maybe 2. lol -Kyle
  7. The quest alt has options for both the 3.3 and the 3.5 but i think at most its like 110amps. i believe the factory alt in our cars is an 80amp.
  8. Pricey but powerful 250amp https://www.dcpowerinc.com/products/11051-250-xp-nissan-pathfinder-2002-3-5l-v6-vq35de?_pos=2&_sid=97ea19829&_ss=r 270amp https://www.dcpowerinc.com/products/11051-270-xp-nissan-pathfinder-2002-3-5l-v6-vq35de?_pos=17&_sid=97ea19829&_ss=r says it fits the whole R50 range, but also says 3.3 so i dont know what to think. https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/nissan-pathfinder-high-output-alternator-by-rugged-rocks-1996-2004-33l-v6-180-amp-p-60701.html As far as im aware there are no off the shelf upgrades for the R50 rad, you are going custom, or spending the time and money to see if there are alternatives that fit from another car. I remember looking into it somewhat and thinking the S14 240sx radiator looked close and had the outlets in the correct orientation.
  9. Probably your best bet. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-I0Gjw6kFQLp/p_120RFASWC/Axxess-RFASWC-Universal-Steering-Wheel-Controls-Package.html The zenkis never had the option for steering wheel controls. Those little covers you are steering wheel are access points for removing the air bag. -Kyle
  10. Hey, i cant send private messages, can you you provide assistance?

    Says my messenger has been disabled. Error code 2C137/9 


    Thank you.



  11. Hey, i cant send private messages, can you you provide assistance?

    Says my messenger has been disabled. Error code 2C137/9 


    Thank you.



  12. Hey, i cant send private messages, can you you provide assistance?

    Says my messenger has been disabled. Error code 2C137/9 


    Thank you.



  13. Looks good, let us know how it stands up to sun and weather, looks like an easy way to restore some of the trim on our aging rigs. -Kyle

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