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  1. I have one of the many bad tachs that came on the 97 pathfinder. I have tried all the fixes on the internet and it still dances around all over. The junkyards do not have any and they do not make new ones. So I simply want to disconnect power to the tach. Does anyone know which wire I can disconnect? I already tried the fuse but that takes power away from the entire cluster. If you have a wiring diagram or know which wire please let me know. Thanks. Love my truck, but the dancing tach is driving me crazy.
  2. Mrelcocko, I still have my 97 pathfinder 4x4 if you are interested. She is in great shape for her age. It only has 70,000 miles and runs like a new one. I am trying to get 2500. Let me know if you have any interest. Thanks.
  3. My 97 heat gauge sits exactly where your is and always has. I asked my mechanic and he said that is normal for those trucks.
  4. Thanks Mattmil91, Spent all day replacing all of those vacuum lines, cleared the code, but it came right back on the next start up. This code 1441 is a true PIA. I have spent months and hundreds of dollars and still cannot find the cause. I think I have to just give up. I wish the nissan stealership had a clue, because they may be the only ones that might have the tools to figure this out. Unfortunately after my last encounter, I simply cannot trust them.
  5. Mrelcocko, Hey nice job on the fixing up, If you want another one to fix up, I will sell you my 97 SE 4x4. It is in great shape and needs very little. It only has 70,000 orginal miles and has been a southern truck its whole life. Looking to get about $2500 out of it.
  6. I believe it is, I will give that a try. Thanks for the tip. If anyone else has any more ideas, please let me know.
  7. I have had this 1441 code keep showing up on my 97 pathfinder no matter what I try. So far I have spent about 6 months and hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of that "service engine soon" light. The code translates to a small evap leak. So far I have replaced the following. 1. Evap canister 2. Evap canister vent valve 3. OEM gas cap 4. Bypass cut valve 5. Bypass cut valve relay and associated hoses 6. Purge volume control valve. 7. Fuel tank pressure sensor 8. Blew out all evap hoses front to back. 9. Replaced All evap hoses that I can reach, both under the car and under the hood. I even took it to my local Nissan stealership who said they could not find anything, yet still charged me for a diagnosis. They even said they did a smoke test and found nothing. I highly doubt they ever did that test. After extensive searches on the web, some have said there is a slight chance that the gas tank could be leaking around the sending unit past an O-ring, but I never smell any gas vapors inside the car so I highly doubt that. I have also heard that my ECM could need to be re-programmed, but I do not know how to do that, and since the last fiasco, I do not trust my Nissan service center. I could try getting a used ECM from a junk yard, but I am not sure what year(s) or exact part would fit mine. I have pretty much decided to give up and live with it since we do not have emission tests here. If anyone has any insights please let me know. I hate it when a problem like this beats me. I feel I did put forth a good fight though.
  8. Thank You Farrariowner, Cleaned the contacts and tightened all the screws and it now works great. I had been putting up with that crappy tach for years.
  9. My tach is fried and jumps all over the place. Is there any fuse or something I can remove just to completely disable it? It becomes very annoying and I don't want to spend the money to have it replaced. I heard these go bad quite often
  10. I am still working on this problem. I ordered the correct O-ring and installed it. It was the same as the old one anyhow. Installed a new gas cap. Blew out evap lines front to back and the light still comes on at the 2nd start up after turning light off. Code is still p0446? Any other ideas? Thanks
  11. Guys, I have been working on evap problems for a long time and still have my SES light on. I started with a code P1447. I changed the vapor canister and vent valve and blew out the lines. Now I have code P0446. My old canister had the vent valve that had a small portion with an O-ring on it that went into the canister. The new one the vent valve is mounted flush with a small area for an O-ring. I used the O-ring off the old one, but maybe that is the problem? My old vent valve was fine but did not fit the new canister so I had to buy the new valve also. Not sure why the parts were different and I hate it when they do that. Does anybody have anything else I can check for code P0446? I hate to keep throwing more cash at this, but that dash light drives me crazy. Thanks.
  12. Thank you for the info Slartibartfast. The wipers do work, so it must be the wiring. I will start checking it. Electrical auto problems can drive you crazy. thanks again!
  13. Hi, new to the forum. I searched through the forums and found some similar threads, but nothing to help completely. I have a 97 pathfinder and the front and rear windshield washer were working just last week. Today the front and rear will not work. I do not even hear the pump(s) running. I filled the reservoir just to be sure and still nothing. Since I assume there is a separate pump for front and rear and I know they are on different switches I do not think both switches or pumps would fail at the same time. I checked all the fuses I could find and they all look good. Is there a common fuse or relay that connect both pumps? If one pump dies, will the other not work? I am totally at a loss. If anyone has any other information please let me know. Thank You. P.S. I live in the deep south so it is not a frozen ice problem.

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