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    White 1988 SE 2 door 5 speed. 4 wheel disc, 4.36 gears. 32"s on Outlaw I's 15X8(31" BF's on bedlined wagon wheel 15x10's winter), Pro Comps-f/Ranchos-r, Rancho steering stabalizer, IAB(thanks beastpath), Superlift UCA's, JGC coils, 3" BL, Dual factory recovery hooks in front, interior swap to grey w/factory clinometer, JGC center console, Cobra CB, Thrush muffler, side exit tailpipe(homemade 2-1/2")chrome 1 piece 93-95 style front bumper,chrome 93-95 rear bumper(still need good ends), sun visor,93 d-21 front end swap, Homemade 'SR5' hood, 35% tint on backs, targa bar with 4 round fogs, Hidden pair of round fogs behind grille, 3"BL w/butchered fact.bumper brackets, 93-95 rear bumper, Maxima Alt. swap, PINK PARTS!!!. Black 88 2 door auto. Sitting on 2 spares and 2 Tahoe wheels. currently a extra parts storage shed. (unknown fate as of yet, might break out the sawzall)
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    Rarely Go Off-Road
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    Pgh, PA
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    breaking things is always fun, as long as its not mine

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  1. nunya

    20 Years!

    It IS humorous watching the one admin make a constant ass of himself when his only non 'look at my rc' posts are crap like trying to defend Walmart scotch-locks as not a complete hack job only to dirty delete thinking nobody screen shotted them.
  2. nunya

    20 Years!

    The tacky half-azzed cluster-f page on the facebook that uses the forums name is a joke anyway.
  3. The brackets have to mount the proper bumper unless you get hacky. They mount to the bumper differently
  4. When I had my 88, I did the 93+ front bumper (I did a one piece though). You will need the bumper to frame brackets and if I remember correctly may have to notch one of the frame side holes on the bracket (might be case dependent as mine were originally D21 brackets as it was a setup off a previously owned Hardbody).
  5. Direct swap for the grill, bumper will require the proper bumper to frame brackets (to match the bumper year) but will bolt directly to the frame as well. If doing a D21 grill/headlight setup you will also need headlight buckets, wiring pigtails and side markers. Again aside from the headlight plugs is all bolt on as well
  6. If you find yourself in the Pittsburgh area, Millerstown pick-a-part had 3-4 r50s as of last week (didn't actually go over to them to see how scavenged, was on a mission for 1 specific part), but avoid any lots owned by 'rusty hook'.
  7. Nice truck, but a LOT more could be bought for 18k... But you know what can be said about a fool and his money
  8. Hey, i cant send private messages, can you you provide assistance?

    Says my messenger has been disabled. Error code 2C137/9 


    Thank you.



  9. Late to the party too, but I have dated taste and would have voted out myself!
  10. Its your truck, who cares. I used Mopar 'Panther Pink' and generic appliance white on WhiteOwl (and used White Out as touch up). Heck, I painted my S10 with house paint...
  11. Only modifying ive personally done was the antifouler trick (and actually made spacers out of lug nut lock keys for a friends Escalade that was supposed to be a temporary fix 3 years ago...). Was always OBD2 stuff that didn't require visual emission check though, as long as the (properly working) engine light was off and was in spec for incomplete monitors=sticker time!
  12. That looks more like a paint prep failure at some point. The ventshade was just what it took to bring it to light. The tape didn't fail as pointed out, the paint is still attached to it. A couple months of double sided tape being stuck to it wasn't the cause, just the showing symptom. Your upset at the wrong target. As for the Maaco comment, we had a wrecker at work redone by them. Crap job but got what we paid for, didn't really care as it was getting vinyled anyway AMD even if we wanted to couldn't do anything since they got evicted from their building shortly after
  13. Had it happen once with a set of 10" wide Centerline Hellcats on a Tahoe. Still have the centers somewhere from the bad set... Had no issues exchanging (I forget who they were bought through... I mean Hellcats were actually considered a 'current' wheel at the time). Can't give any experience on Cragar copy's though
  14. but true I replaced mine with one from Frontier or an Xterra if I remember right when mine was dryrotted
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